Dong-Hae Couple Sweet Moments at “Hotel King” Press Conference

Just for fun and till we get more sweet moments between Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook in “Hotel King” (Although I think we won’t see that early in the drama 😀 ), I wanted to make this post of the few lovely moments we saw between our Dong-Hae couple at “Hotel King” Press conference.

I know it is not that much actually but I guess my shippy heart is just so happy seeing them together again and with those few moments but the best part is that I get my wish to see Wookie’s trade mark move again (whispering in Da-hae ears) and not only he did it but we get to see it from Da-hae too ❤

So hope you enjoy those few pictures and Gifs ^^

It is really like those 8 years has never happened and these two has never been separated ❤ ❤

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17 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple Sweet Moments at “Hotel King” Press Conference

  1. God, my shippy heart! Thanks for the gifs. I am watching them again n again. LOL From the news of the Section TV, it seems LDH teased Wookie a lot, something about how he became okay quickly after his enteritis? Dying to know what it was all about. Time has really stood still!


  2. Ethan053

    Awww!look at them! You’re right,it feels like those 8 years never happened. Hope we get those shippy moments on the drama those pix Apqaria. Finally,i’m able to post here. Waiting for more updates 🙂


    • Oh, I can’t believe!! At last you did comment chingu!! I guess it is Dong-Hae effect again ^^
      I am really happy, thanks a lot for commenting and hope you can share more of your thoughts with me in future too 🙂


      • Ethan053

        Hahaha,I’ve been wanting to comment ever since you started this blog but I got caught up with a lot of stuff. Will be commenting more often here.Keep the updates coming 🙂


  3. samzzy

    AQ, Thank you so much dear for the pic and gif, I’m waiting for that too, and waiting your update most of the time.
    Loveeeeeeee it, to me the best example of what we called ” a soul mate”


  4. Omg thank god for making them together againnnn! I hope this isnt the last drama/project where they can work together as a couple ❤


  5. And thank u for the updates!!! This blog really satisfy my longing for donghae moments :”)


  6. michbadat

    OMG i just have to comment weak shippy heart cannot take this anymore. ALL DONGHAE SHIPPERS SHOULD KNOW THIS BLOG OF YOURS.KEEP THEM COMING unnie! Its the D-Day!!!!!!!


    • Thanks a lot dear, So happy you commented ❤

      I can't believe that I even didn't watch the first episode that I have been to watch for over a month. RL is hard T_T


  7. OMG??? im so happy i discovered this although im late. ive been a donghae shipper since my girl argh but i gave up on them sometime along the time but now that theyre filming a drama together!!! and like theyre THIS cute still. made me rewatch my girl BTS. same chemistry! thank u for ur blog
    and unni, u have a special tag for donghae? i would love it. pls considerrr. thanks again!


    • Hi Chingu, welcome here and thanks for commenting 🙂
      I have added a new Tag for “Dong-Hae Couple” as you requested ^^ and also you can check all the posts under “My Girl” and “Hotel King” categories for more posts that may include more of them 🙂


  8. OMG ship them even more than Hyun Bin HJW… keep on updating this blog babe..


  9. cindyloy

    love both of them.hope to see them as real married couple.


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