Hotel King – Episodes 9 and 10 [Thoughts]

How to begin??!!

This week was another step up for our show. It just keep getting better that I find myself changing my thoughts with every episode as we go that it is the best episode yet and I hope this will remain to be the case till the end of the drama.

But I have to say, it is been the longest time I take to start writing my thoughts about “Hotel King” episodes ever since I started my series of posts about the drama and that is not because I was busy but more because that this week’s episodes really overwhelmed me with so much emotions and feeeeels that I really needed time to contain it and to actually find words to be able to write this post.

And although I still don’t think I succeeded in doing this, yes I still replay the episodes everyday since the weekend which make it all comes back to me, but I really didn’t want to leave some of my friends who thankfully look forward to my posts to wait more time (have to say thank you and I always feel so proud to read your tweets and comments about that ❤ )

So please forgive me if this post ends up not being up to your expectation 😦

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • How to say this?? I really still can’t express how much I LOVED those confession scenes from both MN and JW ❤ I actually didn’t expect we get to see this this early in the drama!!! But I am not complaining though because what a happy surprise was that 😉 The feeeeels those scenes left me with is just overwhelming even though we got to see no hugs or kisses in both scenes but with only what we got, they ended up being the most beautiful confession scenes I may ever watched ❤ I really like how they build up the situation to lead both of them to make the confession. I think in both cases, it is all thanks to MN devoted, caring and loving actions. It is amazing how she actually started to fall in love with JW because how he was protecting her despite her doubts about him, seeing in him the man she can depend on and trust for herself and the hotel. And because she actually saw the real suffering and lonely human being he is. But actually seeing him (the hotel monster) that vulnerable and in pain (that scene with the VP hitting him) did make her come to realize her love for him and ended up being the one who wants to protect him by any mean and even if it means putting her own life in danger to do that. I really think with her actions, MN is proving herself as not only the lover that JW needs or the family that he wants to have but also the replacement of the mother he did lose before and didn’t get a chance to feel her love. Also another thing I like is that while JW kept saying “Don’t Trust Me” to himself (referring to MN) due to feeling guilty about his past but you can see how he really wants her to trust him and don’t want to disappoint her trust in anyway. It is proved when he rushed to her house after her meeting with “Lay Kim” but ended up leaving without knocking the door, then standing in front of her house in the morning  nervously waiting for her to see her reaction. But again you see how amazing person MN cause while she felt so worried about “Lay Kim” talk but she choose not to ask JW about it (although he wanted and offered her to) because she is just so thoughtful and don’t want to doubt him again so she don’t hurt his feelings after she felt guilty about doubting him before and ended up just asked him to give her his words that she can trust him which is enough for her to believe in him. OH THIS COUPLE IS KILLING ME!! ❤
  • I think these were the best episodes they showed MN’s character like how they really want us to think about her. Although I may have got to see what they want from her earlier (yes I read the character description too) but as I mentioned before the execution during some episodes just didn’t help many viewers to get to understand her and I also put blame here on that they didn’t show us enough background story about her and how was her world before her father’s death. So we were left as viewers to imagine how this was. But back to the good part 🙂 on contrary to last week and like I wished, they did show some balance between her doing her job at the hotel and her lovely, cute, immature and childish side. So we see her giving the cold face to the evil VP,  getting more knowledge about the hotel (reading all the documents that amazed her Cha So Wan) , caring to fix the kitchen after the fire from her own salary and doing meeting with the employees when there is a problem. She is starting to act as the boss, but yes I don’t think we will see her as one who can maintain straight face all the time or put a strict line between herself and the employees cause as I mentioned before she is humble, lively, acts more freely and doesn’t hide her true self and feelings to anyone except if the situation really needs it. While I actually love this about her but this might actually put her in problems because this makes her careless sometimes. We all know she is still naive and still in her maturing process so it is good to see her learning more everyday, earning the trust of the hotel employees and making some steps to really become the hotel queen in the end but yes we need her to make bigger steps soon.
  • As much as I was happy that I knew that my feeling about JW was right. Because he showed that really wanted to give up all for MN and help her with a training for a week to become a real chairwoman and then turn himself and the evil VP to the police with the evidences he has collected about him and the testimony of that late chairman’s doctor but oh how sad I felt for my man. My heart is crying for him T______T and I guess the kidnap of the doctor will surely ruin his plans (could someone just go kill this VP?? I just can’t stand him anymore!!)
  • PHEW!!! while this is another surprise for me that they did reveal the truth about JW and MN relation now without even MN getting to know anything about it (I hope this will remain to be the case) but I am so happy that whole siblings thing is coming to an end (or so I hope). Now that JW knows that the VP was deceiving him in that matter (or at least that new DNA test will trigger him to make a step on his own to make sure of that relation), I am hoping that we get to see our couple having some happy time together without the guilty feeling JW has to suffer. I know this is surely not the end of the obstacles they will have, there is a lot ahead of us because JW has to even suffer more pain now as he gets to know nothing about his true identity and we also can’t forget what he actually done to MN’s father all this time which he will surely feel more guilty about after this but at least they can give them and us a break for sometime to show some pure romance ^^ (YES I AM SO DYING TO SEE THAT)
  • The fact that they didn’t turn CK into evil second lead after her meeting with the VP as I thought, makes me really happy. I really like her cause while she can do anything to help JW and gain his love but she has dignity and doesn’t do that with backstabbing or evil moves. She even didn’t take advantage of him when he came to her place and kissed her but on the contrary she is always confronting him with his real feelings about MN which he can’t hide and wants him to acknowledge it and not lie to himself. But about that kiss, I actually felt happy seeing it (yes I am weird 😀 ) but if you ask why? it is because it was actually the BIG proof that JW really loves MN as a woman and I LOVED how CK did response to him. Also I felt happy watching it because it was actually a good kiss and that makes me anticipate what it will be like when JW really get to kiss his real loved one 😉
  • Now I am more curious about WH back story, the looks he exchanged with that CEO (who seems as bad as our VP) is so suspicious?? I really hope they get to that soon (oh I keep saying this every week) Also when Lay Kim told Cha So Wan about her hate for JW before and also her talk to JW that he saved her life makes me also curious about her character, will she have more affect to the story? she actually have much affect on the love line between our couple and I really like her character so much in here and specially in those latest episodes  but all this makes me think, is there more to her character as well?

The Bad

  • I thought they should have showed MN digging to know the relation between JW and VP after she saw the VP hitting JW at the end of EP 8. I see they might be doing this next week but it is just that I always think they are a little bit late in showing character’s reactions that they make us as viewers frustrated and wondering about it for sometime till they give it to us and that applies to showing that JW did had that DNA test from the VP. I didn’t think they needed to wait till this episode to tell us that or hiding that those documents at JW home were evidences on the VP. It really doesn’t add any thing to the thrilling part of the drama but on the contrary. And another thing is that although we have started the drama with the Chairman (MN’s Father) being dead and we saw her struggling to know who is the person behind it but once she got to know about the medications we didn’t see her searching for any other clue to know any more information about who is responsible for that. Again I guess they will show that at some part but neglecting this through a big part of the drama is surely a very bad point.
  • I have to say I miss seeing scenes of MN with Manager Baek and with WH. I loved those and I am feeling I am missing something because we don’t see much of those in latest episodes.
  • I also feel frustrated seeing them underusing some characters here specially our second leads who I really like their characters. If they really plan for more for their characters, they should show more soon!!!

General Thoughts

  •  Manager Baek is starting to scare the hell out of me, this woman is DANGEROUS. How much power she actually have? And who she is to have such power? What is her final goal here? NO ANSWER. But her orders to “Lay Kim” to come to the hotel makes me even more confused about her real intentions. I still like her so much as a character but I now can’t figure out if she is on the side of our couple or against one or both of them??? And WHY?

Scenes Highlight

SO MANY that I actually think I can’t cover them all here, but isn’t that the best thing ever?? 🙂

  • This JW confession scene in EP 10 was AMAZING to see at least. Both Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook were amazing that you just feel it is so real. Their eye contacts, their small touches and how they talk to each other, their chemistry is just like Tsunami sweeps your heart and soul. But I need to applaud Wookie because ooh the pain, the confusion, the guilt and the love. He just show it all. His eyes, his tears and how he started touching every part of her face while saying he like all about her (after he actually denied that before) and then confessing with the words “If I Can’t Love You, I will Die“. HE WAS PERFECT ❤ I specially like it when he said “Jabal“/”Please” for MN to stop after she softly touched his injured hand and tells him in a very caring and cute voice to have some medication on himself too. It was the moment you feel he couldn’t just hide his feelings anymore. And I SO LOVE how they ended this scene with MN smiling through the tears, happy to know the man she loves actually loves her back and that leads our hero to give us such a genuine smile through his tears as well. HOW BEAUTIFUL WAS THAT?? It is exactly how I felt when I watched the scene, it was so touching that I cry and also I was so happy to see them at last acknowledging their love to each other that I was smiling. So, here is a video of the scene and GIFs ❤

  • And before we get to that amazing confession scene from MN in EP 9, we got another beautiful moment when MN asked JW if she can trust him and then he got her into a Cinderella story when he get on his knees and nod his head saying “Yes” then put her shoes on. How beautiful was that moment ❤

  • Now the other wonderful confession and almost kiss scene from MN. Again, LOVED IT. The scenery was AMAZING, the choice of the place and time of Sunset to film it was BRILLIANT and given that they had actually limited time to catch this moment and still gave us this amazingly acted and executed scene is something I need to give the cast and staff credit for. It was one of the most beautifully filmed scenes I watched. MN’s soft voice, her eyes full of love and how her hand was trembling while reaching and touching JW face while telling him “I’ll Protect You. I Love You” then getting close to him for a kiss. OH MY HEART!!! of course JW turned his head refusing it and giving her some tough words to not get close to him again or she will be dead but all what he said was contrary to how he feels actually and showed with teary eyes with so much pain and sadness in them. But I love the fact that she actually didn’t get angry at him but instead apologized as she felt guilty that with her words she unconsciously told him that she saw the VP beating him which she felt sorry about cause she didn’t want him to get hurt know that she saw it all. And then she just stood there as JW told her till late at night with eyes full of tears. It was really heart breaking specially when MN cried hard when Cha So Wan arrived to pick her T____T

Here is the cut for the whole scene and Gifs as well ❤

  • I can’t get over how MN is SO CUTE and ADORABLE in those episodes. We get to see some of her best this week. May be it is the magic of love? 😉 here I mention some of them
    • LOL, on how she reacted when got a call from JW at 5 AM while sleepy 😀

    • How I loved her way to check on JW and make him feel better after she saw the VP hitting him. She didn’t say anything about her seeing it but made some eggs for JW to eat although the result was “SO SALTY EGG” 😀

    • Oh those MN delusion of JW was just adorable and squee worthy those MN delusion ^^

    • Who can resist teasing the man you love? 😀 While this may seem that she is not paying much attention to the training but from the scene after this you can see she did noticed that new CEO was not on the list JW was talking about. So she was concentrating but it is her way to take some rest during the session, lighten the mood and also cleverly proves to the man she loves that his no touching rule is not that applicable 😀 that makes me think of that other scene when she also cleverly tried to prove to JW that what he said about not liking her is not true evident with him rushing to her house in a few seconds when he felt that she is in danger. She is such a cleaver girl and such the perfect person to melt JW’s frozen heart ❤

  • And what is better than women force coming together. Our three Charlies/JW’s Angels (as my soompi chinggus called them) did unite to defend the hotel and our hero from that “fly” Lay Kim by giving him a humiliating lesson 😀

  • Seeing our hero and heroine stepping up and standing in front of that evil man was such a relief. With MN start indirectly threatening him not to touch JW again and also very cleverly telling him to step down and don’t do anything in the hotel without her knowledge as she is the Chairwoman and just watch her from a far like “A TREE”, hehe 😀 That scene was AMAZING and also when JW just stopped the VP from hitting him again, YAAY. That is exactly what I wanted both of them to do 🙂

In the end I need to make my request of having A PASSIONATE KISS between our couple next week. I really can’t stop thinking about that. THIS IS MY ULTIMATE WISH, PLEASE GIVE IT TO US *praying*

And while waiting for next episodes, here some amazing fan made videos of our drama from the latest episodes ❤

Credit: As Tagged | MBC Drama, DontBeABetch55Vids and kpopliciousable04 YT Channels | joowons, vxrsxtilee, shura, purplebass and manueluv @ Tumblr



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23 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 9 and 10 [Thoughts]

  1. Niloofar

    Dear writer!
    hi! I am back again ( I really hope you don’t get bored of my long comments.)
    I almost died to see this preview of the 2 last episodes. I really needed to talk to some one about my feelings. thanks God we have you. :-* :-*
    * )I think this week episodes were somehow like earthquake. they finally let us know many things that were hidden till now. and I think some scene was a little rush, for example, I think the timing for JW to know that MN is not his real sister, was too good to feel real, and two confession in one episode??? this was again too perfect to be trusted, because it makes me feel, that when MN finds out some negative points about JW, we have to tolerate a long term separation ( as we know that separation is a kind of mode in Kdrama), because we still have a very long way to episode 32! 😦
    * ) and about your favorite director Baek, who the hell she really is? she is getting more and more scary. her being DANGEROUS is not a joke at all but I still guess she is not really JW’s enemy, but VP’s; and as she knows how much JW means to VP, she decided to get VP’s right hand first (maybe).
    *) Cha Soo Ahn! I’m dieing to know more about her, because she is my favorite character (after JW and MN) in this drama. what is her past with JW? what is JW’s relationship with these 4 Team Leaders, that makes them trust and support each other so badly?
    *) although I have so many thing on my mind about this addicting drama, now that finally I got the chance to talk with some one, I feel empty minded. so I finish it for now with a confession. :-p
    although I truthfully was sorry for poor JW, when he found the real DNA test result, I couldn’t stop myself from dancing that he is finally free to love the one he needs the most to give his empty life, some meaning. ❤

    I hope they continue on giving us beautiful episodes till the very end and don't disappoint us. 🙂

    at the end, thanks again my new friend, I hope you still let me discuss my thoughts with you. ❤ ❤
    Good Luck My Favorite Blogger!
    I desperately wait for your next posts. 🙂


    • Not at all Chinggu, love your comments and thoughts. Again thanks for sharing them here ^^ and feel free to spazz about the drama here ❤

      So true, our couple now will face the REAL problems. JW guilty feeling towards MN about all what he did to her father will either push him even more to protect and be beside her or make him push her away feeling that he don't deserve her love. And me feeling that we will get both at some point. And ooh the shock that MN will get to know about the man she loves and trusts. I just don't want to start thinking about that before we actually get to see them feeling some happiness together. And that is exactly why we need to see that in next episodes at least to act as some pills through the long painful way they will have to face in future.

      And about manager Baek I also feel she is not on the bad side here (or that is my wish) but all what she is doing is confusing me. How she is protecting CIEL by getting that Lay Kim to the hotel?


      • Niloofar

        yes, I’m curious to know what her plan is. in my opinion, although JW did some bad to late chairman, but still he never did anything to hurt the hotel, and in this situation, the one and only person whom MN can truely trust and who can protect it from hyenas ( as CK said befor) is no one but him! and if manager Baek was really trying to save the hotel, she couldn’t miss this fact! so I think we must be ready to see another story behind her, and try to not have so much hopes on her being good, because as it seems, she is going to disappoint us again. 😦
        I really wanted to see such a powerful and wise person, an ally . such a waste!


  2. I’m addicted and this couple is my drug and guess what ?? u’r my saver i was really bored desperately searching about something new suddenly i found ur post so thank u thank u very much i adore all ur thoughts;im looking forward to watch next episodes ; im dying here heeelp 😉


  3. Kfan

    You are very awesome!!!!!!!!!! All the scenes that you showed above are my favorite scenes. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Leishue

    You know what this really may sound corny, I can’t help it, but I got so teary-eyed with the reviews from you. Maybe because, it was the exact thing going on my mind too. I’ve been watching Eps 9 and 10 for countless times already (well, so too with other episodes) but I think this is epic week by far! the last scene blew me away and melt my heart so much, I can’t breathe. hahaha. We got to saw the confession from JW, that he too was shocked he actually had said, “I like you”! (based on that strong breath he gave after uttering those words). It was such a relief after that because they both able to smile. JW’s feelings for MN was unbearable that he will die if he can’t love her! I’m so looking forward what’s going to happen next. But I’m not sure if JW is supposed to go somewhere prior to that truth revealed about the DNA, right? Anyway, thanks so much for posting! You’re the best! 🙂


    • Oh your words makes me so happy, thank you ^^

      Yes that sigh, I think it was really a relieve for him to at last say what he really feels. As Cha So Wan told him “When you feel out of breath, you have to let the air out in order to live. Or else, you’ll die.”. His confession was how he let the air out.

      NO WORDS can describe how AMAZING that scene was ❤


  5. Аmazing!Еvery time I look forward for your posts.Thank you!


  6. Yesss, amazing again! I will keep coming back 😀

    Ohh episode 10…When I saw them having tears I go tears too! But I’m a man, I need to punch a wall now to be manly again hehehe. I really loved these episodes, yes there are some bad moments. I really don’t like the love between the older couple, maybe it’s because I just don’t like them. That man (with red suit) irritates me so much, just not funny.

    But I cannot wait till new episodes 😀


    • Oh yes, I have said before and didn’t want to mention it in every post. I just skip those scenes but it is really a pity that they focus on that older couple and not the sweet and lovely reception couple 😦


  7. Annya

    Wow dear its awesome post .Reading ur post abt Ep.9 and 10 i think u covered both the episode so beautifully in ur post.The scenes which i like are mentioned and also scene highlight and good and bad also .Even i miss Manager Baek and Mone scene and also SWH and Mone scenes.And i totally agree dear that its not necessary if u are chairwoman then u need to keep straight face and act strict and i like the fact that Mone is not like that.She want to be friendly with all of them.oh so cute na .And what can i say abt those epic romantic scenes of them .Ultimate and best.Hope the kiss which we are looking forward to will be in next episode 😉


  8. Annya

    The scene when he ask her thrice that does she wants to ask him something and rather then asking anything how i love that mone asked whether she can trust him or not. This 2 makes the scene more special.


    • Yes, isn’t she just so thoughtful !!! Who can’t fall in love with a woman of a heart of gold like her???
      But I can’t imagine the shock she will get when she knows all about his relation with VP and her father!! She will suffer a lot !!! 😦


  9. Niloofar

    I heard in episode 11, JW gives MN a robot as a birthday present and after that he has a plan to leave the hotel. Help me! Is it true??? Nooooooo! Not this soon! It is not a time of separation yet! We need some more love scenes. I kew it! These many many good scenes smelled soooo fishy. 😦


    • He gives her a wooden swing and a message with that robot.

      And although not sure, but seems that he will leave or at least push her away cause in EP 12 written preview he will say to WH “Protect MN” T_T

      I don’t want to over think about this because yes it makes me really sad already 😦


      • Leishue

        That’s what I was saying, he’s planning on leaving as mentioned in his conversation with Cha So Wan Ep10…. it’s really making me sad thinking he’ll leave MN, but I hope it won’t be for long. That will be the time we get to MN and WH have time together. The episodes are unpredictable most of the time, but I think that’s what makes this drama even more interesting. Keeping my fingers crossed for it till the end. 😉


        • Yes, at this point I don’t really know where they will go from here.

          I can live with some melo and separation of our couple as long as we get a happy ending.


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