Hotel King – Episodes 3 and 4


OOH MY!!! I just can’t believe how much happened and we get to see in just 2 episodes !!!

Although we started slow with episode 3 but what a BANG that episode 4 gave us. The problems in the drama that I mentioned in my First Impressions post are still there and may be more flaws start to show up but regardless I can say that I am officially hooked. I am not sure how I will be able to wait a week for the next episode T_T.

For me, if I get to choose a word to describe this drama it will be “INTENSE” which is right up to my ally. My heart kept pounding hard with almost every scene in EP 4 and ended up skipping a beat with THAT final scene ❤

I really planned to write up only some thoughts about the episodes here but I think it ended up more like a recap and quite long, that surely proves how much I like talking about this drama kkk ^^

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

Episode 3

That whole part with the Chinese business man was just BORING and almost killed that episode for me but we still got many things to talk about, so lets start:

  • I really liked how JW was really respectful and understanding for MN feelings and condition after she got hysterical and so angry on him and even indirectly accusing him to be the one who put that dead bird on her bed because he is the only one in the hotel who knows about her condition.
  • It is amazing how WH always end up seeing our heroine in her weakest moments, this time he saw her crying and calling for her father while sleeping after being so scared as a result of that dead bird incident and MN ended up making that clothes arrangement an excuse to make him stay with her in the room the longest time to just be able to sleep.

  • I liked that MN was actually caring about the hotel staff member when she stepped in to give a lesson to the man who is making fun of him because he can’t understand English. The context was bad IMO because in the end it is not professional to talk to “customers” (at least they are treated as such till that moment) in that way and I actually would agree that it is a total failure if this was the case in a 7 stars hotel!! but yes I get what they wanted to show there.
  • Although I can see what message MN was trying to give JW with that dogs scene (She compared him to a dog who was loved and then wanted to take over the house of his owner but wanted to say that the result would be that he messes it up and destroys it so like the dogs he shouldn’t be allowed to be here) but it was actually her who was messing up the hotel at this moment. Again her immature ways makes trouble to the most place her father cared about and JW give her this message as well (but on a side note, those puppies was so cute kk^^)

  • We got to know that our second female lead and JW’s ex lover is actually a major stalk holder for the hotel and she actually having her own problems with the sons of her late husband but could I guess that she will actually help JW with her powers in the future?? But would that be in exchange of his love to her and taking him away from MN?
  • I really like that JW actually still gone to check about the chairman death report with the police to make sure that it was actually a suicide and I almost screamed of happiness when I saw that JW started to question the VP’s intentions (if he actually targeting MN or him) after he saw his actions with MN.

  • MN continue to search for any evidence or a clue about her father’s death so she started searching JW room and she actually ended up finding her father’s watch, which she asked JW about before and he denied to know anything about it, in his room. I actually can’t blame her (the hurt child who lost her father and her fantasy world came to an end) to get that angry and go search for him after this which ended with her pouring champagne over his head and him dragging her to the pool where her father “commit suicide” in trial to get her out of her denial state (that is what JW thinks at least). Oh even their fighting scenes makes me squee hard and wish more that they fall in love soon ^^

  • I really liked the directing of that scene when JW left MN alone and she started to imagine the moment when her father was murdered and thrown into the pool (Good job from our PD) but OOH then we see a man trying to drawn MN in the water O_o
  • WH comes to help our heroine once again and actually saving her life with performing CPR when he sees her in the pool and then getting her a doctor and take care of her. What I liked about that CPR scene is that they didn’t show any romantic feeling from WH to MN before he do that but he so quickly and without thinking started to do that to save her. But a question, how she was lying almost outside the pool after the man pushed her? from EP 4 and what MN said, I thought may be she came to her senses after the man tried to drown her and she started to get out of the water but then lost conscious again but why they didn’t show us that??? (those editing and directing issues are really annoying sometimes)

  • I really had a contradicting feeling seeing this because while I was actually so happy with JW being able to get that contract (yes the man deserves acknowledgement, he is the heart and soul of that hotel) but at the same time I knew what he was after with that contract and that I didn’t want him to get.
  • And now we come to my favorite scene in this episode, it is that garden scene between MN and manager Baek. LOVE IT ❤ WH told MN that her father actually built a garden after her name and he was planning to give it to her as a present when the flowers blossom T_T This was a total turning point for our heroine because yes for her to really be able to achieve her goal she needed someone she can trust and who can support her along the way teaching her and helping her to grow to be the heiress who can really save this hotel and oh the first emotion we got to see from manager Baek, those sad and teary eyes was just amazing when MN asked her why she should trust her and she started revealing things about MN the daughter to prove that she is on her side.

  • But not only that Manager Baek actually tells her that as she is now here, she need to take care of the garden herself but she confront her with the truth that she don’t think she actually can take care of this garden and of course not the hotel as well. This is indeed true and I see that Manager Baek is the only one who can help our heroine right now.
  • I am not sure what is the reason for this but VP had all the pool accident recorded from CCTV and of course that mysterious man wears and looks from behind as it was JW and then we see his right hand man coming out from MN room as WH is coming in to see that video on MN laptop. So, why the VP would do that? may be as he sees that JW is wavering and starting to have feeling for MN (as a sister and family of course) he wants her to keep suspecting him? from what we see he surely want to get rid of both MN and JW. But anyway WH rushes to the meeting room where JW is to fight him after he suspect that he is the one tried to kill MN. And then MN also enter the place and THE END.

Episode 4

This is my favorite episode up till now from the drama, I just love that we didn’t wait too much to see our heroine started growing to be the heiress we want her to be and to see our hero discovering the truth about VP actions.

Both of them owned my heart with this episode and I am totally rooting for them to fight together against the evil surrounding them ❤

  • So, MN acknowledged the truth about her abilities (which she actually knows) and followed Manager Baek after that garden scene in EP 3 and she requested from her to help, teach and tell her what she should do. Now that she feel that she can trust her to a certain extent, she seeks manager Baek for help because yes we know she is not in the position to fight alone. Her immature ways can’t make her achieve her goals and then MN reveals how she actually scared but she can’t ever run away and she will keep fighting to get revenge for her father. The two put a plan and it is that MN actually leaves the hotel for now. Yes we are now witnesses the process of the reborn of our heroine and I LOVE IT.

  • To execute their plan, when MN enters the meeting room and see WH fighting with JW she actually steps in to stop him and declare that she actually had cramp and so she fell in the water without anyone pushing her. It was a total humiliation for WH and specially with this impulsive reaction this may mean him losing her job. But I like that our heroine actually didn’t leave it end like this but she did tell JW that she was the one who told WH about this and that she wish he wouldn’t fire him and at the same time she told JW that she lost and now she can’t do anything in the hotel anymore and so she leaves.
  • But actually JW tells her that he will make a big announcement at the hotel award ceremony and asks if she is not curious but she knows that it won’t be a good news for her and that she don’t care now as she won’t come back. We know that JW plans to announce that he is the Chairman’s son in that ceremony and I really liked that scene with MN because it shows that he actually wants her to know about it and not because he wants to show off or make her witness her loss of the hotel to him no but because  it may lead for him to have her beside him as the family he always wanted to have.

  • I am really happy that this episode and WH actions in it overall did make me warm up for him, WH go to talk to MN in her room after he waited for her to try to show her the video on her laptop but discovers that she actually know. He was really so understanding and just trying to help her because her really cared about her father and so cares about her and the hotel as well. So after she tell him to help her end her stay at the hotel peacefully and cover that incident up, he goes to JW and tried to make up some excuse for what he done. But what was that? He actually says that he acted like that because he is blinded by his love for MN??? REALLY?? I LIKE THIS 😀 and seeing him saying goodbye to her and giving her this harmonica present that her father gave him in the past was really lovely gesture from him ❤

  • We see our evil VP encouraging JW to execute his plan and announce the truth about himself in the ceremony but he actually against it and say that it is not the time. He plans to reveal something before JW gets to announce that as he give his assistant some documents about JW but what could that be?? I am still curious about the VP’s real plan?? I really hope it will make sense when they reveal this (yes I am worried)
  • And now comes my second favorite scene in the episode (yes my most favorite one is coming later 😉 ), MN graceful and shocking entrance to the ceremony was a big bomb to all the attendees including JW and the VP of course but not only she attended but she just cut JW speech at the very moment he was going to make his big announcement and she replaced it with a BIG one from her not only she announced that she is going to run for the chairman position but she also revealed that her father was taking medicine that he shouldn’t take and it is an evidence that someone was trying to get rid of him and she assures that his death wasn’t a suicide. BOOOM !!

  • So apparently MN and manager Baek plan was that she act as she is running away and make them rest but then she take them by surprise and start claiming her position in the hotel and her journey to protect it after she actually spend time to know about the hotel and directors from manager Baek. As manager Baek said, MN don’t need any help because she has the ultimate weapon which is that she is the only relative of the Chairman ( I like that MN still says she don’t trust her completely) and at the ceremony I was so happy watching MN shut up the VP mouth with her replies and how before her speech we see that WH noticed how much she is nervous although she was doing great with the guests. JW was surely so disappointed with her announcement and seemed lost at that moment but actually MN interruption was a rescue for him from the plan the VP had but he still don’t know that (Yet). Here is the cut for this scene ❤

  • Another amazing scene between our leads, when angry JW followed MN to check that medicine she mentioned insisting that she is just playing with her father “suicide” to take over the hotel but she slaps him and says that her father suffered a lot knowing that there is someone wants to get rid of him and he kept hiding this medicine as a proof and then shows him the CCTV video from that pool incident. I really wonder why JW didn’t defend himself here? but OH MY!! those two are just amazing in whatever scene they are in together ❤ Check the cut for that scene

  • Another heart warming scene that we get is when MN calls manager Baek to just get some kind of encouragement words which our so serious manager don’t say till MN asks explicitly from her to say it ❤ but then we get to see manager Baek changing her clothes revealing a big scar on her back, what is that I am curious?? the woman is surely hiding many things we don’t know about???

  • Again JW don’t disappoint me and actually start digging the matter more on his own not blinded by his own wishes and of course MN’s words had an effect on him. So he tried to contact the doctor who was treating the chairman but he didn’t reach him and so he tried to go see him personally and followed him to a place he seems to be hiding in. There he asked him about the Chairman state and he became shock when the doctor confess that it was the VP who actually told him to do so. It doesn’t only mean that he was mislead and used by the VP for this evil plan to kill the Chairman that he didn’t know about but also he was actually the one who gave the Chairman the medicine and it is like that he killed his own father!!!!

  • OOH My JW, now he realizes how he was used he goes to the VP house and while watching him having a great time with his family he remembers all the abuse the VP did to him along the years. I was actually surprised about that because I thought the VP did brought up him well and that is why he is so loyal and feel indebted to him but now I can understand why the VP always compared JW to his dog. He really saw him as his slave and at the same time his hunter who acts as he says and catches the preys for him and whom he will get rid of if he don’t obey his orders anymore. Those scene were so painful to watch and it actually makes me doubt about my initial thoughts of JW being the VP’s son. How he can treat his own son like this even if he is that evil? and in addition if he is his son, so why he don’t want him to take over the hotel using a lie he told him? unless he actually don’t know that he is his son but won’t that be so much?? now I feel I don’t know much anymore (yes I love that feeling). In the end I feel so much sympathy towards our poor hero T_T but I am looking forward to see his reaction after knowing all this.
  • As he feels so down, he goes to MN garden and actually sees her there taking care of the flowers and talk to her dad through them. When she realize that he is there, she started to explain herself and her talk to the flowers (that was actually kind of cute 😀 ) and started to leave but then JW pulls her which she don’t accept and ordered him not to touch her or anything and while she started to leave again this time JW pulls her for a hug !! OH MY HEART !!!! but at this moment, THE END

How can they do this to me?? How I will be able to wait for the next episode?? T_T

I surely enjoyed watching our couple having some skin-ship and again their chemistry is explosive but this was not a romantic hug from a man to a woman.

I really felt like crying watching this scene, for me this hug has a very deep meaning. It is not only sympathy from JW towards MN who he now realize that he was wrong about but I really think the man needed that hug.

He actually realizes now that his father wasn’t running away from acknowledging him by committing suicide which make him feels for the first time that he actually lost his father and not only that but he was one of the hands led to that (what feeling could be more painful?) Also after he discovers more about the truth and sees that MN suspicion was in place not just a disbelieve from her side about her father’s death so he now relates to her more and see the pain they both share as a family.

So this hug which both needed at this very moment and specially at this place is kind of a way to share their pain together and could be a push for both of them to face what comes in the future.

I really LOVED that scene and I surely can’t miss posting the cut of it here, right? ENJOY ^^

And have some Gifs too ❤

Additional thoughts

  • I am now getting more invested in those secondary characters from the hotel staff more now which are really becoming fun to watch. The reception couple, the super cute N, the staff elders, the new management team and also not to forge the adorable VP daughter 🙂
  • I am disappointed that we actually didn’t get much about our second female lead till now. I think I wanted to see some flashbacks between her and JW to really know how strong was their relation. Part of the reason for this is that I am really curious to know if our hero actually felt love at any point of his life specially after we saw how he was abuse by the VP. I think we may get to know more about her soon or that is what I hope but I can now see how she may have an effect to the whole story.
  • It is really amazing how fast paced this drama is, we are just 4 episodes in and many things happened. I really hope they can keep this pace through the whole run of the drama.
  • On a shallow note, I really liked how Da-hae looked in these two episode. Totally GORGEOUS.
  • The OST is still driving me crazy, I really LOVE every music piece they play but it seems that they will going to release a song featuring 2AM’s Jin Woon and Chang Min from the drama OST soon as we got to hear part of it at that last scene of EP 4 and the preview.

And again to end the post, here is another amazing fan made movie for our lovely and gorgeous OTP ❤

Credit: As Tagged, MBC via Naver, catchcapin and joowons @ Tumblr, MBC Drama and kpopliciousable04 YT Channels



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  1. So over a year later, here I am… Finally watching and committing to finish Hotel King. I’m trying to stay away from reading spoilers, so I’m going back through your posts and reading as I catch up. I was so hesitant to start cause its so long. I’m surprised about the fast pace but I love it. I can wait to see the characters develop. It’s nice already seeing LDH grow and LDW maybe waivering as he starts piecing things together… Good thing I love and crave melodrama cause its obvious this story is over the top melodramatic

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  2. And can I just take a moment and swoon at how good looking LDH and LDW are? I love their chemistry as actors and ppl.

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