Happy Birthday Lee Da-hae ♥♥


It is 19th of April and it is time to celebrate our girl’s birthday.  YAAAY !!

Happy Birthday my sweet, beautiful, lovely, talented and lady like child Da-hae ❤ ❤

I wish this year will be full of happiness and success and hope you continue laughing, entertain us and fill our days with lots and lots of projects 😀

And dear can’t you just make my wish come true, and let us see you in a white dress in real life, kkk ^^

I planned to make a special art work for this occasion (although I know the result won’t have been any thing special 😀 ) but this business trip didn’t allow me to do so. And although I wished that our girl will update us on her birthday like she usually do but I am not sure she will do that this year given the tragedy and the sad days South Korea is living in now T_T

But still I would like to post some old fan video which I really really love ❤

Credit: Marie Mullin and mac2ay YT Channel



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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Lee Da-hae ♥♥

  1. Korean fan

    Happy Lee Dae Hae!!!!!!!!!


  2. Happy bday to her 🙂 🎁🎉🎈🎊🎶🎂


  3. Happy Birthday to Lee Da Hae 😀


  4. hapi b.dae to da most beautiful gal…May God bles u abundantly.!!!!!.lov u..


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