Lee Da-hae Cameo Appearance in “Roommate” – [Video + Translation]


On 1st of June,Lee Da-hae had a cameo appearance in Episode 5 of SBS variety show “Roommate“.

Lee Dong Wook is one of the program’s cast, and because he was busy with “Hotel King” filming, he had to leave the house for sometime which made Seho and Nana, Wookie’s roommates, visit him on the filming set to support him and also brought meals for the staff and cast and it seems this was filmed back in March.

Actually our girl’s appearance was only for one minute, but Dong-Hae couple don’t ever disappoint even if they are given one minute together. Oh my, I can’t count how many times I replayed this minute and still doing that.

I really can’t stop giggling watching how funny Da-hae is while trolling on Wookie and him starting to force her leave. They are just SO CUTE and AMAZING together, in this one minute you can feel really how close they are ❤

Here is the video cut for Da-hae appearance

You can also watch here if you have problem with the YT video

Here is the translation:

SH: So where’s Lee Da-hae?
LDW: Da-hae? oh she just came out, hold on I’ll get her.
[Wookie go and get Da-hae to meet them and then they greet each other]
Seho: Hello
LDH: Hello
Seho: It’s nice to meet you. You’re very beautiful. [Nana hits his shoulder]
LDH: Thank you
Seho: Please come and visit our home sometime. It’s very nicely done. I’m Sharing the same room with Dong Wook.
LDH: It must be difficult.
LDW: [Surprised] What’s wrong with you two?
SH: It’s a lot more uncomfortable than I thought
LDH: I’ll comfort you.
Seho: He acts with you right now right? [in the drama] Since you’ve been good at acting, even if he’s quite awkward…if you can just…
LDH: He’s quite awkward. It’s all right though.
LDW: Go in now. It’s time for you to eat.
LDH: I’ll be responsible for him.
LDW: Thanks a lot.
LDH: Let me go! I still have so many things to say! [about you]
LDW: No you don’t.
LDH: I don’t?
LDW: Close this up here. [he closed her jacket]
LDH: I’m just so hot all the time.
Seho: You’re just not able to express yourself.
LDH: [To SH] If you’re still having a hard time because of him just call me…I’ll give him a hard time too.
LDW: Hey, hurry and take her.
LDH: Roommate fighting!
Seho: Thank you Miss Da-hae
Nana: Thank you
LDW: Thank you Da-hae.
Seho: She’s so nice.
LDH: Thank you [for giving her dosirak]
Seho: Please enjoy it.
[LDH gets into the van]
Nana: Wow, unnie [refers to LDH] and me seems to have similar personalities
LDW: Her personality is great. Da-hae is really cheerful~

Or also you can watch it subbed here (at about 2:50)


And also have some Gifs ❤

I have to say Wookie was looking so proud to show off his beautiful partner to his roommates when he approached and escorted her to come and see them<3


Also I must highlight this moment when Da-hae’s protective oppa Wookie started to adjust her jacket to cover her properly 😉 and ooh her response when he told her to close her jacket was just HILARIOUS 😀


Credit: As Tagged, SBS Entertainment YT Channel, iamonlyhuman1981, soganji4ever @ Soompi and thepuddang @ Tumblr | Translation: fanybbg Twitter, DramaGo, p1n6an2012@Soompi



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22 responses to “Lee Da-hae Cameo Appearance in “Roommate” – [Video + Translation]

  1. Ilona

    Dating already! xD


  2. kfan

    Thank you for posting it. I hope LDW and LDH are real couple. He tried to cover her clever, it’s sweet that showed every one that she is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope LDH falling love with LDW.


  3. Wow, I love LDH like this. She’s so badass and hilarious! I like her chill disposition as she trolled LDW hehehe.


  4. samzzy

    The post that I’m waiting for, TQ so much.
    I adore their friendship to whatever level they want it to be after HK. Bottom point is we know they really care for each other-which is very rare in entertainment bussiness, let alone when it involves two very good looking and hot individual like this.


    • Hehe, welcome dear 🙂
      And yes, totally agree. We are really lucky fans to be able to see their interactions and know how much they are close and care for each other.


  5. Lol! LDW was looking down at her dress! So cheeky yet protective n LDH trolling kekeke…Nana was quiet though…must b mesmerized by LDH beauty….can’t wait for ep17 & 18!


  6. Lily

    Adorable to the max…. Super protective Oppa to LDH.. Love them to death… Nana is probably feeling a little bit jealous of gorgeous LDH and LDW chemistry…


  7. omg!!finally i saw a great video of #DongHaeCouple.. I seriously love this couple ever since My Girl drama & im happy to the max seeing them reunited in Hotel King. Too bad only few videos of them together besides BTS or related to their dramas & glad to see this one. I really wish that someday DongHae Couple will be the next couple in WGM.. Love them both!!


    • Hi, thanks for commenting.
      Oh yes, MBC is lazy again and didn’t give us BTS for quite some time now although I waited for some from my favorite scenes specially in Ep 11 and 12 😉
      Hope they give us some BTS video soon T_T


  8. bingsae bigbang

    eotteoke eotteoke dahae eonnie wae wae wae u still didnt realized that dongwook oppa protects u so hard and he really happy and proud to introduced u with roommate members..he juz happy and glad u beside him now..why u didnt noticed that oppa juz fallin love with u..pleasee both oppa eonnie be the real couple in realty


    • bingsae bigbang

      actually am dont like nana’s she juz overacting..absolutely she’s jelous and hope park boom watch this video and see of the closet relationship between LDH and LDW..am so happy the way dongwook adjust dahae’s jacket to cover her actually he really care bout dahae and he juz assume that dahae his wife..btw thank u for sharing this video and keep it up


  9. RC Jeong

    안녕하세요….정입니다…Thanks for posting reviews about My Girl…I really appreciate your posts and reviews.. Always looking forward to your reviews.. Where can i find Love Actually with english subtitles?Can you send me the links please….


  10. ain

    ohmyygoddd cuteeeeeee..*stab stab*


  11. gigi1026

    🙂 wow ’em so happy to see this video their really sweet n cute…in my observation they are couple cuz a guy would not care to close someone’z jacket if ur not so close,it means LDW cares for LDH…so lovely couple.


  12. I am just all thrills with this two.Please Wookie and DaHae be a couple,get married.I love seeing you two together.DongHae Couple–> FIGHTING!


  13. yangyi

    LDW and his naughty eyes ^_^


  14. nunu

    Ommo ommo, hehehe da hae and dong wook are so funny, you can really see the closeness between these twwo, the best couple ever


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  16. jeevitha

    I love this video and I love this couple 💗 💗 and I love lee da hae💟💙💋💋


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