Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Hotel King” Releases Official Posters


MBC released today 3 main posters for “Hotel King” and I really like them and our cast looks GREAT ❤

We got a glimpse of the beautiful poster above with all the cast before but at last we get to see it in HD with the text on it saying “The first time I saw a Hotel it was heaven“, this is actually the same line we heard our hero saying in a teaser before.

The second poster is for our OTP Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook, and while I like the idea behind it but I wished that shot was closer and as I mentioned before I also wanted to see our cold hero showing some affection towards our heroine.

A touch from his hand on her hair in that same pose and a passionate look would have been enough for me, specially that the text on the poster says “Let Me Make Your Dreams Come True“. It seems to be a line from Cha Jae Wan to Ah Mo Ne and it already shows his care and love for her so IMO we needed to see a translation of this in the picture itself.


But this last poster is just AMAZING as it clearly reflects the drama title and I admit that with just his back shown to us Wookie IS KING here kk^^

Also need to say that the place they shoot these posters in is so classy and gorgeous ❤


Credit: MBC



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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Hotel King” Releases Official Posters

  1. Really cool posters.


  2. wow lov it.dae hae lukz rly gorgeouz in dz postr.n lee dong wook lukz extremly cool..coolr tn i evr thought…


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