Dong-Hae Couple are Lovey Dovey on MBC Section TV – [Video and Translation]

What a day, I really hope all days are like this with lots of goodies of our Dong-Hae couple ^^

With less than a month till the premier of “Hotel King“, Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook did an interview for MBC Section TV which aired on 9th March. But not only they had that but the program also included some scenes from the drama and BTS of the drama poster shoot.

This is the first video of our couple together in about 7 years so I felt so overwhelmed by emotions watching it and I really can’t express it in words.

But after watching this I am sure now that I won’t get enough of them on my screen regardless of how much they give me in the drama. I just can’t get enough of them and the proof for this is that I keep replaying this video over and over and just can’t stop. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!

So, check below for  in addition to some translation, caps and some thoughts about the drama scenes 🙂

They still looking so great together and so comfortable with each other. Yes I can’t deny I was still worried if they may feel awkward around each other after so many years but this is all gone now 😉

Here is our drama cut from the program


Da-hae: “Hello, I’m Lee Da Hae, Sorry…because I’m sick now…”

Wookie: “It makes me feel unhappy”

(OH Wookie, you don’t need to be so obvious 😉 )

Then Da-hae introduces her character as the heiress of 7 star hotel “Ah Mo Ne” and Wookie introduces that he’s general manager “Cha Jae Hwan”

MC: “The drama’s name is Hotel King, but Hotel Queen is more logical, because this drama focuses on the heiress.”

Wookie seems to agree with him but Da-hae don’t

Da-hae: “Queen sounds unsuitable!”

Wookie: “Just call Queen, nobody will notice that”

Da-hae: “Now I’m still not a Queen, but hoping through this drama I will become a Queen…”

MC: “Rating Queen?”

Da-hae: “Correct”

MC: “It seems that both of you always laugh and look happy, in a merry mood.”

Wookie: “Because the drama will be broadcasted so I have to!”

MC: “What is a reason behind this reunion after 9 years?”

Da-hae says that Wookie is dedicated and sincere (She is indicating that he is the one contacted her and the one behind her acceptance for the role)

Wookie: “That’s not. The director talked about bringing Da-hae in and offer her the role for a long time. He asked me if I would be able to bring her in. Then I called and asked her directly ”Will you accept or not?” without even saying hi”

Da-hae: “When he called me, I said: Oh, Oppa What is the matter? Then he replied: What could it be? Will you accept or not? I asked: Accept what?” ”

(It was totally hilarious how Da-hae started imitating Wookie when he called her, lol 😀 )

Wookie: “At that time she didn’t know anything about this drama”

Da-hae: “He’s Casting Director!”

(It is really nice of Wookie to do that and it actually gives so much additional feelings for this reunion. I surely can’t blame Da-hae now for accepting this role because who can’t when asked to do so by Wookie 😉 )

MC: “What did change after 9 years?”

Wookie: “I can safely say that we’ve both managed to avoid the consequences of growing old. Even though some time has passed, she still has the same aura and personality that she had back then”

Da-hae: “Really?”

(She actually makes fun of herself as she knows she did change 😉 )

Wookie: “You know, we’re on TV! I can’t ask you why you look so old in front of the camera”

(This is hilarious, I really love how he keeps teasing her in this interview, lol and no wounder this was Da-hae response 😀 )

Then they were asked about receiving the hotel service training

Da-hae: To show professional acting we all learned how to say “hello” to customers in the correct way.

Wookie: While we were training, I thought that fortunately I didn’t choose to work as hotelier, it is not my Style

(He is also indicating that it was really hard)

MC: “If you work in a hotel, what type of job do you want?”

Da-hae: “I want to be dancer and dance Korean traditional dances.”

(Da-hae learned traditional Korean dance and ballet for many years and throughout her adolescence, she performed traditional Korean dance many times in front of small audiences in Australia and she actually did show some dancing in some of her dramas and before acting she wanted to be a dancing teacher)

Then Da-hae showed a dancing move with her hand  which the MC complimented but surely not our Wookie, kkk ^^

Wookie: You don’t look elegant doing this, don’t do it again

In the end they were asked about the drama ratings.  Da-hae hopes rating will get 20%.

Da-hae: “If this happen, I will celebrate it by making a “Free Hug” event”

Wookie: “If Da-hae ever held a free hug event, I will (be one of those who will) hug her”

(Oh my, these two!! Rating HAVE TO reach 20% and Wookie need to stick to his words, lol 😀 )

(What a wonderful interview, I really can’t express how amazing they are together with Wookie hilarious comments and Da-hae always laughing so hard. This was a great interview to watch and I was squeeeing all the time watching them ♥♥)

Now some caps from the poster BTS

I love Da-hae look here the most ❤

This poster picture seems to be sad and Wookie looks so serious, and although I know it is his character but I would really loved this picture more if he was touching her or showing some affection/love towards her 😦

And I also love Da-hae dress in the group poster pic ^^

Da-hae and Seulong and his look at her *squee* (I think I will love seeing those two together 😀 )

In the program when Da-hae and Seulong are shooting the poster, the MC asked Da-hae about her feeling about him.

She said “I really like him! Really like him!” 😉

And Kim Hae Sook, what is that??? I can’t say I love this look but it is a total transformation for the national mom so I am totally looking forward to her character

And caps we get from the drama scenes

I love that we got cheerful moments as our first look to the drama and I am loving our cast looks here

Wookie looks amazing ❤

And ooh poor Seulong or at least his character. It seems that our heiress is an enough disaster for the hotel herself kkk^^

And lol on how disgusted all the hotel staff look at our heiress 😀

I am really excited as I like what we saw so far. I can’t wait to see more about our drama. MBC don’t be lazy and give us more news, stills and videos.

Translation Credit:, ikoohs @ Weibo,  Bosco_96 and muchcloudier@Soompi

Other Credits: MBC via Naver, Baidu and As Tagged, MBCentertainment YT Channel and yuanballent@Soompi



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18 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple are Lovey Dovey on MBC Section TV – [Video and Translation]

  1. Thanks for this post. Seeing them together is simply awesome…it’s really like a dream come true…I never thought we would see this day as Kdrama couples hardly reunite in other projects…can’t wait for the show….


    • Thanks for the comment dear 🙂
      Yes, I even didn’t dare to dream of that. Although Da-hae have a very good luck when it comes to reuniting with previous co-stars (evidence is her being cast with Hyukie as the OTP 3 times!!) but this couple is just SO SPECIAL 😉


  2. Looks good! I especially like the group picture. Da Hae is strikingly gorgeous in that particular photo. I can’t believe the show will premiere so soon! I’ll be looking forward to your comments on the show. :)!


  3. Their chemistry is still there! OMG this couple really is amazing, even just with that interview they never failed to make our hearts flutter. Can I have more skinkships?? Haha and I noticed that their roles in this drama have similarities with My Girl. Cold-Dong Wook Cheerful- Da Hae. Thanks for posting!! 🙂


    • SO TRUE!! I also demand a lot of skin-ship, kisses and bed scenes in the drama 😉
      And yes, their characters are somehow similar to My Girl and while I would have preferred if this is not the case but I am so looking forward to see how they will portray that after they have matured as actors.


  4. tqah

    Why i can’t play the video??


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  6. omg I’m so ecxited to watch them together again.. and yeah it’s hardly to see some couple reunite again in Korea.. thankyou so much for the translation!


  7. Bm

    They look really good together as a couple. Aja! Aja!


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