“Hotel King” First Teaser

OOH MY, I can’t believe it. I Must say I didn’t expect to get a teaser for “Hotel King” so soon but I am surely not complaining 🙂

I am really liking what I see and it has been some time since I see Lee Da-hae in such dynamic role and I am SO LOVING IT ❤

I am sure that our Heiress “Ah Mo Ne” will make our manager and hotel staff restless while she is around. JUST CRAZY GIRL 😀

This teaser was all about our heiress so, we didn’t see much of our hero but I think we will get that next. And I also can’t wait to see a scene between our couple.

And while we see how amateur and crazy Ah Mo Ne is in the teaser but we know this is just the beginning and I am looking forward to see her character getting some real life lessons and growing to be a better and responsible person. Bring it on drama!!!

Now check below for translation and some Gifs from the teaser ^^

Teaser Translation:

Do you Know who am I?

I am CEIL’s heiress, Ah Mo Ne

If there is no red carpet, I wont enter the hotel

Everybody! Hello !


I can’t figure out what she is doing?? Is this some kind of action movie

This is my favorite scene in the preview, SO FUNNY. The man looks like he is being haunted by a ghost 😀

OOH MY !! This woman is out of control, lol. I can actually spot our manager there 😉

That disgusted look on the staff faces!! SO PRICELESS 😀

This scene reminded me of “The Devil Wears Prada” and I like how Da-hae said “Everybody, Hello” 😀

Translation: muchcloudier@Soompi | Credit: YT Video Uploader



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12 responses to ““Hotel King” First Teaser

  1. Hahaha seems like our heiress is beyond uncontrollable! She needs our handsome manager for her to fix her devil may care attitude. I must say, Da Hae is so gorgeous ♥


  2. Ah Mo-ne is out to wreck havoc in the characters’ lives…and ours 😄 So excited for the drama! Can’t wait for more teasers to come out~


  3. OMO! That was super fun! I didn’t expect teaser too and watching it now was really great surprise. Ah Mo Ni looks like very crazy girl.


  4. Can’t wait….I’m actually surprised by the funny tone as everywhere I read about the drama being melodramatic…a pleasant surprise indeed 🙂
    I’ll just have to prepare myself for another looooong drama I guess 😉


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  6. Looks like her playful character in My Girl.


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