First Stills of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook for “Hotel King” + BTS Pictures and Other Updates

WOW, WHAT A DAY !!! I still can’t control my feeling of excitement, happiness and… What? I don’t even know what I feel!! This drama with this couple is just driving me crazy already before even premiering and I feel it is actually taking away my ability to write anything coherent or meaningful. Sorry for this, but try to bear with me and excuse my shippy and obsessed fan heart ^^

So, apparently someone in MBC finally realized that they didn’t give us a single still yet for “Hotel King” and decided to start doing their job promoting this drama!! Phew!!! But OK I forgive them for now after they gave us those amazing stills and BTS pictures of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook.

But Unlike what we got to see in the few scenes of the drama that aired in the MBC Section TV Interview with our couple, those first stills of our couple are quite sad but we surely expect to see that in our drama, don’t we?

Now, I have to stop wasting any more time to give you what you actually here to see 😉

I really LOVE that first still of Da-hae in casual attire (That hair color is looking great on her) but for the second still and while I like the dress and its color but it is not a very good shot for my girl IMO, just because with her hair up and from this angle her face looks really thin. PLEASE stay healthy Da-hae shi, I am worried 😦

And Wookie, what can I say? he is looking SO handsome here ❤

And in additional to those first stills of our leads, we also get to have BTS pictures from what it seems to be the first meeting between our Heiress and manager in the presence of the hotel vice president played by Lee Duk Hwa.

And while the scene seems intense but the BTS pictures are so LOVELY. OOH THAT LOOK from Wookie to Da-hae in the first picture?? my heart melts and I can’t stop staring at it !!!! ♥♥♥

That one look says SO MUCH and makes me wounder, did really 8 years passed already?? even if this is true, but the chemistry between these two and the feelings they are giving us just looking at stills of them still the same. I am really praying the drama itself won’t disappoint us *crossing fingers*

HK_1HK_5HK_2HK_3HK_4HK_7 HK_6HK_9HK_8HK_10HK_15HK_14HK_13HK_12 HK_16 HK_17

Also Da-hae updated her twitter on 12th March with a message and a picture of her with Park Chul Min who we saw in one of the scenes in the MBC Section TV interview. I guess he will play one of the hotel staff or a servant for our Heiress but it seems they are having so much fun together which makes me so looking forward to their scenes 😀

Here is Da-hae Message:

박철민 선배님과의 작업! 덕분에 너~무 재밌게 촬영했습니다 선배님의 애드립은 정말 세상최고! ㅋㅋ

(Translation by hiedi @ Soompi: Working with Park Chul Min sunbaenim! Thanks to you I had so much fun shooting and sunbaenim’s ad-lib/improvisation is really the best in the world! kk)

And as the hotel is the main location for our drama specially that it is supposed to look as 7 star hotel, it was important to decide which hotel to film in. And the hotel they decided on is InterContinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort which is actually 5 stars hotel in real life.

I think the hotel looks amazing and have a wonderful view and with 2018 Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang (a county in Gangwon province), this is a very great idea for marketing both the drama and the next Olympics location as well. And the resort is fully supporting the drama’s production. So, here is some pictures of the hotel which will now be named “CIEL Hotel” 🙂

Through the last couple of weeks we got some updates of BTS pictures from the resort, fans and others but I didn’t want to post until we actually get an official still for our couple 🙂

And even the governor of Gangwon province visited the filming set himself, and here is some pictures from the visit 🙂

This is the Governor with our director

Also an event was held on 14th of March for signing a collaboration agreement between the drama production/MBC and the  governor and the resort.

The highlight of the event is that we got to have our first look on the drama poster!! (you can see in the background) and I am really liking it and can’t wait for the HD version and other posters to be released ❤

On another news we have a change in our cast as AOA’s Seol Hyun getting injured in her leg and had to quit the drama, new actress “Seo I-an” is going to replace her to play “Lee Da-bae” the daughter of the hotel vice president.

The waiting for this drama to premier is getting harder and harder and I am not sure how I will handle those next 3 weeks T_T

Credit: As Tagged, MBC Cupitter, LDH Twitter, Pyeongchang Alpensia Resort FB Page, Hotel King Cafe and happy700photo Blog via samzz@soompi



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4 responses to “First Stills of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook for “Hotel King” + BTS Pictures and Other Updates

  1. baby marcos

    Pls post more bts photos and videos of donghae. Btw, who are those two foreign guys with dahae, when and where was it taken?


    • Hi 🙂
      I have posted all the BTS photos and videos from HK, you can check this link for BTS tag for more posts ^^
      About those pictures with the foreign guys, those were taken while filming the part when MN was living abroad in HK but I think they edited those parts out and we didn’t get to see those scenes in the drama.


      • baby marcos

        Thanks. I pray that these 2 ended up together in real life. LDH said during the interview of MBC aired on aug. 3 that her ideal man must be taller than her even with her heels on, who can hug her wholly with just one arm like a bodyguard and can have her respect. The bts in the seashore with the umbrella, looks like LDW. LDH is a big star with a simple demand from her man. So, wookie, what are u waiting for. Make the first move. Call her anytime of the day, send her flowers and chocolates. A woman’s weakness. Btw, is LDH still in the US? LDW went to Hawaii. Are they back already? Pls keep me posted of the latest announcement from FNC on their latest status (their relationship?). I really appreciated ur posts.



        • Wookie is back already and busy filming his new drama.
          Our girl is still hiding and we are not sure of her whereabouts if she is still in the states or back to Korea or somewhere else. I hope at least with the new month we could get some news.


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