Lee Da-hae Kidnaps Seulong ??!!

LOL, this latest twitter update from Lee Da-hae just made my day!!!

So while we wondered before if Seulong will be able to take Da-hae in a ride on that motorcycle, it turns out to be the other way around and the first thing that came to my mind seeing this picture “Is Mo Ne going to kidnap our poor Woo Hyun to make some spy adventure with her?” but I guess if this is the case he seems so happy to be kidnapped right? 😀

After we see the man almost baby setting her in the latest teaser, we know she is the one in control here and I guess he will be happy accepting whatever she wants to do to him 😉

Jokes aside, we know Woo Hyun is going to be a great help for our heiress and I am really looking forward to see this scene and all their interactions in “Hotel King“. They just look so cute and funny together ^^

But for now I am happy to see that they are getting along quite well ❤

Here is the translation of her Message:

The cool Seulong is riding behind me as the motorcycle is revving up~ The first episode of ‘Hotel King’ is on April 5.

Translation by: kpopstarz


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