Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 1


I SO LOVE all those movies and art works fans have done for Lee Da-hae‘s drama “Hotel King“. It is such a blessing when we get to see many talented fans for the drama.

I think this is may be the first time in so many years to see many movies for one of Da-hae dramas but I am surely not complaining and while I would love to make one myself but I don’t have much time lately and also if I do compare my work with what I see here, I would rather not embarrass my self 😀

Hope you enjoy them like me 🙂

This series of our Dong-Hae couple‘s moments from the first quarter of the drama is just SO GORGEOUS, CUTE and LOVELY ❤


And Ah Mo Ne, as both the arrogant heiress and the sad and hurt daughter ❤


Here is a MV for the new drama OST song “Saying I Love You” by Chang Min and Jin Woon from 2AM  with subs ❤

Now here is a playlist for the fan made movies, I actually posted many before here and in my Episodes review posts 🙂

Credit: As Tagged, via Weibo and Samzz @ Soompi and to all YT Uploaders



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9 responses to “Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 1

  1. Beautiful art pictures!!!!!!!!!


  2. Annya

    Oh so good to see posts abt Artwork and movie made by fans.The art work is more then beautiful even minor background things are drawn.Just one word awesome.I guess the artist in watching HK or is fan of them? And didn’t knew u can draw too ?


  3. merry

    Ahhh~~ really really love it..


  4. wow breathtakng art..fabulously done..


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