Hotel King – Episodes 7 and 8 [Thoughts]

This was surely worth waiting because this may really be the best week from “Hotel King” as of yet. After the underwhelming episodes last week, I was starting to worry but I am so happy with what we got this week.

We got major development for our OTP relation and also it seems they may have heard my request from last week as we got some of the intensity back too. But the sad news is that we actually still didn’t get much of answers but instead lots of new questions has been added to the list.

So, here are some thoughts about this week’s episodes

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • I just can’t get over the chemistry between Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook, it is so great for words to describe. I might safely say that it even exceeded the chemistry they had in “My Girl“. Their maturity on both personal and acting levels and how comfortable they are together right now is just elevated it to another level. LOVE THEM ❤
  • As characters I really think MN and JW are just PERFECT for each other. In every way they are giving each other what the other exactly needs. On one hand JW at last feels as a human being once again who can be accepted as he is, trusted, cared about and all thanks to MN who saw his pain and his true self and actually trying to heal his wounds very subtly with few but still big and very effective words and actions from her. Yes him who has always been rejected and abused can have that and that is coming from the only family member of him (or so he thinks), the family he always dreamed to have. So this is obviously VERY BIG thing for him and that is exactly why I see his affection and overly protective actions towards MN is totally understandable. And on the other hand MN found in JW the capable and caring man who saved her although she did nothing but to doubt him and the person who she can finally feel to be able to trust and rely on to help her in this jungle she entered. And we can’t forget that their contrasting personalities is another factor to make them perfect for each other (as they say opposites attract right? 😉 )
  • This is a drama about a hotel after all and although that might take us away from the main story but I really like the side hotel stories they present each episode and how they integrate that with the main characters relations and growth. We got that young killer kid story last week and they did continue it this week to show him cooperating with our manager telling him about director Yoon and then we got that cute and pitiful little guest story which was SO GREAT and also that sick woman from old guest couple who WH and the other old employee did a Christmas show for.  I was really touched by all of these characters and stories. (have to say, that kid was SO CUTE ^^)
  • Manager Baek surely has her own agenda which something we already noticed and I am thinking may be she is actually on no one’s side. She continue to be the most mysterious and greyish character in this drama which why this is a good point because yes those type of characters are usually the most interesting characters for me. But ooh I really can’t understand her, how she tells JW that she is on his side and then help the VP to weaken him once again? But actually I just still believe she actually meant what she said to JW that she is on his side. And think that she even did that because she was somehow giving him a lesson to learn from. And ooh, revealing that she actually know everything happening in that hotel as she listen to every conversation there makes her the most dangerous character as well and also makes me think that she actually know the truth behind JW character, his relation with VP and how MN father did die???
  • Some of the dialogs and lines we get in the drama continue to be so interesting which I really like because they surely trigger my mind to think a lot.
  • Surprisingly I find that housekeepers trio who can’t stop gossiping are really hilarious together 😀
  • That song at EP 8 End and which we also heard at EP 5 End is SO GOOD. I can’t wait for its release, while I really LOVE the OST songs we got till now but I think this will be my favorite.
  • OH MN, I still love her and as I said before I see her strong in her own unique way and I liked her way to approach JW to be her teacher/right hand man, kk ^^ but I have to say that what I most appreciate about her character is:
    • Given that she always been treated like princess (or even you could called it being spoiled) and been served (evident from her not even knowing that you can’t get boiled egg by putting it in microwave^^) but she is still so easy going and down to earth and don’t put barriers between her and her the hotel employees.
    • She is actually true to herself, not trying to pretend to be someone she is not and while she is frank and speak up with her opinions but still she is not afraid of admitting being on wrong and learn from it.

I think without those two points and if she was portrayed as such spoiled childish heiress who pretend to know all things and she still deny being on wrong while she is totally failing I wouldn’t have liked her as I do now even given all what she has been through after her fantasy world has collapsed with her father’s death.

I agree with some of what she said in these episodes:

  • It is difficult to learn everything about hotels from theory to application so quickly
  • “He is even more pathetic than I am” (referring to JW)
  • I am a fool, there is really no one I can trust. It’s true that I am just a doll.

And related to that last statement specially,  I am here waiting still with confident for her to take more actions on her own to change this and may be that is why while I did enjoy the funny and cute scenes we got from her in these episodes, I would rather like them to tone this down at the hotel and show more scene of her putting more effort there.

I guess they need to find balance between showing her doing effort in the work at the hotel and between showing her lively, cute and funny side as a person and I find that was done in a good way in Ep 5 and 6 but not this week but I can forgive them at this point given that we had wonderful episodes in general. But also I must add that I miss MN’s fierce side that we saw in the first 4 episodes. Again I am greedy and want everything but at least she taught me something this episode, yes I think I need to try her stress relieving method 😀

The Bad

  • I really can’t get how director Yoon still didn’t reveal anything about the VP while he did say he can’t help him if they started suspecting his actions and of course VP didn’t help him once he got down and JW reported his actions to the police. So why again, he didn’t talk? I know he may never have a hard evidence on that agreement with our evil VP but his words would have at least made MN some how aware of the real personality of that man.
  • The editing of that protection hug scene was SO BAD and almost killed the moment for me but I still couldn’t help myself but to squeee on the sight of Dong-Hae having some skin-ship ^^

  • I have already voiced my opinion about that older couple in last week post but I still can’t get over it. Why they keep focusing on them while we have much potential in other characters and that young couple front desk ???!!!

General Thoughts

  • Our second female lead CK is the character that still not fleshed out for me yet. Actually till now I don’t hate her at all but did pity her at some part when she deals with her step son. I find her really smart woman who actually somehow helped MN and JW till now. The fact that JW didn’t seem to ever loved her gave her all the right to marry someone else regardless that she did intentionally marry old rich man to reach her goals nothing in that can make me hate her. And her being after her love to JW is also nothing I am angry with her about. Till now she didn’t do anything that turn her into bad person in my eyes but I can predict they will do that soon because after the conversation at the restaurant opening, it gives me feeling that our second female lead CK is going to team up with the VP.
  • That message on the ribbon of that painting MN father sent her, it said “Pull the oars when there’s no wind“? What could that mean? Is it that she should wait for sometime until she take her action? I am sad she still didn’t discover that she was her father’s message. Lets hope she finds out soon and actually understand what is the meaning behind it.
  • Like we see development between JW and MN, we see also that WH actually is starting to realize his feelings about MN. I really felt sad for him in that scene when he saw JW coming out from MN house and MN watching him from the window. But the interesting part is what MN told him “Are you my younger half brother?” it is interesting that they mention this in the drama like this because actually some fans did suspect that 😀 so they may be know what we think and trying to tell us some how that it is not the case or it is true?? but actually he was going to tell her more about his relation with her father but stopped as she received a call and left. As I already mentioned before, I hope there is more to WH character than what we see so far and I am waiting for them to reveal more about him.
  • I wonder what was that file in JW desk that the VP’s man was searching for??? I wounder if it was more solid evidence of the wrong doings that the VP has done or it is related to his real identity?
  • While I surely HATE that VP but what he told JW in that conversation in Ep 7 after director Yoon was arrested is something I also questioned myself about. To what extent JW want to help MN? Could he have been give up his dream about the hotel for her and for the family dream which he now feel he has? My brain answer was still undecided at that time and I feel JW himself may not even thought about that or at least not decided at this point but after what happened in the rest of the episode and EP 8 I would answer “YES”. VP asked JW “Would my smart Jaden give his sister the thriving Ciel after three months? or would he take it for himself?

Highlight Scenes

Many amazing scenes we got this week and I just can’t resist posting about all including some amazing Gifs from talented fans ❤

  • JUST WOOOW, that scene was BEAUTIFUL beyond words. I can’t get over the sight of MN blowing on JW injured hand while crying and he gets teary looking at her and listening to her saying “It is OK” then looks to the paint like he at last found his own heaven and angel. OH MY, I am getting teary again T__T. And that OST song “I’ll be Waiting” was great for the scene and added to it. You really have to watch this scene ❤

  • And what a beautiful sight we got to see JW smiling for real in that horse riding game part and MN look to him *melted*. As many of my friends in soompi said, this is indeed what I wish for an ending. To see JW have the family he has been dreaming to have with one lively woman with big heart like MN ❤ but need to add that he was SO ADORABLE when he tried to explain his actions to his assistant/VIP manager 😀

  • On the funny part, the most hilarious scene we get is when JW was so protective about his toys. But seems he didn’t know that MN is much more threat than the young kid 😉 I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING :))

  • And here are my favorites cute and funny scenes from MN in these episodes:
    • LOL at that scene when she was checking her body and trying to sharpen her feminine weapons ;). Da-hae really can’t skip having some scene where she get humiliated about her cup size 😀 (remember My Girl 😉 )

    • And ooh those kicks, loool 😀

    • And that running scene with JW kkk ^^

    • And ooh she was adorably cute when she tried to carry that big decoration thing just because she knows JW is hurt 😉

  • Even in their silent moments and with them just standing there next to each other, our OTP with their eye contact are killing me. Really that cooking scene and when MN said to JW “I Trust You” was another beautiful scene<3

In the end, while I am so looking forward to watch the next episode but at the same time I am so scared to watch it. Why? at the last scene of EP 8 we get to see JW returning back to the pet position in his relation with the VP after he threatened him to tell MN about him being her brother and also being a murderer and the evil and even started to punish him, hitting and abusing him once again!!!!

T______________T (oh, my poor JW. That was so hard to watch)

But why JW? Why? I can understand how much he is in need of the feeling that MN is giving him and he just can’t give up on that right now and also the feel of protecting MN right now is overwhelming for him but he really needs to take the advice he gave to that murderer kid. His words were:

“Being an arsonist is better than being an appliance. At least you are human then.”
“Get your name back and be a human being again”

I really hope he takes this step himself and also not let MN know all the truth herself or from someone else. But the only good news about what happened between him and VP is that MN actually saw that. What a shock for her? and I am so looking forward to see what her reaction will be but at the same time afraid the writer would disappoint me in that point (yes I don’t trust her). I don’t expect her to do anything at that scene but it all depends on what she decide to do afterwords for the man she now trust and care about. I don’t think she will tell JW she saw that cause that would hurt him like hell and also take away from the point she got when she saw that without them knowing specially the VP. I think this is a great point to start seeing our heroine acting on her own, using her smart brain and bringing back her fierce self.

But from the preview of the next episode, I am not sure what to think? It is the most mysterious preview we got so far but it seems that JW will be pushing MN away but that is something we expected to happen at some point but what I am afraid of is that part where they show more of what happened between JW and MN father in the past!!! what was that? I really hope that this is not something that actually happened 😦 also who is trying to steal the hotel employees as JW mention in the preview??

Here is the preview

But to end this post on a good note, I would like to share a some beautiful fan made movies from the scenes between our couple in the latest episodes

Credit: As tagged, lim-jaebeom, allabouthallyu, shura, lovedramasasia, elfogadunk and memoments @ Tumblr, TheMsAyoko12 and kpopliciousable04 YT Channels | Translation: Crunchyroll



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15 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 7 and 8 [Thoughts]

  1. samzzy

    AQ, TQ sooooooooooooo much, love it, lemme give you a kiss. You captured everything, esp the sweet moment btwn the two.


  2. KFan

    Thank you so much.


  3. hayoma4koreannews

    yesterday , check your blog to read your recap on e 07 & e 08 , and don’t find a new article about it , feeling so sad 😦
    but when open the blog now and find the recap , feeling so happy ^^
    really , i like your thoughts and like reading it so much , so many thanks for your efforts in writing this recap , AQ 🙂
    KEEP UP IT 🙂


  4. cassiecracker

    ugh i loveee the gifs! its only episode 8 and its already intense. MN is falling in love with her own brother. But one thing we all know for sure JW is not MN’s brother. wonder how the story of revealing JW’s real identity will turn out! my predictions: JW might be the evil VP’s son – the VP lied to JW that he is the chairman son so he can get the chairman throne – Seulong(2AM) might be the chairman’s real son – That way JW and MN can date!! muahahah *pls ignore my delulu* /swims away/


    • I also thought first that JW might be VP’s son. But given how he treats him, I am not thinking this could be possibility anymore and I personally don’t with he is because this is another big torture for him to know that such person is actually his father.


  5. Leishue

    I personally like your thoughts on the recent episodes. LDH is really doing an amazing acting.A versatile actress for that matter. She can make you go crazy laughing and cry so much too. She’s a perfect match to LDW, whose acting in this drama is undoubtedly great. I’m the Philippines and i just so love them because of My Girl being shown here way back years ago. Their reunion just made me feel soooo gooood!! Because that would mean, I have something to look forward to again every week. (Although, it’s like ages waiting for the next episodes.)
    Anyway, I too thinks that SW might be his long lost half brother. We don’t know, maybe Mo Ne actually has an idea about her “half brother’s” existence only she and her dad don’t know where he is. I don’t think that Jae Wan would be the VP’s son. VP loves her daughter so much, there shouldn’t be any difference with Jae Wan if ever. And I also think that SW is the other kid the little Jae Wan was with in the episode 1. There must be a mistake on VP’s assumption that Jayden is the chairman’s son.


    • Hi, thanks you ^^
      Their reunion was THE BEST and MOST UNEXPECTED HAPPY Surprise I ever had. Their chemistry is just MAGIC ❤
      The waiting each week is a total torture T_T


  6. Niloofar

    Hi. first of all I want to thank you sooooo much for sharing your thoughts with us. I really enjoy reading them.
    I think there must be something between VP and JW for sure, but not son and father relationship! and I think how he described his cat (JW) for director Baek is an evidence of it. and if JW really be VP’s Love’s son (as he said in first episode), that really makes sense why he loves and also hates him at the same time. but its the fact that none of us want JW to be MN’s Brother!
    on the other hand do you remember when Da Bae mentioned the staff that she want to see? have you ever thought what would happen if that staff be JW and they be real siblings??? she is so innocent and I don’t want to see her, hurt either!
    and one more thing! WH is already falling for MN, if they be real siblings, we have to see another innocent person to be hurt! and I myself think there must be another kind of story behind WH and late chairman’s relationship. not blood- bond! no way! that makes the drama so complicated and boring!
    I just hope none of them be related to each other. and JW just be VP’ love’ son from another man.
    You said director Baek is the most dangerous person in there. I think that’s so true and I don’t have a good feeling about it! I can’t decide what she did in ep.08, was for waking JW up and stop him from showing more weakness or just a try to ruin him! at first I even thought maybe JW’s mother haven’t really died, and she is his real mother, (because of the scar on her back, and her hatred for VP, whom I think really tried to kill her before, not the chaiman! [ here if you ask: “so, why does she help VP?” I can answer that “maybe she is trying to gain his trust and then stab him in his back in the right moment” ] ) or one of his family from mother’s side (because of their same last name, “Baek”). but she is so cold! then maybe I should trow this theory away. right?

    sorry for talking alot. 😛
    thanks again for your wonderful blog! :x:x:x


    • Hi, don’t be sorry I am the one need to thank you for sharing your thoughts here ❤
      – I think the only way they could go with VP be JW's father is that the VP himself don't know about it because I don't think he can ever treat his kid like this even given his evil self. You see how he treat Da Bae. Also I have mentioned before that I SO don't want JW to be his son because that would actually be another big stab in his heart to know he is the son of the one who abused him all this time.
      – The staff employee Da Bae mentioned is actually WH. She saw him when he was giving that foreign educated manager a lesson in the coffee actually from the drama relationship chart, we know she will be having love line with WH. So don't worry, I guess what will hurt her is if she knew the real face of her father but I am actually happy about that love line mostly because I don't want WH to be end alone 🙂
      – I am so waiting to know more about WH and yes, I personally don't think he will have blood line with MN or the chairman. I think there is surely something more than just employee and chairman relation there and I have been waiting for so long for them to give us that because I did want more justification for all his care about the chairman and his daughter now. Hopefully this will be coming soon. But you don't know what they can make in such makjang dramas.
      – About manager Baek, you can see she is not loving that VP AT ALL. She did curse him in that scene with the dog. I am still thinking she is actually helping both MN and JW and she is not on the bad side here *My wishful thinking* even if her ways are just so extreme and suspicious but there must be reason for all she is doing and we still don't have any idea about her final goal or plan. But I am so enjoying her character here.


  7. Annya

    oops i am late in commenting although read it post before .Ah dear loved reading ur thoughts abt ep 7 & 8.U even mentions small details and dialogue in ur post with all those pics and gif.When i read it i feel i am rewatching the episode.TQ dear for ur hardwork its not easy write in so much detail.Looking forward to ur next ep review.

    Liked by 1 person

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