Latest “Hotel King” BTS Pictures

I really need to say that I am now more satisfied of MBC publicity for the drama. So, even thought it started slow but to give us 4 teasers till now and all these BTS pictures is really good.

But what I still find lacking is the release of official stills and as much as I love to see more of our leads and I am so eager to see a scene in which they have dialogue together next but I am surprised from the fact that actually we still didn’t get much of our second leads specially our second female lead whom we didn’t get either still or BTS or even a glimpse of her in the teasers till now is surely something . So, here is to hope they give us this in the next teasers.

But for now we got to see more of Lee Da-hae, Lee Dong Wook, Seulong, Lee Duk Hwa and other cast members in those latest BTS pictures of the first visit of our Heiress to the hotel which we got to see in the first teaser.

I didn’t mention this before but I really like Da-hae outfit in here and WOW, I really can’t take my eyes off her long white legs ❤

OOH I feel so anxious seeing our heroine embracing our evil vice president (which I think is after she knew about her father)  who seems she is trusting and specially with that look on his face 😡

Spazzing over how handsome Wookie is ^^ ❤

And some pictures of the expressions on our second male lead and other hotel staff after meeting our brat heroine 😀

And I find this GIF of N and Seulong while filming actually funny, lol 🙂

Also we got some BTS few days ago, and many including me are wondering if our second male lead will have a chance to take our heroine in a ride with this motorcycle 😉

And while we are all going to hate Lee Duk Hwa evil vice president character on screen but off screen he seems really funny and lately he has invited all the drama cast and staff for special Pyeongchang beef meal from which MBC released some pictures.

I always love to see drama cast socializing and hanging out together and I can see the smile is over their faces 😀

Credit: MBC Website and MBC Cupitter



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3 responses to “Latest “Hotel King” BTS Pictures

  1. 2nd to the last photo. Is that Da Hae on the right side looking up at our Wookie? 😀 ♥


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