“Hotel King” Releases New Stills, BTS Pictures and Videos

I still can’t believe our wait is about to end, YAAAY !!!

With less than a couple of days before its premier, we got lots of updates about “Hotel King“. Starting from the new poster above to many filming BTS pictures, stills, videos and mooooore 🙂


First we got some BTS pictures from the poster shooting, I have to say that Lee Da-hae style in that first picture and also in some scenes in the teasers gives me fairy tails vibe which I actually find it unique and lovely ❤

But why we didn’t get a big versions of those individual characters posters??? and also we didn’t get any version of the one between Da-hae and Seulong?? 😦

I post here only the pictures of Da-hae , but you can see more here

And we got a video of the second script reading session in which we see a very intense scene between Da-hae and Lee Dong-Wook (I WANT TO SEE THAT NOW!!)

Also we got new stills, BTS pictures and videos of that scene where our heroine Ah Mo Ne got to visit the hotel for the first time. That is surely the most famous scene for us now as we got lots of pictures from it 😀

Also another BTS video of that visit includes the first meeting between our hero and heroine with the vice president

And actually earlier we got a couple of pictures of Da-hae filming which made some buzz as people got to compare her style with Paris Hilton. I think it is natural to think that as both are heiresses to BIG hotels 😀

And lastly, some lovely and funny BTS pictures of the rest of our cast. In addition to our main couple and leads, I will surely be looking forward to see more of the secondary characters and that cute secondary couple Kim Ye Won and Ji Il Joo ^^



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5 responses to ““Hotel King” Releases New Stills, BTS Pictures and Videos

  1. tqah ^^

    I heard they had an interview with mbc after the press conference…i hope you can post it here…anyway good job..lets pray that this drama will get high rating and successful till the end ♥♥


  2. alloumiritz

    Where can I watch the live stream? I’m from Philippines so we’re one hour late from Korea. I usually watch in Dramago and I don’t know if its fast in uploading. If only our cable has Korean channels (argh!)

    Also, are you allowed to post links here? If not, then please disregard the question 🙂


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