Lee Da-hae Portrayal of “Ripley’s Syndrome”

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Recently an article about “Ripley’s Syndrome” was published and it attracts the interests of many readers in Korea.

“Ripley’s Syndrome” refers to a psychological condition where the patient builds a delusional fantasy based on lies and usually such patients are people who failed to achieve their desires/dreams in reality.

It was after the hero’s character “Tom Ripley” in Patricia Highsmith’s thriller novel “The Talented Mr Ripleywhich was remade into a Hollywood movie featuring Matt Damon in 1999 and told the story about one man’s transformation into an identity-stealing murderer, that the condition “Ripley’s Syndrome” was named.

Lee Da-hae‘s drama “Miss Ripley” was based after that condition as the heroine “Jang Miri” was suffering from it, although the drama surely addressed that in a lighter way.

And while there is nothing new in all this but as you already know by now that I really love “Miss Ripley” so when I read many articles today in Korean media writing about this article and mentioning how Da-hae showed that case in the drama, I was really happy.

Because that article (which is written after about 3 years from the drama broadcast) highlighted what that drama was trying to show and from the comments I see that it actually made many finally understands the heroine’s character and appreciate how Da-hae portrayed Miri there.

The scene that highlights this case in the drama is one of my favorites and which I already mentioned before in my review for the drama but before ending this post I wanted to share again the GIF from that scene and Miri’s famous lines in it.


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Photo Credit: MBC | Translation Credit: WITH S2



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Portrayal of “Ripley’s Syndrome”

  1. I watched few clips of Da Hae’s 2011 drama Miss Ripley and it blew me away! She portrayed her role very well, and I kept on repeating the compilations of her crying scenes, she was really convincing.


    • I SO LOVED her as Miri. She really did good IMO ❤
      I hope you one day watch the drama fully 😉


      • If I’m not mistaken Yoochun was his leading man right? Jeez. I don’t think I can take the extremities seeing Da Hae w/ another man, close minded as I sound but I think that’s the reason why I keep on refraining myself from watching Miss Ripley. Haha! Though it doesn’t focus much on the “love story” but with Miri’s life, right unnie? Hehe I’ll give it a try then.


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