Dong-Hae Couple ADORABLE Selcas ^^ ♥♥


Could a Selca almost give you a heart attack? The answer is definitely YES 😀

This may sound exaggerated but Dong-Hae fans may know my feelings after seeing those latest Selcas posted by both Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook ^^

Aren’t they so gorgeous and adorable together?? This really was the perfect gift after the amazing week we had from “Hotel King” and I think that is actually the reason for even doubling my feelings when checking those pictures of them together.

Da-hae first updated her Weibo with the pictures and with a message:

和东旭哥哥来海边旅行。。。呵呵呵实际上是拍戏!最近一直拍夜戏,让我们为敬业的东旭哥哥加油吧 [嘻嘻][呵呵][哈哈][爱你]

( Translation: I traveled to the seaside with Dong Wook oppa 。。。hehehe honestly we’re filming! Recently, oppa has shooted overnight consecutively, hence let’s support  Dong Wook oppa, who devotes himself to work)

LOL, what a tease our girl ^^ she knows what we want her and Wookie to do 😉 and she is such so sweet to give an encouraging message for him. She is so thoughtful because this update actually was such a treat at this specific time during that whole PD change mess that “Hotel King” is suffering from now and which I won’t talk about here. So with giving fans this now, we can feel more relieved and less worried knowing they are fine and filming the drama.

Also I think it is kind of cheering themselves up as well cause what is better than taking nice and cute Selca together encouraging each other and then reading the lovely messages from fans about it ❤


After that Wookie, updates his Weibo and Facebook with the same pictures and another message:


(Translation: Long time didn’t take a Selfie. Cha Ja Wan and Ah Mo Ne ~ hope you continue to watch Hotel King)

Haha, as always our wookie is more serious 😉 Those messages are SO THEM 😀 and great that they did take the action to promote their drama while the LAZY and GOOD FOR NOTHING MBC is not doing anything good for this drama.

And you can imagine how fans (including myself) went crazy over those pictures. From Korean fans in DC to international fans in Soompi and to Chinese fans who actually trended the term

#李东旭李多海在一起# (Translation: #Lee Dong Wook Lee Da Hae together#)

So the term ended up in the top in Weibo as well as the Selcas. Really who could blame the fans who waited for this reunion and a picture of those two together like this for 9 years?? ^^

Credit: LDH, LDW and Hotel King Weibo Accounts and LDW Facebook via Baidu | Translation: Google, muchCloudier and Bosco_96 @ soompi



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13 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple ADORABLE Selcas ^^ ♥♥

  1. Niloofar

    OH MY GOD!!! How can they be this much blind to not see what a perfect and lovely match they are together? I think they must hurry up and date in real worl. watching these beautiful pictures ( specially after such romantic episodes of HK) makes my greed of seeing them together grow bigger and bigger. Damn it! They are more than perfect together. May be we can call it “A Match Made By Heavens”?


  2. Kfan

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful couple!!!!!!! Weekend is my favorite day now because this beautiful couple.


  3. sassygirl94

    apqaria… you’re not the only one who went crazy and over excited after seeing those tooo!!!! it made my day…waiting for it in 9 years~ at last we can see them pose together after MG.. btw, u did mention wookie posted this pic in fb..could u please tell me which one is the real one..because there are so many pages and I don’t know which one is the real…tq..hotel king fighting ^^


  4. cassiecracker

    OMG!! i just had a mini heart attack. They look so good together!! My imagination is back again. I wonder whats gonna happen that makes them shooting at a seaside?! anyways, can’t wait for new episode!!


  5. Annya

    Love them together hope they give us more to keep us happy 😉


  6. Real Boyfriend ok……………..=


  7. I really love them together; whether it’s on screen or bts


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