Interviews with Lee Da-hae and “Hotel King” Cast – [Videos and Translation]


At the same day of “Hotel King” press conference, the main leads including Lee Da-hae, Lee Dong Wook, Seulong and Wang Ji Hye have made interviews with both MBC Section TV and also for a Chinese website.

I specially LOVED that Section TV interview, it was so funny 😀

You can really see the amazing chemistry between all our leads specially our Dong-Hae couple ❤

So check below the videos and translation for the interviews.

MBC Section TV Interview


The cast does their normal character introductions and Seulong jokingly says that he’s a beggar.

The reporter asked Wookie if he is cold in real life and he says he’s not and asked if Lee Da-hae is like her character and she says she’s not. He asked if there was any fun stories to share.

Da-hae said that they were supposed to go to Seoul and film but apparently Wookie got sick. But when she saw him, he looked fine so she wondered if he really was.

Wookie tells Da-hae don’t say that on TV because people will misunderstand. He says you can’t say that to a sick person so do it again.

The reporter asked after so many years, did anything change.

They said they got closer, more mature. Before they only care about themselves and their own roles but now they’re able to care for others too.

Da-hae teases Wookie saying she didn’t expect he would mature and be able to care for others. And jokes about how he has more wrinkles now.

Seulong teases him too saying that he sounds kind of rude (like not nice) before. Wookie then jokingly says what kind of interview is this? And then he asked Ji Hye what she thinks of him too.

As Wookie worked with Da-hae and Seulong before so he was asked what his first impression of Ji Hye was. He said she seemed kind of cold but is very nice and kind. She laughs and says the answer is so obvious (like it’s very generic).

Seulong had to leave for another schedule and Wookie jokes that they should edit the interview to leave him out as if he was never there and it was just the three of them.

Wookie was asked between the two, who’s his type and he said neither. He’ll look for someone else, ha.

At the end, the reporter said that there are different elements to this drama like rom-com and melo so he asked what they think the drama ratings will be. Wookie says 27% and Da-hae says 10%. Wookie says if it hits 27% he’ll serve drinks for fans.

LOL, I love seeing them teasing Wookie like this and ooh our couple surely don’t have any problem with skin-ship as Da-hae is sitting so close to Wookie’s body and him touching her legs naturally while talking 😉

Chinese Interview



Again the cast give some introduction to their characters in the drama

Reporter: After “My girl” many Chinese fans are looking forward to the show to see Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook together again. Will we see another romantic and sweet moments in this show?

Lee Dong Wook: Wdon’t know much about that now as we are filming early scenes. So may be or may be not. But we will bring you more fresh and pleasant feeling than “My girl” so stay tuned.

Lee Da-hae: First of all, we meet after such a long separation. As we are familiar with each other, it is more fun to work together but be sure that we will show a different atmosphere to you from nine years ago.

Reporter: Following a “My girl”, many Chinese when watch Korean dramas get interested in the actor’s clothing and accessories. Can you please Lee Da-hae talk about this in the drama?

Lee Da-hae: First of all because I am a heiress, so clothes are very extravagant, both costly and unique. Stay tuned.

Reporter: Fans saw the picture where you wore a tiger leather jacket and that became popular in China.

Lee Da-hae: So soon?

Reporter: All right. It is said that in the two of you (Da-hae and Ji Hye) are rivals in love relationship, so Lee Da-hae do you have a secret weapon to attract Lee Dong Wook?

Lee Da-hae: At first we are opposites, I hate him very much. But then the two people will fall in love, I think. But it is not clear now.

Reporter: Which one is more close to Lee Dong Wook your real ideal type? (between Da-hae and Ji Hye)

Lee Dong Wook: I have just answered that in another interview.

Lee Da-hae: I hate this kind of question.

Lee Dong Wook: I don’t like both, Ah Mo Ne is lively but selfish, and caijing is married once.

Reporter: I heard that the TV play many of the scenes are shot in Pyeongchang Alpine resort. Do you know that Pyeongchang Alpine resort will be part of the village of 2018 Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang?

Lee Dong Wook: I know.

Reporter: I had a tour in the place and find it decorated very beautifully here. So, while you are filming could you share what did you think about Gangwon?

Lee Da-hae: Gangwon is very cold, but has a very beautiful snowy scenery. It is a good place where you can enjoy skiing and other winter sports, and lodging facilities is also very good. I think is very suitable for Chinese visitors, welcome to visit Gangwon province.

Lee Dong Wook: Here it is very close from the sea, so there are a lot of delicious seafood. And as Lee Da-hae said, lodging facilities here is very perfect, so now there are many Chinese tourists come here to travel. And cause it doesn’t snow in some places in China, people can come see snow here, and can also taste a lot of delicious food.

Wang Ji Hye: Here there is water park, ski resort, and can play golf, eat the delicious food. So I’m sure people can enjoy both the natural landscape and also experience a variety of sports.

Reporter: The release of “Hotel King” will attract many Chinese viewers to travel to Gangwon and they will certainly go to visit the Hotel King filming locations.

Thank you very much for the interview.  “Hotel King ” will premier on April 5. Wish the show will be very popular in both China and South Korea. Finally can you say Hello to the Chinese audience to end the interview today.

Lee Da-hae: Hope everybody can support our TV series “Hotel King”.

Actors: come on!

Credit: MBC Entertaimnet YT Channel and Korea People | Translation Credit: Youdao and nancykimlee@soompi



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6 responses to “Interviews with Lee Da-hae and “Hotel King” Cast – [Videos and Translation]

  1. tqah

    Thank you for posting this ^^


  2. Lee Da-hae: At first we are opposites, I hate him very much. But then the two people will fall in love, I think. But it is not clear now.

    -this bugs me unnie.. so theyre not sure they will have love line? noooooooo huhuhuhu


    • Haha, It is just because they are filming the earlier episodes so they don’t have the scenario for those episodes yet.

      But don’t worry dear. There is surely love line between them just from the character description you can see it.

      But they are just playing with us and want us to keep wondering, kk ^^


  3. nad

    thanks so much for the vids & translation =)


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