Hotel King – Episodes 13 and 14 [Thoughts]

Why are you doing this to me my drama?

I really can’t figure out how I feel about this week’s episodes of “Hotel King“. But at least I can announce that we got our angst and intensity fully back in this drama. I really may need heart transplant after this drama if it continues this way.

But this is surely a good news because I usually enjoy that and the episodes were really solid. I was teary and almost screaming at my screen watching them (specially EP 14)  and my heart is really bleeding for our leads. It was really sad and hard to watch them suffering like this T_T.

But I have to say that I am really disappointed on many levels with our leads actions. And while I  feel bad that I may be end up being a bit harsh here while they are suffering but I really need to get this out of my system so I won’t go crazy already. So, let me start 🙂

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • This week we got introduced to a new character and what a major addition to the drama?? Our new character is “Roman Lee” played by actor Jin Tae Hyun and here what we know about him
    • He called Manager Baek “Mother” but given that this drama is full of birth secrets and we are still not even sure about our hero’s identity so we can’t take for granted that he is Manager Baek’s son specially with what we saw at the end of Ep 14 (we will get to that later).
    • He is a big investor in Ciel who have 20% share but because of his trust and strong relations with the late Chairman Ah, he didn’t use to attend the meetings before and we know that it is the first time JW sees him. And because of that, the VP is trying to gain his interest to join the investment of the Casino he want to build in Ciel.
    • At the end of Ep 14 we got a shower scene where we saw scars and wings tattoo on his back closely similar to the ones we saw on JW’s body. So, that indicates that he is JW’s childhood friend Ji Wan which we saw at the first episode and thought he may be dead. Given what JW said before that he couldn’t save that child when he tried to be human means he totally thought that he died and that explains he never asked about him. So, is he really that friend? and how he ended up being Manager Baek’s son? She adopted him or he is really her son and he was another victim to the VP? But how she had him back? And does he know his relation with JW? but anyway with that discovery we even can doubt that JW killed that gangster in the US at all, it may be all an act done by the VP.

Ooh so many questions that give me a headache but as I said. This is surely an interesting addition and I LOVE IT. I am sure he has a big connection to our main revenge story of the earlier generation (which surely involves Manager Baek too) and this in addition to how powerful he is and that he is on Manager Baek’s side (which we actually don’t know anything about) is making this so interesting to say at least.

  • A big surprise we got this week is to see some emotions from Manager Baek and some hints to her back story. We see her smiling for the first time when she welcomed her “son” RL and then saw her crying in a church which is surely a place full of memories for her and specially at that date (which is also the VP’s birthday, coincidence?). Also we see her almost fainted when she and RL almost get into accident (that was the first time I feel she also have a weakness after all). So again it triggers many questions, did she have an accident before and that is why she had that reaction? Was that the reason for burn scar we saw on her back before? And how is that connected to the VP and the late Chairman and their story? I am really not good at writing theories about what happened there so, I will wait to see what the writer gives us but this is really becoming more and more twisted and I keep looking forward to really come to know all about the story behind all this which is surely a good point for the drama.

  • While I am still not satisfied with the development of our second leads characters and still think they are underused here (some times I actually feel sorry for our actors Seulong and Wang Ji Hye) but I keep liking their characters more and more with each episode. It is really rare in drama land that we get to see second leads so likeable as the case here which something I am actually enjoying. And at least with the importance of WH’s father to the whole “culture park” project that the late chairman dreamed of and also to the VP’s Casino project, I am sure we will see more influence from WH in the future. We are still not aware of WH story and relation to the late Chairman but we now know that he somehow saved him (I think it means he took care of him in his breakdown) after his sister death which is somehow caused by his father’s actions.
  • Although the scene was not that clear and it should have been much better and more explained but at last they shed some light on why MN had that Ornithophobia, it was all VP’s doing (could this man get any more evil??) When MN was a little girl, he took her to a garden full of birds and left her alone there. So she felt lost and alone while all the birds are making lots of sounds around her. Also at last they made MN know about the boat and that JW was really there and may found something.

The Bad

  • OH MN, you know how I love you right? but should I really lose hope you will ever grow up to the degree I want you to? I don’t want to because I know how smart and strong you are but many things about your actions leave me disappointed 😦 while I may have accepted such actions in the past but now, a big NO. I must say we are again seeing her fierce side which we saw in the first few episodes (and some scenes here and there in later episodes) but is that enough at this point? can I accept that she is back again to MN the one we saw in earlier episodes? NO, because I expected that we won’t be back to square one and we won’t see similar reckless and impulsive actions again from her like we saw before. Don’t get me wrong, I really love MANY things she did in those episodes. At least I got my wish to see her not misunderstanding JW’s cold attitude to her but she instead trusted her instinct and brain that he actually doing that for her sake, showing care for him and even calling him pathetic because she knows he is also suffering despite all the things he done to hurt her. She keeps questioning him about the reasons of what he is doing all this and giving him every chance to explain what she is discovering and tell her on his own what is going on. Also although she is hurting so much inside with all these actions from her beloved one and also from what she came to know about her father but she still trying to carry on with her job (like facing protestors and solving the problem with giving some compensations). She even had the courage to face the VP after she came to know he is the one who killed her father (Manager Baek gave her a record with the discussion between JW and VP accusing him to kill the chariman) and ooh that gift she gave him, DAEBAK 😀 But on the other hand, she is still doing some ridicules actions like throwing the VP with trash and throwing that picture while she is supposed to be secretly searching for more evidence in the VP’s office of his involvement in her father’s death and his motive. She just can’t control her anger and frustration which is totally not helping her but on the contrary it risks her life, the hotel and JW’s life as well.
  • While I thought I was ready for the whole noble idiocy from JW and that I can still live with it because first this is a drama after all and such thing we totally saw it coming and second I actually understand why he had to do that given the situation he was in. But right now it is getting on my nerves and the real problem for me here is that I am not sure at all that his plan has any chance to succeed. We actually don’t even know for sure what his plan is, but we know that his goal is to destruct the VP and clean every wrong doing he done then go back to live with MN. But really JW, do you think you can do that by what you are doing? We know he wants to protect MN from the VP because if he show care about her, VP will target her again as the weakness point of JW but doesn’t he know that he is the one who is hurting MN now? I know his actions won’t end up with something like killing her or driving her crazy which the VP can do but with JW totally ignoring her and giving her the cold shoulder, helping tarnishing her image as Chairwoman, helping in that protest thing then even helping to show MN reaction because of her Ornithophobia and leading her to have that in front of RL, isn’t this just too much? will JW actually be able to forgive himself for the hurt he done to her? And what JW will gain from that, VP’s trust? Will that actually stop the VP from still planning for hurting MN because she is still dangerous to his plans? MN doesn’t know anything about his plan and he should know her more than anyone that she is stubborn and won’t give up on her hotel or love that easy which will still make her in danger and she won’t accept any advice from him to back off because yes he is breaking her trust? And until when he will have to work to gain this trust? till the VP is becoming the chairman? does he really trust that by then the VP will make him the new VP? How he can trust that? We also know JW is planning behind the VP’s back to make the “Culture Park” and just acting in front of him to help him in his plans but does he really trust that his actions won’t be exposed and that will lead not only his life in danger but also MN who he is supposed to be the one he is doing all this to protect? Also how he thinks of MN that way, that he can do whatever he wants in hurting her and then when he decide to go back to her, she will still be waiting and accepts him. I know this is actually might be true but isn’t this too cruel and not fair for her? Again don’t get me wrong, I really feel SO SAD for the man and I know he is suffering too and may be more than MN because of all what he know about his identity, his guilty feeling and that he is actually going against his own father for her (OK I really shouldn’t call him that) you can see him dying inside in those episodes specially seeing him can’t save his loved one when he see her but I just can’t understand what all what he is doing will lead to?? and with that, I really have to agree with WH and CK told him

CK: You are not holding the sword right. The blade of the sword is on your side.
WH: Regardless of what your reason is, you shouldn’t hurt your loved one.

  • Unfortunately we are having a great withdraw of our cinematography and visuals in the drama from angles to lighting to the whole atmosphere we get from the scenes which is really sad to see specially because we know the reason behind it with all that PD replacement thing that we didn’t even know how it was settled???

General Thoughts

  • Again I am saying this but MN surely need to step up more in the hotel and start digging info and coming up with ideas on her own.  Yes I am not a fan of how she always seeks help from Manager Baek now. I know she is inexperienced but I think a woman with her smart brain, creativeness and courage, can do more than what we are seeing specially with a new motive to do that which is to save the “Culture Park” project which is her father’s dream and make it come to life but I also think she really needs more people with power to support her on her decisions because almost no one is helping her or even treating her as the chairwoman. They keep her in the dark and hiding many things from her (expect may be WH and CSA although they still also hide things from her or delay telling her) and as Manager Baek said “When there’s an important decision to be made, do executives go to the chairman’s office first? The executives including myself are responsible because we didn’t assist her properly and let her be a puppet“. I am really frustrated to see how powerless she is and how she can’t stand on her own in front of VP and even JW now.
  • OH manager Baek and now with her “son” with her and with the 20% we know they have, it means more power for her although she already didn’t seem to need it at all. What is really her plan? I really felt so scared when RL asked here “Who do you want me to start with?” and she replied “Ah.. Mo… Ne” . So what should I think now?????? o_O her way while saying this was so scary but I am still hoping that she is not on the bad side here and with RL being JW’s childhood friend (I assume this is the case) make me think he will surely be on MN and JW side here.

 Scenes Highlight

  • The scene which shows JW and MN longing for each other was just simple and amazing scene. There is no words or crying but you just feel their pain and love. In the scene we see MN drinking coffee which is JW’s favorite to remind her of him and JW eating cake which is MN’s favorite to remind him of her, then MN watching Chalie Chaplin Movie which is JW’s favourite and JW watching “Finding Nemo” which is MN’s favorite (and the one she did dubbing for when they were in that vacation like honey moon) and in the end MN slept in the ground because she knows JW is used to do that while both imagining themselves together while JW is touching MN’s hair and she happily go to sleep T_T

  • As I mentioned I loved that MN still showed care even with JW’s actions with her. She knew he was suffering and that he is doing this for her and the evidence for that is her cute message on the glass to JW (but I have to say that I was disappointed with JW’s reaction, I thought I would see more love and sorrow in his eyes at this moment). Here is her message

“Cha Jae Wan! You’re so mean!”
“I’ll pretend that I know nothing about you as you wish.”
“Don’t get hurt too much.”
“And just make sure to come back to me.”

  • I cried with MN was crying while drying her hair after getting thrown by eggs and flowers from protestors and then although CSK didn’t tell her directly but she knew what she meant and it is that JW was also involved in the planning for that but she just couldn’t hear it and so she ordered CSK to stop talking T_T (Da-hae, you really did great in this scene <3)


  • The most depressing scene was the scene in EP 13 between JW and CK when she came to him because she know that he is suffering and want to go to MN after he couldn’t save her from the protestors and she told him that she can help by preventing him from going to MN. JW was almost like a dead man or a zombi who is not feeling anything or aware of anything around him, he was cooking food for CK and he cut his finger and kept cutting the onion without even noticing it T_T
  • Another sad scene between our couple was when MN tried to assure herself that she still can trust JW and called him to count how much time he will take to come and started counting beside the door but while she feels him outside (and he was and he was hearing her) but she was scared to open the door and don’t find him 😦 (again I really expected more expressive face from JW at this point while hearing MN crying)

  • Another great scene between JW and CK in her restaurant in EP 14. What I most like about this scene is that it shows JW’s honesty with CK and how he still care that she find her happiness and ooh his words was just PERFECT about the difference between MN from them.  Both Lee Dong Wook and Wang Ji Hye were really great here. Here is their dialogue

JW: You and me, do we you know why we failed to get together?
It is because we love ourselves more than each other.
Both of us had to protect ourselves to live our lives.
CK: Ah Mo Ne, is she different?
JW: Yes, she is different. she looks at me first even when she hurts so bad.
This is the way I choose. You don’t know how happy it makes me feel to have a person to go back to.
CK: I feel miserable
JW: Go your own way. I told you that I’m not the one for you

  • I also cried watching the scene between MN and JW in EP 14. In that scene JW found MN at his door after she got. She entered his house and started hugging him and asking him to hug her and started talking about how she felt at that moment when she suffered from her Ornithophobia in that scene with the VP but he kept pushing her away and ended up telling her to leave his house even though he actually almost lost his self control when she back hugged him and almost hold her hand but then pushed her again but his eyes showed all what he was suffering and when she left, he looked at his hand as if they just committed a crime and said to himself “If I hug you now, my father will kill you” ooh poor JW T__T. Also despite all my talks about wanting MN to become more independent and how some would see this scene showing MN being weak which is not we are looking for at this point but she really looked so pitiful here and you couldn’t help but feel for her. We know that while she is always smile and try to show her cheerful side and always overcome her fear but she is still really scared inside, and with JW being this mean to her she is again back to being lonely having no one in the world to go to or to assure her when she feels that scared. She should have gone home to cry alone but as she loves JW and still believe in his love for her she just needed her loved one to hold her and feel protected again. As MN is the home and person that JW wants to go back too, JW is also that safe home for MN and the person she can show that vulnerable side to.  Oh just writing this made me cry again T_T. Again I really need to praise my girl so much here and also Wooki, they were really GREAT ❤ Check the video of the scene.

  • That scene of MN going to VP’s birthday party and giving him presents was just the way I want to see MN ALWAYS. First she gave him as a present, a photo of him, her father and Dr. Joon. Saying two in the picture aren’t here (haha MN is surely clever because she is somehow reminding him that he was actually the one who killed them both) After that she gave him a bottle of wine from the company that he stopped dealing with for the hotel which led to all the protests and to the CEO of that company to try to commit suicide and she also told him the story while he was drinking. I was so amused with the VP’s face at this moment 😀 also I liked how she talked to JW 😉

So, we come to the ending now and it is heartbreaking and scary at the same time. JW’s plan whatever that was, totally failed and his hiding and cover is all gone. And that is because:

  • The VP saw JW and MN running together from his house after JW tried to hide her when she broke that picture frame in the VP’s office while she was searching for evidence acting as he was alone in the room but of course the VP felt she was there and acted like he was going to rest but kept an eye on them. So that means JW’s trials to gain his trust totally failed with this action and the VP immediately called one of his men.
  • Also MN realized the fact that he is really lying to her because he kept saying No about the VP’s involvement in her father’s death and that he knew all along about that although she knows the truth is the opposite from the recording. Then she told him that she will search herself about what he is hiding from her and started searching his house and came to see the old gun that JW used to “kill” that gangster in the US. JW realized that and tried to cover her eyes but she already saw it. It was like she saw the past that he has always tried to hide. MN with a trembling hand and teary eyes took his hands down and said “Who Are You?” she totally questioned herself if she really knows him and then he told himself “I just lost… a person to go back” (ooh this is SO SAD, you can really see how they felt from their eyes T___T) I think the problem for MN is not only she saw a gun in his house which she didn’t expect but more important is his reaction when she saw it.

Have a look at that scene 😦

Now we don’t know what the VP told his man on the phone and what will he do to JW and MN, both don’t know he saw them so he can still act if he trust JW but from behind planning to destroy him as well. Will he reveal his true identity to do that? will he try to harm MN using his other men not JW anymore?

Also what will be MN’s reaction? Will JW really lose her at least for now? Will he have the courage to tell her the truth about his past at this point in the story? We know she still believed in him and knew he was used by the VP regarding her father’s death and still loved him in despite of this truth as she kept saying sorry to her father that she loves the man who harassed him but now this is another story. We know she has a big heart and we saw her reaction to the story of that murderer kid in the earlier episodes but I am not sure if the shock now will make her think straight or not.

At this point, JW may lose everything at the same time. His love, his reputation and may be even his life.

I feel so sad, depressed and scared from what will happen in next episodes 😦

But as usual, till we get to see what will happen and while desperately waiting here with even no preview to know what will happen, let us enjoy some Fan made movies for the episodes ^^

Credit: human1981 @ Soompi, MBC Drama, kpopliciousable04 and THEseemaMSK YT Channels | Translation: Crunchyroll



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22 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 13 and 14 [Thoughts]

  1. Niloofar

    Hi my friend! I’m back again 🙂
    I wonder when Mrs. Jo Eun-Jung ( the writer ) wants to stop surprising us! manager Baek’s son???? she is kidding me! she herself already was dangerous enough to not need another ally with 20% of shares! what does she want to do with MN? why do I feel she is thinking of stealing the hotel from all of them?
    and about his son! although I always hoped one day we find out that JW didn’t kill that man in US,and even his friend is alive, but now after seeing this man I don’t know what should I hope for? after Jaden’s running away, we really know nothing about what happened to his friend. what if after RL finding out about JW’s identity, he becomes his enemy? ( although that tattoo tell us the Probability is Negligible and he probably still loves and misses his friend and that is the only think that calm me down! at least there can be one person who can be on JW’s side and may be even stop manager Baek from hurting him!)
    I felt so bad for MN in these two episodes, but I’m on JW’s side! I’m sorry! I think he is the most pitiful person and as SCK said before,he is hurting even more, with MN’s being hurt! may be he doesn’t know what is he doing now either, but he still tries so hard to do whatever he thinks has a little chance of protecting her from greater dangers (as we saw although he did many bad things to her, but still saved her from VP’s office)! but MN, even after knowing this much about her father’s death, and even guessing that JW saved her by selling himself to VP, is still acting like a kid and create a mess! I thinks her acts are no help but she is just ruining every little thing that JW is trying to do risking his life!I am so agree with you that its really the time for her to grow up, or NO, may be it is even late!
    and one more thing! her father told her to not trust anyone, so why the only thing she is doing is trusting other people? manager Baek, CJW, CSA, SWH! I don’t say they are all bad, but she must at least have a little thought about them! specially manager Baek!!!!
    it was so soon, but as we saw in last moments of episode 14, I think JW’s plan are ruined completely and thanks to MN’s reckless acts, he would not be able to defeat Vp this time either. he lost not only the VP’s trust, but also “the person to come back to” ( because he would never ever tell her the truth right now, we saw that he never gives excuses!). nothing left for him! and even their lifes are more in danger now!
    I’m so thankful to SCK, who at least always understands him even more than he himself, so he doesn’t feel really lonely in his great war, despite the one whom he needs is not her!
    my last sentence! Dear writer! our leads need your help! please do something, or I cant keep watching my favorite couple be sad and broken for so long!
    every weak I say to myself, this weak I talk less but see the result. :-p
    thank you very very much my friend to let us say our thoughts and feel better! I was really dying!
    Good Luck! ❤ ❤


    • Yes, it is really hard to see our leads hurting like this. I feel so depressed all the time because of that. But I won’t expect this will end up soon although I hope I am wrong.

      I don’t think any of our leads can survive alone and to be able to take that man down they need to be together and so I hope we get to see them fighting him together soon instead of pushing each other away or taking individual moves alone and keeping the other in the dark.

      And please keep writing chinggu, always enjoy your comments ❤


      • Niloofar

        I hope so, too. and I think it can happen only if MN somehow finds out about his plan for building the cultural park instead of casino, or any other thing that can help MN regain her trust for him. I want the story to goes on as you said so badly! or how can it be possible for JW to come back to MN in this way? I really cant think of watching other 18 episodes without love scenes and with our leads being enemy! I wont stop watching it, but if they keep things this way, I’ll stop loving and supporting it! I am WARNING the producers!
        thank you so much. happy to hear that. ❤ ❤
        you can be sure I do, because I got so addicted to this amazing weblog and if I dont, I'll die 😀


        • Yes indeed, the drama lose a lot when our couple is away from each other. The writer should know that.
          And ooh, you really sound like JW now, kk ^^ thanks a lot for the support ❤


  2. Hiral

    Hi, this is my first time writing here. Love your recaps.
    Also here are my thoughts on the progress so far…I think they are going ahead at full speed or over speed and am left to wonder how is the writer going to fill up the remaining 18 episodes!!!!! Now that VC is in full attack mode, AMN in full investigative mode, Baek manager and Ramon lee in full conspiracy plan implementation mode and our pitiful hero in total damage control/ exposed/ cornered/…am not sure what mode!!!!
    VC has revealed his true intentions of exposing CJWs past by planting the gun in his house…so now what will be CJWs counter or will he be fully exposed in front of everyone and specifically in front of AMN. Am really worried for CJW, does he have a plan?coz from his actions am not so sure coz if he wants to protect AMN she needs to know the truth…only then will she stop acting recklessly and more responsibly!!!! But those are my thoughts…hope both these characters become stronger and much SMARTER in the coming episodes!
    Taking about the actors…LDW and LDH are nailing their characters!!!! Can feel CJW and AMN!!!! And Lee Jong gu is really scary!!!!


    • Hi and thanks for commenting 🙂

      Yes unfortunately both MN and JW got on my nervous in these episodes for different reasons although I really felt SO SAD and heart broken because I saw them suffering T_T Hopefully we get to see good development next.


  3. cassiecracker

    honestly i’m a bit annoyed by MoNe. Firstly, what kind of chairman who is barely in the office? She’s just walking around, doing nothing and wants to deal with General Manager. Its like she do things for herself rather than managing the hotel. Secondly, Jaewan’s plans will get ruined by MoNe if she can’t sit her ass down in her office. That scene where she went inside the VP’s room and throw the frame then Jaewan had to blame himself. Gosh..She’s slowing him down. lol I hope MoNe’s character will improve in the next episodes


  4. Once again you are a B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T you said everything i wanted to say but i didn’t know how to express it i agree with you in all this specially in the way Cjw react to Amn’s crying i excepected him to cry to in front her door, i was disappointed too in JW’s reaction when he saw the stickers .
    Thank u a lot for your amazing thoughts i really enjoyed it Fighting ♥ 😉


    • Thanks a lot dear ^^

      I wouldn’t expect him crying actually but yes I wanted more expression even if in his eyes only. I just thought there was something missing for me to feel his emotions at this point because I am sure he was hurting too.


  5. Besotted

    Honestly, I find Mo Ne’s character to be very weak. If this happened to me, I would be “screw you!” and move on. I would never cling to a man who just watches as other people step on me over and over again. How much more humiliation can she take?!!! Come on girl! Fight back! This is quite disappointing for me to see. Unlike in “My Girl”, in spite of Yoo Rin’s hardship, she manages to lift herself up and show some dignity and independence. This Mo Ne character is pretty pathetic. It makes me sad to say this but it’s true. I hope in the next episodes she will improve.


    • Personally, I am not a fan of comparing MN to JYR. The characters background and dramas are quite different for example JYR lived her life the hard way, was always independent to find a way to be able to live her life and even took care of her father’s mistakes but MN on the other hand was living a fantasy life as a princess and was dependent on her father’s money and almost don’t know anything about his work or what he was suffering from and just enjoyed her life so I don’t see such comparison is efficient.

      But speaking on MN alone, while many actions from her frustrates me and makes me mad at her as I already mentioned in the post but what you said about her still going to JW even with him rejecting her is one thing that I am not annoyed with in her character. And that is because she is not stupid and she actually knows that he is doing all this to protect and save her, as she said to him in the office “It’s you, who saved me. If you got threatened by the vice chairman because of me…” and she also saw his expression when he was going to save her from the protesters and noticed he didn’t because that the VP was there so for her to just ignore JW although she is kind of sure he is sacrificing himself and went back to the VP and his abuse to him to save her because she can’t take it on her bride won’t be acceptable for me and also don’t go well with her character.

      But now after she knows he lied to her about her father’s death and being doubting how much she knows about him, I guess we could see different attitude from her towards JW which would be understandable. So like you, I hope we see more improvement on the writing of her character in next episodes specially that I really saw much potential in her character and her growth curve. One can always hope (although I am preparing myself that it may not happen 😦 )


  6. Besotted

    Point taken. I might have a pretty long hangover from the last drama they had…hehe. You are right…I too am hoping for the best but I have a feeling that I might be disappointed. I was very surprised at how fast they professed their love for each other in this drama. Normally, it leads up to this point slowly and it’s the process that has us fans wanting more and more. I really wanted to see these two together in a better, more exciting project. Another one for the books just like the last time they were together. This weekend has me replaying episode 12…just to make me happy again LOL.

    Thanks for your insights. Wow, you really thought of everything. I can tell exactly how you feel about these events. Very heartfelt and sincere. Can’t wait till next weekend 🙂


    • I know Chingu with this couple it is hard not to think of My Girl 😀

      And like you I also hoped they would be paired in much better project but I am still thankful to see them again together specially that their chemistry here is even more amazing than MG days (at least IMO) and while I surely have issues with the drama but I really like it more than I expected to when we first got the news about it and there is a lot of things I love and appreciate in it.

      So, now I am asking that they have to at least give us satisfying happy ending to make up for the flaws here. Yes THEY MUST 😉


  7. gingeroni11

    I’m so glad I found your website! (Thank you Google! Haha) I love all your recaps & insights on HK :). I couldn’t agree more with everything you said about this past weekend’s episodes. Especially about JW pushing it a little too far with MN. I mean, at first I totally understood where he was coming from (Noble Idiocy) but by Ep.14, I felt like pulling my hair out!! LOL. To think we will probably get more of this, I might be bald by the time the Drama is finished! haha. Thanks for all your insights & fangirling! Love it ALL! Your website is amazing! :)👍👌


  8. Annie

    I love LDH but her character must be improved more, MN does nothing to save the hotel, she just shows her weakness in every aspect, and most of her scenes is about loving, crying and chasing CJW.
    We need more personality for MN, we need a strong and intelligent MN, please!
    And the most important thing is: more romantic scenes of Mn and CJW :))


  9. Annya

    Oh love reading ur views abt episode and so agree with u that its high time they show Mone more independent rather then dependent on any guy.Her character is moving around CJW character and other character.I want writer to make her do her work like her assistant Soo Ahn suggesting and helping her in doing work .I want to see her as Chairman of the hotel not Mone.When JW spoke to her like she is some mere employee of hotel i felt bad she should just wake up and start doing her work on her own while controlling her anger towards VP.


  10. leishue

    I find it a bit funny when some people would get annoyed for their characters in Hotel King. We cannot control the story, those were the characters they have to portray given by the writers, they can’t do anything about it but to give what is asked in the story… so just relax people, so long as the actors (Donghae couple and others) are giving us stellar performances, it’s all that matters. Just watch and witness a great story unfold. 😉


    • Haha, tell me about it. I know what you mean, some people don’t differentiate between the character and actor/actress and start bashing them for the character they are portraying. But I don’t think anybody done that here.

      But on the other hand we surely can criticize the characters and the writer for lack of character development or for some problems with the story specially when it comes to the lead characters. This may not change anything but as viewers we have the right to show our disappointment in what we see.


  11. Leishue

    Yeah. I can understand that. It’s also the same thing with me, I’m just speaking my mind. We can only express our great thoughts and disappointments but in actuality, the story and characters are in the hands of the writers. I’m a big fan of DongHae couple, I always wish them the best. So I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the story will end not as we want it to be but how it should be. 😉


  12. Leishue

    After all they’ve gone through, it’s just being humane to give them a peaceful and happy ending, right? hahahaha. I hope the writers will have this in mind… “there’s always a rainbow after the rain.” 😉


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