Lee Da-hae in Stills and BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

A question my friends, shouldn’t such sizzling chemistry be banned as illegal????

Mmm…….OK, I take that back cause that will mean I won’t be able to see Dong-Hae together on my screen but another idea, may be it should be illegal unless they are married?? 😉 😀

Jokes aside, I really can’t get enough of watching how sweet and real Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook together not only on screen but also in all the BTS videos.

We already know how great they look on and off screen since “My Girl” days but as I mentioned before, the level of comfort they both feel together after all this time and their maturity makes the feeling of their chemistry is much deeper for me now ❤

I really feel so lucky these days with MBC pouring us with stills, BTS videos and pictures from “Hotel King” which is actually making me even more greedy waiting for more from my favorite scenes from the drama.

So, enough talking and hope you enjoy all the pictures and videos (along with some translations and Gifs) ^^

(P.S. Expect this post to be long 😉 )

First here is the BTS video of the first kiss scene ❤

I LOVE how they kept hugging each other even while there was no shot taken and the sight of Da-hae laughing while Wookie is holding her ❤

Kiss 1_1

You can see Da-hae pat Wookies butt, LOL 😀 as a kind of encouragement and a way to say good job 😉

And Wookie said “Isn’t it too quick to say “cut”??

Kiss 2

Then at the end after they take many shots of the kiss scene he said “I wasn’t asking for this much though” while Da-hae couldn’t do anything but laughing at his comment 🙂

(P.S, did you notice Wookie chewing a gum at he beginning of the video? he is surely making all the right preparing steps 😉 )

And here are some stills from the scene ^^

Second we get BTS video of the birthday gift scene^^

Oh I really love they eyes interactions, how they look to each other (eye kissing as some of my Soompi friends call it 😉 ).

When I saw the still of this scene I just wanted to push both of them to kiss already 😀

You can see Wookie hurrying while still didn’t put his shoes fully, lol 😀 and then gave to Da-hae a birthday message paper to replace the one she have with the one he wrote himself (You can see Da-hae excited at this moment 😉 )

BD 1

By the end of the video, we get to the time they were shooting Wooki’s personal shot but after they cut, you see both of them talking. (Oh, Da-hae my sensitive girl is so into the moment indeed <3)

Wookie said: It is not your shot why are you crying
Da-hae then said: I didn’t plan to cry but can’t control
BD 2You can know more about what I mean about their eye kissing by checking the first still below 😉 and did I say they both looked so pretty here ❤

Another BTS video is the party hug scene

I loved the moment when Wookie directly started hugging Da-hae and she started to pat his back 😀

Hug 1And you then see Da-hae doing massage to Lee Duk-Hwa telling him “Could you hit oppa lightly or he will get hurt?” (referring to those scenes the evil VP hit JW)

OH MY, isn’t she the sweetest ever??? ❤

Hug 2And again we have some stills and BTS pictures from the scene

Another BTS video is from the jogging scene from EP 11 with Da-hae, Wookie and Wang Ji Hye

I am so happy seeing all of them having so much fun and laughing in this video

And of course our couple’s interaction is still great.

First you see Wookie rehearsing his smile and saying to Da-hae “Isn’t this a gentle smile” (flirty Wookie, kk ^^ )

But with the sun light, he said “It is so bright” on which Da-hae told him “Then Come Here

Running 1And ooh his way saying the line “I’ll call you” in the rehearsal, everybody kept laughing haha 😀

And here are some stills and BTS pictures from the scene 🙂

And MBC also released BTS video of that scene between Da-hae and Wang Ji Hye in Ep 6

This is the scene in which they celebrated Da-hae Birthday and I really feel that my girl felt so flattered and happy with the staff’s move. But how I wish Wookie was there too 😉

And we got more BTS pictures additional to the ones we already saw before

Now, enjoy more stills and BTS pictures from the drama

Credit: As Tagged, MBC Cupitter, HK Official website, HK DC, http://blog.naver.com/mindk82 and http://blog.naver.com/myk0229 | Translation: muchcloudier and p1n6an2012 @ Soompi



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14 responses to “Lee Da-hae in Stills and BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

  1. ethan

    Awww!love all the bts,thank you for posting.Been waiting for this 🙂


  2. kfan

    Every time, reading your sharing thoughts, it makes my day!


  3. really really really moved to see your blog!!! love it so much!!you r really patient to write so much~~love u AP~~~


  4. I always looking forward for your posts.As always you are so insightful.Photos and videos are the icing on the cake.


  5. Besotted

    My God! She is lovely. How can anyone not fall in love with her?? You have got me all excited! 🙂 I get what you’re saying when you say “eye kissing”. They really have too much chemistry! I feel like I’m going to explode watching all this! Hahaha It’s great to have read this after I watched Ep 13 RAW…My spirits are all up again! Thank you for this! 🙂


  6. Chew Pratt

    Hi AQ
    Your blog statistics is impressive, CONGRATULATIONS!
    I am kind of busy since returning to UK in late April. Still, I make time to watch 2 episodes of Hotel King with English subs every Monday or Tuesday, and occasionally visit the chattering world of HK and DONGHAE soompi sites!!
    Although no fan of anyone (mentioned before I never star gazing!), from BTS pics and videos, it seems LDH is a lot happier than last year, I am more interested in WHAT’s NEXT for her after HK? I hope 2014 is a turning point in her for more fulfilling life, modelling and acting career.
    Now that the first kiss in HK has happened, and the series is almost at its half way stage, perhaps you or any IT savvy fan from HK soompi thread can make a FMV of AMN and JW with the background song of I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS sung by FOREIGNER. I think the lyrics is powerful and reflecting JW’s tortured soul. Would be great if you or anyone do one.


    • Hi Chinggu, really Missed you comments ❤
      And ooh you noticed the stats? 😀 Thanks but I guess it is all thanks to HK and Dong-Hae 😉 It is great to know you are watching HK already and didn't know you also visit Soompi 🙂
      About Da-hae, yes she looks so happy and we can see at last her genuine and real smile ❤ I really hope that she gets more offers after HK. But I think we will still to wait till the drama ends in August to know any news. I wish she won't take a long break after that.
      Now, I will go listen to the song you have mentioned 🙂


  7. sweet pinky

    thank u so much for uploading these video. i keep watching it repeatedly because they are so close even they are not filming. how i wish they are dating for real. please dong-hae coupke..kekeke. but i’m quite jealous when dong wook quite close with park bom in variety show “roomate”. 😦


  8. Lucy Maturan

    thank you for sharing the videos. you made so many fans of donghae very happy. hope to see them in a new melodrama soon!


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