“Hotel King” Drops Two New Teasers for Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook Characters


Totally opposite to what we saw in the first teaser of “Hotel King“, these new teasers for both Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook characters are showing much more intense, dark and melo vibe. We surely expected to see melo but I was still so surprised with what we got to see from these teasers.

I actually like that we don’t see a single tone from this drama till now as we got to see funny and amusing moments and also some melo and heavy moments. So, I really hope they keep this during the whole run for the drama.

Check below to watch those so interesting teasers and to read some thoughts of mine ^^

In the teaser for Wookie Character “Cha Jae Wan“, we see some scenes of our hero suffering as a kid and then a man killed and that man is actually our Heroine father (The hotel CEO). So, while we did get hints from the news before that the father will die and that is what will make our heiress take the responsibility of the hotel but I totally didn’t expect the murder thing. ٍٍٍٍٍSo not only our heroine will need to step up and take charge of the hotel but she will seek to know who killed her father.

On the other hand, in the teaser for Da-hae Character “Ah Mo Ne“, she says “Father, I will protect our hotel” while we see her so sad, lonely and escaping from some people who are haunting her.  It is confusing how contradicting this from our first teaser for our heroine so I am not sure which side of her character we will see first.

Two possibilities came to my mind about this:

  •  May be the first teaser was a look at our heiress before the murder of her father which will change all things for her and will make her suffer and grow into a much more responsible person who is determined to save the hotel which we see in the second teaser.
  • Or may be when she actually received the news about her father, she will put a mask and act so bitchy like we saw in the first teaser to cover her main purpose which is to discover the truth behind the murder of her father. Which may explain the scene she was acting like action star with that rope.

I personally wish it is the second one but let us wait and see if actually any of those are the real case but generally I really can’t hide my excitement about this drama and I keep hoping that the final product won’t disappoint.

Translation: muchcloudier @ Soompi | Credit: 정수호  YT Channel via Mimi26 @ soompi



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5 responses to ““Hotel King” Drops Two New Teasers for Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook Characters

  1. Thanks dear. Yeah, I to thought of those two possibilities when I saw Mo Ne’s 360 degree transformation in the 2nd teaser. The 2nd one would have been more interesting, but could be the first as well. Mo Ne could have had an earlier visit to the hotel when everything was going well and her dad was alive, when Jae Wan served them coffee. I am so happy with the team for all the teasers till now. Keep updating us. I love all your posts!


    • Oh I am so happy to see you commenting here dear, thanks a lot ^^

      About our drama, I am also not sure what will be the case but in addition that I think the second possibility will add another dimension to this drama which I really like, not seeing Mo Ne father in the first teaser and watching her already leading the board meeting give me an indication that this was after her father death, but who knows?

      And I have to agree that the team behind this drama exceeded my expectation with the teasers they released and I am liking how they triggered many questions in my mind and made me curious about the story more and more.


  2. I am so H-A-P-P-Y! I already re-watched My Girl this 2014 and I’m already episode 10 of Scent of a Woman!
    I was a bit bothered of Dong-Wook’s wardrobe in Scent of a Woman because I was used to his clothes in My Girl where they don’t limit his wardrobe color which, in my opinion, stands out better than his appearance in Scent of a Woman
    With Hotel King, I think blue suits and neck ties works REALLY good for him, as well as his clean, crew cut which is way better than his hair in Scent. I can’t wait for this show!


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