“Hotel King” Releases Videos of Script Reading and Hotel Service Training

Wow, what an unexpected gift we got??!!

With “Hotel King” official website fully functional now, they released more pictures from the drama script reading and the hotel service training in addition to videos from them which are actually the real treat here 😉

I actually can’t remember that I ever saw a video of Lee Da-hae in a script reading session from any of her dramas before, so this is indeed special and what even makes it more special is seeing that for our Dong-Hae reunion drama ^^

And I always wondered why they didn’t give us a video from the hotel service training session although they gave us a GIF before. But although they gave it to us late some how and it surely don’t contain all the cute moments of our couple but better late than never and something is better than nothing 😀

Oh MBC, couldn’t you just give us this shot from the start. That would have saved me a lot of rant about you, lol 😀

I really like our lovely cast specially seeing them all laughing and getting along really well in their first meeting together and I really like that just hearing the dialogue from Da-hae I can already imagine her in character ^^

Also in the script reading video and althought it is just few words but we got to hear Da-hae showcasing her multilingual skills with speaking both English and Chinese and Lee Dong Wook actually praised her for that 😀

Da-hae loud laugh in this hotel service training video is so great to hear. Just lovely and makes me happy listening to it ❤

And of course we got to see more of that cute moment ^^

And another favorite moment of mine in the video of seeing our couple and Seulong. Oh those three all just fun to watch, kkk 😀

Credit: Hotel King Website and Pinker Bell YT Channel


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