“Hotel King” Releases Poster Shooting BTS Video and Opens Official Website

MBC opened the official website for “Hotel King” although it is still don’t have much which will change soon when we get closer to the broad cast of the drama. Here is the link:


And although we have seen part of the drama poster photo-shoot already in the Section TV interview with our leads Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook but now we got to see more of it in this released video.

We surely have such a gorgeous cast here, they all look great and of course our Dong-Hae couple is making my heart flatter once again with their interactions. While it is not that much, but just small gestures are able to make me swoon seeing those two together ❤

Check below and you can judge by yourself 😉

Check this look on Wookie’s face!! ooh my poor shippy heart. This is just keep getting out of control ❤

But we know that on screen he won’t be above but more like this to our heroine at least in the beginning 😀

I also loved this part in which we see Da-hae interacting with her co-stars and all keep laughing 🙂

And oh Seulong is really CUTE ^^

Lastly have some caps for our gorgeous cast members ❤

Credit: As Tagged and shilizda YT Channel


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