Lee Da-hae’s Flood of Lovely SNS Updates

Our girl has been quite Generous with us those last days, giving us many pictures of herself which all I LOVE ❤

I am really happy seeing her enjoying her work on “Hotel King” with all the cast members.

First she updated her Twitter on 29th of March with the lovely picture above with Lee Duk Hwa while they embracing each other ^^

Here is her message posted with the picture:

우리..이런 사이에요….ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(Youdao Translation: We… The both of us. … Ha ha ha)

I guess she indicating that they are in a romance relation ship, LOL 😀

And then she also updated her Weibo on the 1st of April with three really cute pictures, sometimes I really think she is just a child ^^

Here is her message:

今天上午没有拍摄~! 因为拍摄地点在江原道的平昌 所以来附近的羊群牧场来玩~~~ 喂羊群吃草~ 空气也很清新 hehe 太好了~!

(Youdao Translation: No shooting this morning ~! Because of the location in Gangwon Pyeongchang and since the sheep ranch is near so I went to play ~ ~ ~ hello sheep, eating grass air is very fresh hehe ~ good ~!)

Also FNC Entertainment updated us on their Facebook page with two Selcas of our girl on the 1st and 2nd of April ❤

Credit: LDH Twitter, LDH Weibo and FNC Facebook Page


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