Hotel King – Episodes 11 and 12 [Thoughts]

OK my friends, this is SO NOT HEALTHY!!!

I am officially “Hotel King” addict. Yes, my real life now stepped back into the background while my obsession of this drama is totally taking over my life.

I can’t concentrate, I can’t sleep and I just keep thinking and dreaming about the drama and our two leads “Cha Ja Wan” and “Ah Mo Ne” or I may say Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da-hae. I really love them to pieces and with this week’s bitter sweet episodes, I am so scared of what will be happening to them to the extend that it really affects my mood in general T_T

Again I am saying that I am aware that this not any thing near a perfect drama with all the non realistic hotel setup, plot with cliches and makjang, characterization problems and many editing and direction issues but there is really MANY things I LOVE about it that makes me able to ignore all the flaws and till now those didn’t make this drama less enjoyable or entertaining at least for me.

But the undeniable thing here is that the biggest asset for this drama is indeed our couple with their explosive chemistry and presence. Also in general I am really amazed of how fast paced this drama is, considering it is actually 32 episodes, I can’t believe how much developments we got in just few episodes.

While this is usually a good thing but I am not sure how much story we will still have to fill up all the 20 episodes left. Because yes my friends the cap above don’t show the happy ending of this drama but instead it was the calm moment our couple had before the storm.

So, let me share some thoughts about this week’s episodes ^^

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

As this is a turning point for the drama and the story and most of the developments that happened right now can’t be judged to be good or bad at this point (yes need to wait to see how they will deal with all this in the future),  so most of my thoughts will go under general.

The Good

  • OOH Wookie really can’t stop to amaze me, he is SO GOOD Here and his character is really complicated and so well written IMO which is one of the greatest things about this drama. I fell in love with JW already and my heart really tears for him ❤ I didn’t see all Wookie’s dramas but I really think this could be an acting breakthrough role for him. Here he IS JW, enough said. As a character with few words and expressions, it is great to see how he shows JW’s many feelings in a subtle and charismatic way. Really AMAZING and I guess my love for him as an actor grew a ton with this role. Although the only thing I would comment on that sometimes I would like him to tune down his expressions and reactions a bit when he is angry. But I wouldn’t miss to say that he looks SO HANDSOME in this drama ^^ one of my favorite looks of him ever ❤

  • At last we got to know more about WH, yes it is really about time. So, he is not a mere concierge but he is actually a Chaebol even if he choose to leave all this behind. That VIP/CEO we saw in Ep 8 was actually his father and WH seems he has a big conflict with his father due to his business ways and a story about his sister who left them (we don’t know the whole story yet) but we could guess that the dead chairman did take him under his wing after this. I am really glad they didn’t disappoint me here and as I wished this would actually mean he can have more role in the power war going on in the hotel and be more help to MN than just a guardian angle.

  • Again we saw some of MN’s development in EP11. As Cha So Wan told her, she really looked like a chairwoman. In addition to continuing her training with JW, she started to investigate the VP and also when she knew about his meeting with the investors, she went to his office confronting him in front of everyone that he can’t do anything without her knowledge and that she still need to check the contract. While she really seemed so confident and great there but it was a disappointment and frustrating that exactly at this point when you feel proud of her, still her inexperience and actually her trial to protect JW by not involving him in anything related to VP made the VP get what he wanted in the end and got the deal anyway. He actually didn’t want more than this but what happened after that as a result of her signing on the contract personally was something Manager Baek took advantage of to separate between her and JW and the reason of the turn of events at the end of the 12th episode T_T
  • I am happy that both JW and MN now know about the VP more than he thinks they know. I hope this will remain to be the case till they really be able to get rid of him down for good.
  • Again I mention this but the symbolism in this drama is really great. I really liked how they found the clues about the dead chairman message and the back story about the tatto on JW’s back which is like the wings his friend drew so they can fly away from their miserable life. Also when JW destroyed that “Guardian Angel” painting once he knew about him being the VP’s son cause yes that heaven (The CIEL Hotel as CIEL means Heaven in French) was all just lie and when the chairman gave his hands to him to help him reach that heaven it was also a lie. But then we see them showing MN giving her hands to JW and leading him to that cottage which also use the name CIEL but now this is actually the real heaven for him and also we saw him later hold her hands for the first time. OOH I LOVED they hinted to the relation between those scenes and that they gave JW that specially at that time where he is again lost and it shows how much MN means to him ❤

The Bad

  • I am sad to say I was disappointed with our first kiss. But don’t get me wrong, it was actually good and very passionate and I was over the moon watching it ^^ but the lightening and the angles they take the shots from didn’t complement it at all and took away a lot from it specially that we didn’t see MN’s reactions due to that T_T and actually the cut to the kissing scene was really rough. I wanted to see at least JW gathering himself together, remembering his date with MN and going to her. Also I think the fact that MN was kind of surprised by his move and that she was actually sad knowing that something must have happened to him and that he is suffering, made Da-hae hold back there because I think that is how she wanted to show MN at this moment. As the one who contains and receives all JW’s emotions of love, sadness, regret and appreciation rather than feeling flattered that the man she loves is kissing her and so she kiss him back and enjoy the moment. But request for my girl, please Da-hae shi give us more passionate kissing next time (yes there must be next time writer nim). I know and saw what you can do, so show us that kkk 😉 . But here is a video and gifs for you to enjoy and judge by yourself 😀

  • Some issues in editing and direction just annoys me but as I said, usually I choose to ignore them but what was that? We saw MN getting ready for her date with JW with sexy red dress and then the next shot she was wearing a jacket over a white dress?? Did I miss something?? And also the lightening in those office scenes in EP 11 was quite weird and not looking quite good on screen 😦

General Thoughts

  • At last our hero know for sure that he is not related to MN after he did another DNA test to be sure but also that his real dad is that evil VP !!! Actually I expected this since we first got the characters description about the drama but then after we saw the VP abusing JW like this, I dismissed this idea unless that the VP himself don’t know about JW being his son cause I really can’t imagine how he treats his son like this given he really adores his daughter and also cause that he loved his mother?? So I am still trying to figure out about this specially that we didn’t see at any point the VP mention that JW is his son. So we have many possibilities here
    • JW is the VP son but the VP don’t know (he did make that fake DNA test but that was against the chairman DNA not his own so may be he didn’t make DNA with his own DNA and  this possibility may still be valid)
    • JW is the VP son and he knows about it but he was lying about loving his mother and there is something in his past that makes him hate the idea of him as a child.
    • JW is not the VP son and that recording from the dead chairman was manipulated or he thought something wrong.

Even thought it is painful to think that JW is the son of that evil person but he already suffered from that so I would go with the possibilities of JW being the VP’s son rather than knowing later that he suffered for nothing and because I know he will start now acting based on that. But I personally would like to be the first possibility, because actually that will be a punishment for the VP himself when he knows that he did abuse and tried to destroy his own son and also make all his action more logical and consistent for me at least. But in all cases this is not the end of the story about the birth secret as we surely will get to know about this story and especially that we see that old man at the cottage talking about similarities between JW and a woman in an old picture which seems to be his mother.

  • While I felt so sad seeing JW kneeling to the VP but I didn’t see in his eyes that pet or pitiful feeling anymore. He will take the VP down for sure but his words scares me that he may be also taking himself down in the process and he may choose the dark path to achieve this goal T_T here is his words

It doesn’t matter anymore. As long as your blood is running through my body, I am not a human anyways.

Here, today, Cha Jae Wan died. I became the murderer Jaden again

I think he also said in previous episodes that he couldn’t save that kid (the friend he had in USA) when he tried to be human and he always remind himself of the words from the VP that he can’t beat him if he tries to be human. So all this and the fact that now his ultimate goal is to protect MN, he is thinking that he can’t do that if he is still trying to be human so the only way is to be a killer again???!!!! I am so sad he really thinks so, he is SOOO WRONG but I think the only thing who represents this humanity in him (at least in his eyes) is MN’s love and trust in him so, IMO we can’t take that away from him at this point to keep him sane even if he choose to push her away already. So MN can’t give up on him or buy his cold act towards her (even though I really felt her heartbreak in that last scene T_T) at least now. I may expect some of that with her shock when she knows about his relation with her father’s death but not because of just his cold act.

  • OK, I have mentioned this many times before and while I got to accept that because this is a long drama I should be patient in seeing more development for MN’s character on the professional level to be the real chairwoman and I wasn’t very annoyed with that specially giving all what MN background and what she has been through and believing this will be coming at some point but after this week’s developments I would say that baby steps are not acceptable anymore (Yes if this doesn’t change by next week I will be putting this in the bad points). While we saw her fierce side in the first 4/5 episodes derived by her desire to know the truth about her father’s death (more on the revenge side I may say) but she surely lacked all the capabilities to make use of that side correctly. She tumbled all the way, messing up the hotel and didn’t know what she was doing. She needed guidance and some one to trust to give her that so she can really use her smart brain in the right way. And that what she got in the next episodes as we see her receiving this guidance from both Manager Baek (in a way) and JW, so while we saw her grow slowly but we missed seeing this fierce side because she was now in love and more relaxed having someone she loves and trust beside her helping her so we see the cheerful, caring and lively side of her personality (which I also liked) but now after that her inexperience and naive personality have put her and her lover in that position and threatening her position and her capability to really keep her father’s hotel, she surely need to step up and work harder. I think she now has the basic knowledge to show us that strong and fierce side again but this time I like that she will be derived by love instead of hate/revenge to reach her goal as she said to Manager Baek, she and JW can have both the hotel and love.
  • I still believe that Manager Baek is on the good side here and may be her interference to is because she finds MN distracted from her important goal to protect the Hotel and be the chairwoman after 2 months as she actually said to her. So it was her way to separate both of them and so that MN can focus on the hotel and she can really protect it which Manager Baek always said that it is her goal. But as I keep saying, I am really dying to know more about her.

Scenes Highlight

Again so many great scenes that I need to share, so this would be rather long 😀

  • That scene when JW get back home after discovering about his real father was one of my favorite scenes in the drama till now. How they shoot it and how JW visualized, started talking and embracing his young self in a disbelieve of the fact he knows now while he can’t imagine that the VP who always abused him and taking any chance to kill his humanity is his real father. Again Wookie was wonderful T___T

  • That butterfly kiss (thanks to my soompi friends I know that new expression ^^ ) and bed scene was AMAZING. I LOVED this kiss more than the one we had in EP 11. It was just SOO REAL 😀 and while I felt their romance and love in that scene but it was also so sad. When MN started to question JW of the reason he always try to make distance between them and then he started to get his shirt off not only to show her his body scars but also to show her all about soul and past and even started to share his story. And as much as I love MN that she don’t want him to say the story which torturing him the most specially because she pushed him to do it so she stopped him and give him a back hug saying sorry and crying but I still feel sad that he didn’t share all his story with her cause I wanted her to know it from him 😦 . But overall that was a very wonderful scene and even after this we see JW in a bed sleeping for the first time with MN kissing his scars and holding him *FAINT*

  • OOH how sad it was to watch JW getting so scared of loosing MN when he woke up in the morning and didn’t find her T_T you can see how much he LOVE her and can’t live without her as he said in his confession. He said to himself in that scene “If it would have change anything… I would have stabbed myself so I could bleed to death. Even though that’s what I wanted… I came running to her alive instead.” This really makes it even harder to imagine how he feels after he is kind of forced to be away from her 😦

  • We got so many cute, lovely and romantic scenes between our couple which really felt SO REAL that you feel you are watching two real lovers on your screen. I really blushed like crazy watching our AMAZING couple specially in EP 12. OH MY, how these two do this to me?? but I am not complaining thought ^^ But the problem is that you still feel sad watching them cause you know this won’t last for long. As JW said, this was a dream that was only allowed for one day and while you know that you just hope you don’t wake up from it 😦 But let us for now enjoy Some Gifs from those scenes ❤
    • That scene when MN was trying to be classy, elegant and talk formally to JW cause she read about him talking about his ideal type was really one of the cutest scenes ever ^^ and when JW was trying to sneak a look at her (cause it was actually the first time he look at her as a woman without guilt of the thought that she is his sister) but then she kept catching him then she her reaction ^^ . OOH that was really so sweet ❤ and Da-hae really looked like a doll there 😀

    • And ooh that cute good night kiss and then JW counting to 3 for two times expecting her reaction ^^

    • And lol at jealous MN trying to separate between JW and CK while running and also keep giving JW hints about her birthday (girl he already knew 😉 ) 😀

    • JW’s unique wooden swing birthday gift melted my heart so, no surprise how much MN loved it and more than the present itself, his letter was the cutest and sweetest. He said in that letter he put with the female gundam “Bella” (Bella is the woman I loved most in this world but now that i have the person I love the most, I think I don’t need her anymore. Please take care of her) ❤

    • The bathroom scene was also really cute and so natural, loved it ❤

    • And here is some lovely gifs from small vacation like honey moon ❤

In the end and as many fans are commenting, I really hope the writer don’t disappoint me in next episodes specially when it comes to MN’s character. And give us the woman who will still understand why JW is doing all this. I want MN’s words “I won’t go anywhere” and “I will wait for you”  (which also refers to the drama OST song) to come to be true cause it won’t be logical if she misunderstood his actions now as he acts so cold towards her, given her character we saw till now and how much she knows about JW’s pain and understands him without the need of him speaking.

I need to see MN still cares for him but don’t push herself on him. Instead she joins his act as she realizes that her feelings are not enough to really protect him. So she needs to be strong, independent and real chairwoman to be able to protect and save him, herself and her father’s legacy from all the evil around them specially that although you see her bright smile in the hard times (like going in jail in front of WH and when she was in the vacation with JW) but you can feel her suffering inside because she can’t be a real comfort for JW and she is kind of helpless. Also she is feeling guilty she got herself into this trouble which caused more pain for JW so I believe she realized already (my wishful thinking I guess).

Also I don’t want to see WH to step in and take the same role as JW to protect MN and we see her depending on him. And I can’t accept that we continue seeing her in the dark. So, she needs to find out what is happening around her on her own

Yes MN you need to change all this and show us your true strong self who don’t know how to give up. FIGHTING ❤

And till we get our next episodes, here are other wonderful MVs from fans ❤

Credit: As Tagged, human1981 @ Soompi, MBC Drama and kpopliciousable04 YT Channels | shura, vxrsxtilee, ebjkk, thekoreandose and ry-ra @ Tumblr



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22 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 11 and 12 [Thoughts]

  1. Do you think Manager Baek could be Cha Jae Wan’s mom?


    • I always thought she is more related to the back story between the VP, JW’s mother and the dead chairman but I am more with the possibility that she is the sister of JW’s mother as some fans suspect.

      But who knows what the writer has in mind, we will have to wait and see 🙂


      • I like that theory better. I don’t know if I want her to be his mom. I love their scenes together. They are so similar in their mannerisms and way of talking. That’s probably why I thought they might be related.
        Great review btw! Keep it up! 🙂


        • Manager Baek’s scenes are some of the best in the drama. Love all hers scenes with JW, MN, VP or even alone. She is just that great 😉

          I am happy that you liked the review ^^ And Thanks for commenting 🙂


  2. Nini Glez

    Wow!! Love your review, I love this drama, like me happens to you, this drama has me very obsessed. Really I hope MN mature and remains strong. Still think this drama has much to offer. An apology for my bad english


    • Don’t worry at all 😉

      Yes, we still have 20 episode to go so by Korean standard it is like a another drama. So hopefully the story will keep getting more and more interesting.


  3. Niloofar

    Hi again!
    this week we saw sooo many good scenes but let me go straight to the point that bothered my mind and heart these last days!
    at first I got a little confused and scared by JW’s dialogues in the last night, but now, I have another Idea! as you mentioned, in episode 12 we saw how much JW cares about MN, and how much he cant live without her, that I think those scenes were necessary to make JW saying his last words and wanting to come back to being Jaden!
    may be these are all my hopeful thoughts, but I think when he said “Here, today, Cha Jae Wan died. I became the murderer Jaden again”, he didnt mean bad! he once said before that CJW was born on the day that VP took his hand, so I think JW would always be VP’s pet and somehow alone, but on the other hand, Jaden was a warm and kind human who had some one he loved and was so careful about his loving one and as we saw in episode 1 that although he had problems too, but he gave his jacket to his friend to not feel cold and shared his changes with him. he preferred to be cold, to be beaten, to do beggary and even to be a killer but protect his friend! so I think his becoming Jaden, when he again has another loving person around him is not bad at all! JW can not love any one, because he is VP’ dog, but Jaden is a free little boy who can loves and be loved!
    and I think his request for being new VP is his strategy of helping MN! I guess he wants to do the same things Lee Joong Goo did to MN’s father, back to himself!

    and about manager Baek…. I see you are still hopeful about her, when the only hope that I can have now is that we finally find out she is JW’s mom or aunt, so this extremely powerful woman cant be his enemy anymore!
    so I think for today I stay silenced about her.

    thank you for letting me talk these much again!
    as always I enjoyed reading your preview.
    Good Luck!


    • OOH that is a wonderful dear really like your thoughts about his statement. Thanks a lot for sharing.

      But the only problem I have with that, is that until this moment he still didn’t make peace with himself about his past. He still feel guilty and ashamed about it so, saying that he will return to it is not something he ever wanted.

      So, I am thinking although I am still afraid of how he will really try to get rid of the VP but still this could be his first step to finally really do what he advised that murderer kid in Ep 7/8 to do “Get your name back and be a human being again” Meaning, that he will not hide again from that past and forgive himself and I think that will happen when MN accepts him after she knows all about his past.


      • Niloofar

        you are right! he never wanted to remember those days, but I think he finally accepted his past inside of his heart, because he even decided not to hide it from MN and was telling all the story ( although she stopped him). and I think in this situation he is not thinking about himself anymore, as he said “It doesn’t matter anymore. As long as your blood is running through my body, I am not a human anyways.” so I think he totally gave up his own wishes, and decided to protect MN even if it means sacrificing his own life and happiness and even if it means killing another person!
        it doesn’t matter to him, as long as he can make sure MN is safe!
        I thought about his words to that boy, too. and Yes! maybe he is trying to do what he said to that boy too. because its the only way he has to stand in front of VP! he must not scare of anything, so the VP wouldn’t be able to threaten him again.


        • I personally think he still didn’t come to peace with his past till now and him trying to say all to MN was more kind of trying to show her that he is not worthy to her love and trust.

          As you said he is totally sacrificing himself here for MN’s protection So, he is not intentionally doing this step himself but I meant that this is may be it without him even knowing.

          So while I feel scared about this but it could be the only way for JW to come to peace with his past and also for MN to grow up.


  4. kfan

    Reading your writing thought, it made my day! Thank you.


  5. Leishue

    Thanks for the review. I’m still all puzzled up with a lot of things (if JW is really the VP’s son) though there were some points that I thought the same way too. Especially with the song, “I’ll be waiting..” the lyrics says it all. (MN’s song for JW) I think MN will be waiting for him in the end of the story. (and to be exact, in that cottage they stayed together..maybe.) And also, I know that JW loves MN, obviously. But he hasn’t uttered it directly to her. (indirectly, yes!) And I think, that’s were the other song says (JW’s song to MN is I may say) “Saying I love you…”. On the other hand, I would really like MN to step up even more this time but of course with a wise mind. One thing too, “You’ll regret this day” (JW’s words on the phone when MN was captured by the police). Returning to his previous pet stuff, is his way to put an end to it and protect MN too. I feel sad, but at the same time I’m excited to see them confront each other just like the last ep12. It’s a wake up call for MN to step up and do something! As she says she doesn’t easily give up. I’m expecting a fighter MN in the next episode, so as JW too. They just need to set aside their personal feelings for some time (fingers-crossed).


    • Love your expression “It’s a wake up call for MN”

      Indeed, introducing this as a hard lesson for MN to be the strong woman we want her to be is the only way I can really be OK with their separation at this point of the story.


  6. Leishue

    And by the way, I’m also dying to see JW get jealous of MN and WH if they will have some moments together in the next episodes as he entrusted MN to WH…. hahahaha. (bad me! but that way will show that he’s pretending.) 😉


  7. Besotted

    I’ve been a fan of theirs ever since My Girl. Episode 12 is the best so far, I agree. I just wish LDH gave the kiss a little more passion…haha. I am Asian American. I’m just curious. I read in some sites that both LDW and LDH admitted to dating their on-screen girlfriend and boyfriend ONCE. I mean they both said they dated their on-screen partner…but it’s happened only once. LDH said her relationship with this on-screen boyfriend lasted 3 yrs. This might be old news but I just wanted to know if they were talking about each other. Would you know? Thanks in advance! 🙂


    • Hi, thanks for commenting here 🙂

      About that comment from them, yes many fans are speculating that they were talking about each other but only them would know for sure as we don’t any confirmed news that they dated.


  8. Besotted

    Thanks for the reply. I guess we can all just dream of this union! I am glad I found your blog. I enjoy reading your posts. I thought I was obsessed but then It’s nice to know there are others like me. Hehehe. I would say I probably watched their kissing scene like 10x if I was honest. Hahaha! I too hate the some of the angles of that kiss when his shoulder covers them. Like duh. What kind of shot is that, right? Anyway, Thanks again! And keep up the good work! 🙂


  9. Annya

    Ah loved reading ur post dear .Even i notice the quality of the drama is looking different after ep11.I too noticed that Mone was wearing red dress and suddenly the dress is change LOL.What are they doing?I love that Red dress too.And love that hand part u wrote actually they should have shown him taking her hand but they didn’t show it they directly showed them walking.Why are they cutting the scene don’t know.And so agree dear it time Mone character grow its already ep.13 we are almost near half drama when will writer make her more independent.Agree with u abt kiss scene that the lighting was not good in that scene it was too dark although kiss was good but my fav one is the bed one with mone kissing him so many time it looks so real .Don’t know how JW was controlling himself LOL.


    • Thanks my dear ^^

      And yes that hand part would have been perfect with him taking her hand. Also you can see MN after that shot having JW’s jacket on but they didn’t show him putting it on her or then take it back from her before going to the room sleeping on the floor??

      Anyway and even with all our concerns but I am still so obsessed with this drama and can’t wait to see what they still have to show us. I hope they just don’t disappoint us specially with MN’s development, the love line and ending *praying*


  10. jodole

    I’m so happy to find your blog. I love LDH and LDW after watching My Girl. I enjoyed reading your blog ever since I found it a few months ago. Reading your recap of HK highlighting the good, the bad, special scenes, and thoughts are my “addict-fix” while waiting for the next episode. Keep up the great work. I also love all the BTS and fan videos.


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