Dong-Hae Couple Swoon Worthy BTS Videos from “Hotel King”


I don’t even have any idea how those two managed to make me feel like this, yes I never been or imagined I will be at any point that kind of crazy shipper but they are making me feel that I am in the process to be one and I am actually liking it 😀

I feel over the moon watching those indescribably amazing BTS videos of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook from “Hotel King” and I squee hard  watching their interactions together off screen as I do when they heat up my screen with every scene they are in together in the drama and even much more.

I can’t count how many times I have already replayed those videos and I think the count will never stop increasing. So embrace yourselves and try to control your feelings (OK I really doubt that you will be able to do that 😉 ) as I won’t be responsible of whatever happens to you after watching this.

Don’t say that I didn’t warn you 😀 (please forgive my poor fan heart if you think I am exaggerating ^^ )

The first BTS video is from that last scene in Episode 3 when WH got mad at JW when he thought he was the one who tried to drown MN

Did you notice how Wookie was holding and playing with Da-hae hand, and how she did notice and adjusted his suite collar. If you didn’t, keep staring at those Gifs here 😀


But I also need to say that Da-hae and Seulong are so cute together here as well, she keep touching and encouraging him and they keep laughing together but sorry Seulong, my eyes are all on Dong-Hae couple now ^^

Then we get to see BTS video of that amazing MN entry to the party scene

Playful Wookie is SO CUTE and what is that look he gave us … *Faint*


And last but not least, the BTS video of the hug in the garden scene from the end of Episode 4 ❤

The scene itself was enough to make me go crazy but with this also, I am being a hopeless case and madly in love with those two~~

MN should slap JW at that scene but Da-hae kept making NG and ending up holding Wookie ~~

She told the director while laughing with Wooki “Kamdok-nim I told you it’s strange~!” haha, I can feel you my girl how can you slap your lovely, hot and handsome oppa 😀 (I actually think they ended up giving up that slap 😉 )


But ooh, those last few seconds almost gave me a heart attack !!!

First we see Da-hea keep worming Wookie’s hands ^^ And then, Wookie kept holding Da-hae in the end even that they are not rehearsing or filming (I think or may be that is my delusional fan heart is thinking 😀 ) to warm her and himself as well. Right Wookie, what method could be better than this to get warm kk 😉 and he said “Let’s just stay like this it’s cold” ❤ ❤


In the end I really need to thank MBC for releasing those BTS videos and I am so dying to see more of my Dong-Hae couple on and off screen moments ❤

Credit: FNC Facebook, MBC, muchcloudier, Annya, samzz @ Soompi and 2amTWiam晴 muchshilizda YT Channels | Translation: p1n6an2012 @ soompi



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15 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple Swoon Worthy BTS Videos from “Hotel King”

  1. samzzy

    The hugging part, AWWWWWWWWWW, – that words “Let’s just stay like this it’s cold”, -you know I slept with that words last night, probably similing till morning.
    Yes, Wookie, that the best romantic excuse I’ve ever heard-so we don’t have to wait until 20% just to see that free hug.


  2. Your post is making me into a shipper. LOL This is what you call a heart-warming drama since it is warming all our fangirly hearts and setting them on fire.


  3. koreanfan

    Thank you for posting this video. I hope Dong-Hae finally realize that they actually match each other<3!!!! in love with them both!


  4. The director should understand that Da Hae doesn’t want to slap Wookie any more and that what Wookie expects are hugs to keep away the cold. There is a thing called taking a hint, right? Am I entering loony loony land? 🙂


    • Haha, come dear come. I am already there waiting for everyone to join me. kkk 😀


      • Lucy Maturan

        Thank you so much for this blog. I kept watching their scenes over and over again and could not get enough of them. The BTS shows how they care for each other on and off cam. Hope their deep friendship will turn into love!


    • Hahaha that’s possible! Gosh! here it goes my delusional mind. If ever they did have that ”special relationship” before but they chose not pursue it or take it to the next level, I should say now is the right time since both of them have come of age where the idea of marriage is highly needed! Hahaha Oh DongHae you make me crazy! Jinjja!


  5. ethan

    Can i just say that I love your blog? More BTS pls…haha.


  6. Wow, I didn’t them before but when I watch Hotel King I’ve noticed something then I did my research about this two and I found out that they are the were the one who’s in My Girl. Then I watched My Girl.. Love them both. Hope they will end up together..
    Thank you for posting this.


  7. I hope they will post more bts.. thank you for posting..


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