Hotel King – Episodes 5 and 6 [Thoughts]

Another week from “Hotel King” and while those episodes weren’t the best but I keep liking and enjoying this drama despite its obvious flaws and I am afraid it is becoming unhealthy addiction 😀

This week’s episodes were the least intense out of what we got so far from the drama as they actually replaced intensity with cute and funny tone mainly coming from Lee Da-hae‘s character “Ah Mo Ne” which I actually enjoyed a lot and want to see more but yes I still miss those intense moments from before.  I am greedy I want everything ^^

But although most of our questions still not answered and we didn’t get much progress on the main conflict and revenge thing but we got some characters and OTP relation development this week which is surely SO welcomed from me 🙂

So here is my thoughts ^^

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • I LOVE manager Baek, how many times I already said that??? But yes she surely deserves it. She is my favorite character I am really amazed of how sane, smart and very good teacher she is. She is not making things any easy for MN but she just give her the hints and lessons she needs and leave her to deal with the situation herself and even giving her challenges. She is not on her side because of who she is but she is doing it for the best of the hotel and I think she sees in MN the person who could save the place which is now full with snakes and corrupted people but only if MN really step up and proves that she can take this responsibility. I liked what she said to MN when she asked her for help and that she is tired, she said “You can only say that when you’ve done your best“. Really her scenes with MN and dialogues are the best and I can’t wait to see them revealing more about her. I hope our drama won’t mess up with her character. PLEASE DRAMA *praying*
  • Thanks to manager Baek and WH, MN now knows the truth about JW saving her from the fire and also that he wasn’t the one tried to kill her in the pool which is a big step in their relationship and seems this is going to be the beginning of more interactions between our OTP ❤
  • I really liked how cute and funny MN is in those episodes and I adored her even when she became a fashion terrorist 😀 but still really pity her, she is so lonely person who just want a someone to talk to or to trust T_T
  • While I know that MN stumble along the way and her repeated mistakes even after becoming chairwoman is making some viewers frustrated, yes sometimes even me want to shout to my screen and give her a lesson but overall I am not annoyed with it. It may be just me, but although MN is still innocent child in heart who always had her life easy and has this cute and actually ridicules side to her but I still see her as a smart and strong woman. She is standing straight facing a very tough situation with losing a dad in a mysterious circumstances and being forced to enter a war in a field she don’t know anything about and her opponents are much more experienced, powerful and even dirty. So, yes it would be strange to see her being a very successful chairwoman all of a sudden. She is actually learning the hard way now (her mistakes are making lots of loss to the hotel) but she gets lessons from manager Baek, JW and even though she is full of herself she didn’t hesitate to go to CK who is a woman she don’t like and ask for hints of how to be elegant and successful (I really loved that side of her).
    We see some effort she is doing with studying what manager Baek and CK gave her and also liked when she tried to get close to the employes in the restaurant and even though they all left so they don’t be with her in the same place she replied to WH when he told her that they may be not comfortable yet with this statement “Yet? I like that word. It means that there is a possibility that they will not be uncomfortable with me after some time
    And oh how I loved  how she left the hospital and went to face the board of directors saying “I still have time until the deadline you gave me. If there’s a problem, I’ll fix it. If it’s necessary, I’ll change. And I won’t give up.” With this and although the mission of having 100% revenue is really hard but I still have confident she can succeed to achieve it in these 3 months period specially that she seems to be joining forces with JW soon but yes she don’t have anymore time for mistakes.
  • We knew more about JW and his relation with his ex, it seems that he never been in love with her and it has always been one sided love. And we also know about the fact that he has “Mysophobia” and even didn’t allow CK to touch him. My guess is that because of the abuse he did receive all his life, so he don’t want anyone to touch him.
  • Regardless of how logical it was, I think the fire scene was well done in side of the effects, looked totally real.
  • I really like the new hair style for JW, Lee Dong Wook looks great in it and I think they are trying to show the change now in JW feelings with this more natural and free hair style. I LOVE IT ❤
  • OK, here is my confession. I LOVED WH in those episodes and while I still feel sad that he don’t have the influence I want to see from him to the story and the whole power fight in the hotel and I am still hoping that they surprise me with a twist for his character to change this but for now here is the reasons for my love for him specially in those episodes ^^
    • He is professional: we saw that when he kept saying to MN that he can’t be interacting with her like before as she is now the chairwoman and her secretary should take care of her requests from now on.  He is trying to keep a distance because of her position now but he is still caring about her like in that scene in the restaurant.
    • He is courageous: the way he poured that water on him and entered that fire to rescue MN without even thinking twice was just amazing.
    • He is honest: he was feeling really sad that he got to hide that JW was there at the fire scene as well and didn’t enjoy the lie that he is the savoir of MN because although he was the one to enter there and try to save her but thanks to JW they all managed to be out of there alive and in the end he was the one who told MN about the truth and apologized to her for not telling the truth from the beginning.
    • He is the one who encouraged MN go to JW house: after MN knew the truth about JW she kept practicing how to apologize to him and was very hesitant to go to his home and do that but thanks to WH he did drive her there and encouraged her to enter and we know why that is really a big favor for us as viewers 😀

The Bad

  • I am so confused about that VP’s suicide attempt!!! Really Drama?? I don’t actually think such man would end his life just because JW threatened him to tell his daughter about his real face, right? that doesn’t make any sense to me. But we got to know that he actually had prosthetic leg, not just injured one. So how did he get that? I am sure there is relation between this and the reasons behind what he is doing.
  • While I am not actually annoyed about the brother-sister thing (at least not yet) but I really want to see more interactions between our OTP. It is undeniable that their scenes together are some of the best we get in any episode and Dong-Hae chemistry is the biggest asset of this drama so I don’t want them to waste much time without giving us more romance.  But after MN now knows about the truth about JW, I hope this won’t be an issue anymore
  • Even though we got a surprise that that director who always acted as being on MN side and against the VP is actually working for the VP but I am still hoping for more strong twists and answers to the questions about the VP plan and target which is totally not clear for me. And he said he needs manager Baek? Why is that? and what was his man searching for in JW house? And was he actually the one put that record of the poor kid in JW office or was it Manager Baek? (I think it is the latter actually) Also on another hand the fact that he is so obvious villain is not that good you know?? his reactions sometimes is so exaggerated and very very obvious. He even talked to JW freely in front of his family!! Drama where is the logic??
  • This is a 32 Episode drama and I surely expected many side stories related to the hotel and also filler scenes but the first 4 episodes and how fast paced those were made me think we may not have this problem here about fillers. But in this week, it wasn’t the case. And while I don’t mind those fillers if they turn to be actually affecting the main story or even just cute and funny specially that the drama already has many side characters I like but some scenes we got this week didn’t really appeal to me AT ALL and I may specify those scenes between the two below, the woman got on my nerves from the very first scene in the drama that she was in (her acting is exaggerated) and now the scenes of her with Park Chul Min were cringe worthy for me, not funny at all 😦

Highlight Scenes:

  • That side story of that poor kid and those scenes was actually touching for me (I actually teared at that last fire scene in EP 5 between him and MN) and I see they were targeting to show us how it will be when JW face his young self represented in that kid. You can see his toughness and violence to him which is because he is actually punishing and confronting himself about the accident that may have been the main reason he is in this position now from accepting the VP’s hand from the start and him being not able to do much action now towards the VP even though he know how bad he because he don’t want him to reveal the truth about his past.
  • I really liked the scene between MN and JW in EP 5 when he was telling her that he is not her real enemy but the hotel which should be her focus right now if she want to be a real chairwoman not just title, he said “Look carefully. Your enemy isn’t me, but the hotel. An employee hiding out in the dark, directors who lie with their snake-tongues, and thousands of guests who come and go everyday! The person who has to take care of everything is you, sitting in that seat. If you want to become a true chairwoman, go in there and take a good look.” He really want her to succeed and be strong while he help and protect her from a far.So, have some Gifs and video 🙂 (just WOW, how those two be this gorgeous?? My eyes hurt <3)

  • Every scene with the OTP is amazing, that scene of JW visiting MN at the hospital in EP 6 is SO sweet. So much feeels when he held her hand and said “Thanks for Being Alive” ❤ he surely couldn’t see the only family member for him (or at least he think so) to be dead and lose her like his father and I think he closed his eyes because he couldn’t see her crying, loved that ^^ and I also loved that they actually made MN realize that JW visited her.

  • OOH, that last scene in EP 6 *SWOOOOON*, why they always love to end the week’s episode with such scenes that makes me go crazy??? That is total torture T_T but yes, that was amazing scene, not just because of the amazing sight of Wookie’s delicious abs and body kkk^^ but also I really loved Da-hae reaction here, the way she shown us how sad and sorry MN feels while watching JW body full of old scars and wounds because of the fire, I really felt like crying. Have the video and Gifs for this fabulous scene ❤ (again can’t count how many times I replayed that scene ^^)

Now I have long week of waiting again T_T but can I just wish that in next episode JW allows MN to touch him and help him treat his body wounds? PLEASE *praying* I see this may indicate that he is allowing someone at last to enter his heart (although not in a romantic way yet) and also the start of MN being able to heal his heart wounds and I can’t deny that I want some skin-ship between our couple, kkk 😀

But why I feel they won’t give me that? 😦 (Hope my feeling is wrong)

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14 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 5 and 6 [Thoughts]

  1. alloumiritz

    I like the scene in episode 6 where MN entered the meeting room and said that they all came to the meeting because of her, and Manager Baek bluntly told her everything what they were saying against her 😀

    Also, i liked the scene where the manager of guest rooms and the maid looked into Baek’s stash full of dew and chocolate and even end up eating it just to see if it was made of gold. I really like Manager Baek’s scenes, not only it’s comical, but it’s educational for our heiress as well ❤


    • Yes, Manager Baek is just AMAZING. Actually not only her scenes are educational for our heiress but educational for us as viewers as well. LOVE HER ❤


      • alloumiritz

        And also the part where MN asked if she can trust Manager Baek but end up rejected. I can see that MN really wants to trust her but can’t do anything about it. Oh my bananas, why can’t Mi Nyeo allow MN to trust her?!


        • Yes, MN is desperate to find someone she can totally trust and depend on in this rough and big challenge she is facing.
          About manager Baek response, My guess is that this is a way from her to teach and remind MN that she still can’t fully trust anyone around her like her father mentioned and I think it is proved now with that director double face that this is correct.
          But given how mysterious she is, I am really afraid that the drama could give a twist to manager Baek character and reveal some bad plan from her in the end (praying that this won’t happen).


  2. Great couple.I look forward with bated breath for a new information, photos and videos.I love her.I love him.I love the series.I love you too.


  3. Oh HK writer-nim, please make unnie’s intuition wrong. Give us DongHae skinships!! a lot of that. ㅋㅋㅋ


  4. Annya

    Oh i love reading abt ur thoughts dear.The line which u have mentioned between Manager Beak and Mone is my fav too.Abt tired and doing best.I love some lines of this drama so i end up watching one hour drama in 2 to 3 hour LOL.I loved the good points,bad points and highlight scenes and also what u wrote abt Sun woo hyun.For me both Jae Wan and SWH saved and protected Amone is there own way.It was partnership work.If JW was holding the self then SW covered AMone thinking it will fall on Amone.So i give credit to both.Love them. And yes the fire scene which was shown was looking 100% real .Wasn’t it real ? I thought they really shoot in fire.I am looking forward to next week.


    • Thanks a lot dear ❤
      And you are surely not alone, I actually end up replaying each episode many times that I lost count specially my favorite scenes 😀
      And Yes, I totally agree. Both JW and WH saved her and also helped her avoid the big problem that would have happened if that little kid existence there was revealed.
      And about the fire, usually only part of it was real but rest is just effects 🙂


  5. Kfan

    I can’t wait this weekend. I hope the writer let Amone helps JW to clean his wounds.


  6. Love to read your thoughts about it 🙂 It’s good there will come 32 episodes, so many manyyyy things will happen for sure.
    The only character I don’t like is Park Chul Min. He is in way to many Kdrama haha. Of course he has his funny moments, but it seems his character is always the same.
    I also hope we will see more of Alex (Yoo Joon-Sung). I became a fan of him when I saw him in We Got Married. Oke, not the best actor he is, but his smile makes everybody smile right? 😀


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