Hotel King Releases a Still of Lee Da-hae and a New Teaser with a Cameo from DJ DOC

With only two weeks till its premier, “Hotel King” releases a new still of Lee Da-hae as the drama heroine “Ah Mo Ne” the heiress of CIEL hotel.

Da-hae said “This is my first romantic comedy in a while and I love that Ah Mo Ne’s character is so energetic and lovable. I am trying hard to make each outfit and hairstyle into Ah Mo Ne’s own. So I find myself saying things and doing things that Ah Mo Ne would even off camera. Whenever I start a project, I usually get completely in character so it feels like I’m really becoming Ah Mo Ne.”

And a staff member commented on Ah Mo Ne’s character and said, “This is a completely different image from My Girl‘s Joo Yoo Rin. I think once the drama starts, it will become a sensation among fans and viewers.”

I really like that they are explicitly mentioning that Da-hae role here is different from Joo Yoo Rin because it gives me the feeling that they really want to show something different and I am surely looking forward to see how my girl will portray this character.

Also the drama released a forth teaser which you can check below 🙂

So, this is another teaser focusing on our hero’s character “Cha Jae Wan” as we see more of his younger version and many scenes of him with our evil hotel vice president character “Lee Jung Gu” played by Lee Duk Hwa and we hear the voice over

Lee Jung Gu: Jadon, don’t forget that I’m your master. I will train you to be the best to sit in king’s place.
Cha Jae Wan: The king’s place, give it to me, please.

Mmm, this drama keeps getting me thinking over and over about how its story line is going to be but now we know the reason behind the “Hotel King” title.

If I guess what this actually means I would say that may be our hero had an agreement with the vice president (which I suspected before to be his father) to take over the hotel and our heroine will appear and ruin all their plans. Then the hero will discover that he actually made a deal with the devil and fall in love with our heroine and they join forces to get rid of that man.

Could this be it? the only part that doesn’t make sense in this is that our hero actually shouldn’t be in good terms with his father so may be my suspicion before about our hero’s father was not true? And does that mean that they were the ones behind the murder of the heroine’s father?

I am not sure and I think we won’t know for sure how the things are going on here unless we get the long preview for the drama or when the drama itself start its broadcast. But I am so liking how they are able to keep me wondering and curious to know and see more of the drama.

But away from all this interesting symbolism in those lines, the last shot in the teaser made me so happy the most because yes this is the first we see Lee Dong-Wook and Da-hae in one scene together in characters and although it is not much but my shippy heart is still so excited ❤ ❤

And celebrating this, I had to make a GIF 😉

Also on another news, DJ DOC is going to be making a cameo in the drama which we actually see a glimpse of it in this latest teaser. Wookie and DJ DOC members are really good friends who meet many times as they all love to play baseball.

I am not sure if Wookie was playing the casting director again and invited them to make this cameo or they offered that themselves to support him and his drama 😀 But whatever the case it is really nice to see and they will surely heat up that party.

Here are some pictures while they were filming 🙂

Credit: MBC Website, MBC Facebook, via Naver and Boy Bí Ẩn YT Channel | Translation: Soompi, Bosco_96@Soompi


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