Lee Da-hae Updates Fans as “Hotel King” Premiers

The big day has come already after more than a month of waiting but OH MY BAD LUCK!! I am gone on a business trip just at the time of “Hotel King” premiers at 5th of April!!!

So, forgive me for not being able to update here as much as I wished to do but hope I will do a separate post about the drama soon.

But till then, Lee Da-hae has updated fans with pictures and messages about the drama.

Da-hae updated her Twitter with the picture and message above while she is sleeping during the over night shoot of the drama. I really wonder when will Korea be able to abandon this live shooting system which surely affects all the cast, staff and many times the quality of the drama??!!

Here is the translation of her message:

Yes… I am filming like this. In case the actress who sleeps anywhere during overnight filming might get tan.. I am thankful to my manager who held an umbrella for me and my staff who took these candid photos.. I will remember it.. Everyone, the first broadcast is today 4/5. Please help me..keke

She also updated her Weibo saying:

今天是hotel king首播的日子,我们相约在今晚的MBC周末剧场吧

(Youdao Translation: Today is Hotel King premiere day, tonight we will meet on MBC weekend drama)

Also FNC Entertainment updated their Facebook page with new pictures of our girl filming the drama wearing an elegant dress in a party.  We saw a glimpse of that scene in a teaser before and in the Dong-Hae couple greeting video 🙂

And although I am not a fan of that type of dresses but Da-hae looks gorgeous as always ❤

Credit: FNC Facebook Page | Translation: AllKpop


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