Lee Da-hae attends “Hotel King” Press Conference – [Photos and Videos]


The 27th of March was “Hotel King” press conference day and my eyes really hurts right now from the prettiness ^^

I keep saying this over and over again but I really can’t skip mentioning how great Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook look together and although we did have some of those but I am greedy to see more cute and lovely moments between them so, my couple I am waiting that you give me more in the drama, OK? 🙂

Also I liked all our cast styles in here. So I would say IMO there was no big fashion crime has been committed today 😀

But Da-hae specially was really daring wearing that simple yet sexy see-through violet dress !!! and although I was surprised at first but I really love it because she looked GORGEOUS in it and I couldn’t wish for a better hairstyle and make-up ❤

And again my girl gave me something I didn’t see for years, I guess since “Hello Miss” I didn’t see her wearing any colored (not black, white or Beige) dress in any of her dramas’ press conferences and I am so thankful for that because she really look amazing in colors.

In the interview Da-hae choose Lee Duk Hwa to be the mood maker of the filming set as he is really funny 🙂 (I think she also mentioned something about him offering drinks or something but not quite sure of this part)

She also addressed the comparison between her character and “Chun Song Yi” character from drama “You Came From Another Star” when was asked she said

Although you my feel they are similar at first but my character is completely different because it has darker sides as she suffer from so much pain inside. 

People might think my character is a stupid girl but honestly, she has to pretend and deliberately act like that, she’s a mysterious girl. Portraying a young and elegant girl is always easy; however, absorbing emotions inside character is more difficult.

Because people haven’t know about our drama yet, they feel that my character is similar with Chun Song Yi but I’m sure people will see it distinctively after watching Hotel King. Plus actress Jun Ji Hyun is so much prettier than me so I can’t be compared to her.

So we might really see the scenario I assumed and wished to happen before as our heiress will be putting up a mask hiding her true self to discover more information about her father’s death. This really makes me happy because it makes Ah Mo Ne character much deeper and interesting.

And talking about their reunion after 8 years, Wookie said

Now both of us are in our thirties. When we filmed My Girl, we were busy with our own roles. It was my first mini series as the lead actor and Lee Da-hae was almost a new actress. Now, we can both be more considerate of each other.We are able to care for each other as well as for the staff members. She’s very good at acting and it’s been comfortable acting with her. 

In the beginning, there can be conflicts and disagreements.Sometimes it leads to the co-stars trying to stand out more, but there’s nothing like that with Da-hae. We’ve been going forward together by adjusting to each other. Outside of the characters, actors need time to become closer to one another, but we already have the experience of working together previously so the fact that we reduced that time just shows how good our chemistry is and she even got prettier.

And then Da-hae said

I usually have meetings with directors and writers before making my decision, but I didn’t have to this time, because I knew Oppa was the main lead.

Oppa has become really mature. Before, there were times when people could think of him as someone he is not. He would say things in a short and sharp way like ‘Why? What?’ and so people who did not know him wondered why he’s like that but he actually has a good heart (reminiscing over My Girl). 

Now he is older and I′m seeing him again after a long time and I feel like he can deal well with others. He takes care of the junior actors and shows sides of him I haven’t seen before. He became more delicate and I think he is cooler now.

I really like what they say about each other. You can feel that their words are really honest and sincere ^^

So while I actually wished our Dong-Hae couple would put that pose which they did at the last scene of My Girl but we ended up seeing Wookie and Seulong doing it 😀

But I am quite satisfied with that because they look so cute too and I totally approve this bromance although I am not sure we will actually see on screen so I will enjoy it off screen for now and you can already see that Da-hae won’t mind that as she is enjoying being with both 😉

Actually Seulong mentioned in the interview about his friendship with Wookie and meeting many times after their last drama ended shooting and that Wookie actually contacted him and persuaded him with the role in 1 hour on the phone. So Da-hae was totally right calling the man “Casting Director” and I guess he did a really good job, kk ^^

And also Kim Hae Sook said that she had to bleach her hair 12 times for her role in the drama and continued to talk about her role saying

My character is the hidden card of the drama Hotel King. She has the most secrets out of all of the characters. I always played a lot of mothers, and this time, I am playing something different, something mysterious actually, so I feel much affection towards my role.

Also that moment when Lee Duk Hwa took Kim Hae Sook hand and made a couple pose on stage requesting the reporter to take a picture of them was really funny, he actually mentioned

I am enjoying filming with the Hotel King staff members and crews. It is my first time filming with Kim Hae Sook, and I am very looking forward to it.

With this move, does the man want to have his own love line?? 😀

I really LOVE those pictures for our actors while waiting for the press conference to begin. Da-hae pictures here actually making quite a buzz online as it shows her amazing body line 😉

And oh Wookie smile is killing me and of course he didn’t miss opportunity to make some funny moves and to enjoy his bromance with Seulong 😀

Credit: As Tagged, IMBC and Thuc Cao Thi YT Channel | Sources: 1, 2, 3Enews World, AllKpop, StarNnewsKdramaStars, Leedahae_lovely@kitesvn.com and Bosco_96@soompi



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9 responses to “Lee Da-hae attends “Hotel King” Press Conference – [Photos and Videos]

  1. That’s one daring dress!! But she is looking pretty B-)


  2. lov ol da updatez.tiz r so to die fo seing dae hae..tanz apqaria!!!!!u rly made mi dae…


  3. mizzlynx

    Wow! she looks really different and seemed to lose weight and did a total reshaping I guess, and the dress was a total subtle seduction. Soft colors and see-through is a real trick to me … but of course, she looks gorgeous but being a big fan of Jeon Ji Hyeon, I’m sticking my votes with cheon song yi… huhu. This drama would definitely be on my ‘to watch’ list. 🙂


    • Hi, thanks for commenting 🙂

      I think you actually don’t need to choose between the two characters, kk ^^ based on what Da-hae said they are totally different.

      And It is really too early to judge on Ah Mo Ne character, but from all the teasers we got, I am so eager to see more of her real self that she is hiding under that brat heiress image.


      • mizzlynx

        You’re right. I actually looked forward on how she carries that character. However, either way I still prefer actress from her era better than the newcomers somehow…


  4. yes nice pic i love you for all pic


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