Hotel King – Episodes 15 and 16 [Thoughts]

Our drama “Hotel King” has just hit its halfway mark this week and this was the week of revelations.

Episode 16 really felt like an ending episode for a 16 episodes drama but then they showed us it is just the beginning and the real storm and struggles for our couple are about to begin which we will get to see in the next 16 episodes.

This drama don’t stop to surprise me in its pace and handling of events. It didn’t ever cross my mind that they will give us what they did in those episodes. Rather than the revelations/events themselves, I think it is when they give us those revelations is the thing that makes the shock and surprise.

I am not sure how this is possible specially for a long drama like this but each week I feel it is a turning point for the drama!!!

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • While my disappointment with MN’s character slow development is still valid specially that I can see the potential there and also if we take into consideration that this is the story of the heiress who is trying to protect her father’s legacy and her love and her steps to be the hotel queen so how we don’t see some important steps here??? and I really think the writer did make the character do some ridiculous actions or not taking actions at all in favor of other characters development specially JW but I decided to take whatever the drama gives me and leave the whole judgment to the end of the drama. But the good is that this week we got to see some satisfying actions from MN as the chairwoman which I really needed to see at this point. So, we see her organizing the charity event and going to that land owner when she knew he will meet with the VP and also keep contacting RL to make him change his mind about his investment. While you can see her ways are a bit naive and trying to win and approach them on personal and emotional level rather than pure business but I think that is her personality and emotions is her biggest asset so it is actually good that she knows what her strong point and try to use it although it might end up unsuccessful because business don’t really work this way but at least I am happy to see her taking some actions on her own and even showed to WH and CSA that she don’t want them to get involved with her because she knows it may put them in uncomfortable or humiliating situation. And I also liked to listen to her talking about her vision about CIEL to RL. It just show more and more how great person she is and while she is surely naive and lacking on the business side (which she actually knows evident by her talk with JW to back off from the land deal because she knows she can’t win over him) but again her persistence and not being afraid of facing all this and now even by herself (JW is even fighting her or at least he is acting this way) is just something I keep getting fascinated with and you just can’t help but respect her for it and it keeps me totally in love with her. And in addition to that again she prove that she is one mature and smart woman in regards to her actions towards JW even with all his bad treatment he do to her. She is now officially fighting him back but at the same time she is trying to protect him from the VP, by stopping him from hitting JW again and also when she makes it look like she was the one who set up the whole act in the charity event and even went to JW to warn him that the VP not going to leave him alone if he knows he was the one planned it all so he needs to keep fighting whatever it was with her or with the VP. OOH this woman can’t fail to amaze me and I hope this will remain to be the case because there is still more for her to know about JW.
  • I LOVE Cha Soo Ahn. She is the love bird between our couple, helping both to know about each other and deliver messages to each other 🙂

  • We now know “somehow” what was JW plan. He just needed the VP to trust him till he gets the opportunity to tarnish his image so he won’t be able to continue that casino project and also we saw him helping MN through CSA. Also at last he show again his care about MN in that birds scene in which made them reconcieled but I feel this is not a complete one though?? That is because that scene where JW couldn’t go to her house. He didn’t say why but my guess is that he still can’t open up about his past as well as the fact that he is actually the son of her father’s murderer which is now the biggest burden for him. But why JW?? Why just you can’t tell her everything?? Why don’t you take your own advice to WH “Secrets hurts less once they’ve been revealed“?? hope you won’t regret that you didn’t tell her till now.
  • At last everyone now know WH father after JW noticed how he talked to him in the farm defending MN (it was really weird that no body else did notice that or hear what he said there!!!) and WH told JW that he will now use his father to help MN and he already did that and even confessed directly for the first time that he indeed like MN. But they actually didn’t show MN knowing about that yet (really hope they show that and don’t make ridiculous move to show her not knowing it while everyone else know. I am fed up with making her always the last to know!!!)

  • I totally enjoyed how both our leads humiliated the VP and challenged him in many scenes in those episodes. It was such a good sight when:
    • MN spit on his face
    • He was afraid while JW trying the magic trick.
    • He was Humiliated in front of media and his family after they heard what he said about the orphans in the charity event.
    • MN challenging him to hit her and saying it was a suicide bomb and he must be embarrassed of what happened in the charity event.
    • He had that daebak messy hair and JW stopped him from beating him with the cane.
    • He got arrested.

    While it was a total surprise that the VP got arrested and that everyone now know about his true color now but I still don’t think this is anyway near the end for him because he surely know lots about the past and the back story about our hero’s identity won’t be completed without him  and I still think he is the real ultimate villain here.

The Bad

  • While the episodes were intense and I was surely busy trying to figure out and understand all those back stories, revelations and couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities of what will come in our way next but I still really missed our OTP moments. I really hope this won’t be the case next week as well because it surely affects my overall enjoyment of this drama which really happened with those episodes specially and as I mentioned before, the drama lose a lot while our OTP are away because they are surely the biggest asset this drama has.  And I am not sure I will be able to endure all the makjang much longer without some lovely moments for our couple.
  • From JW and DB conversation in the car, we know she already started her work in the hotel but how come we didn’t see her there for once??? and also we did know before from the characters relationship chart and from her interest to join the hotel to be near WH that there would be love line between them. So, why this didn’t start yet?? I have been waiting to see that because I would really love to see those two great persons have more interaction and possibility for finding happy ending together.
  • I may have mentioned this last week but I really can’t get over the fact that we lost all the amazing cinematography now. What a shame??? and also it seems we will have to endure this for the rest of the drama as seems that no way now to get to see the old PDs joining back the drama again after this news 😦

General Thoughts

  • From the flash back to that gangster funeral, we now know that young JW knew that his friend is not dead and he wanted to take him along but the VP objected it and said that he will be adopted by a nice family soon and was always reminding JW of being murderer showing him that gun he now keep in his house. So, at least JW won’t be surprised to know that his friend is still alive when he get to know about RL identity. But the question remains, how manager Baek got to adopt RL?? is it really coincidence??
  • From VP’s reaction when JW told him that he is his father, I think it would mean that he really didn’t know that he was his father (at least that what I feel for now) and while it was what I wished for because it would also be some kind of punishment for the VP but would it really mean the VP would think again of his behavior and feel guilty about his treatment for JW?? or he will be even more aggressive to get rid of that monster who he actually created and now can’t accept the idea of him being his son who actually now he knows that he is going to take revenge from him???
  • OK now to the biggest revelations, at last we get to know more about Manager Baek plan and story.  So lets see what we can guess about those from what we saw in those episodes:
    • While this is not told explicitly which mean may be our guess is not true is that manager Baek is indeed JW’s mother “Baek Mi Yeon”. What makes this now this more likely to be the truth than being JW’s mother sister or relative is that the flash back she had didn’t include any other person telling her about the story and also the voice over “Your son is already dead” which means it was directly said to her but as I said we might be proven wrong anyway 🙂
    • And based on that she thinks that her son is dead. But does she really don’t know anything about JW now?? she actually has been around for quite sometime in the hotel and also have been hearing everything going around so,does she know he is actually the VP’s son or even the chairman’s son (which the VP told him about)??
    • But again whose son is he? in the flash back with the VP and her denial that the boy is his son it seems that he indeed the VP’s son but it seems she was forced to a relation with the VP while she loved the chairman. So, what I can say about what happened is that, after she got pregnant because of that she escaped for a year with another man and the VP was looking for her. After she came back he went to her for forgiveness but she denied that the child is his son and went to the chairman who thought she ran away because she stole some of the hotel money. She explained that it was the VP’s doing and tried to tell him as well about what he did to her but she didn’t. The chairman didn’t believe her but acted as if he did. In the end he called the police to take her away to prison.
    • What happened after that we don’t know about but the first guess for me is that she got into accident while she was going to the prison or while escaping before she go there and that is the reason for her scar and for her shock when she was about to get into an accident with RL. And after she came into her conscious again they told her that her son is dead. Was that the VP’s doing to make everybody think the child is dead??? Because maybe the VP was involved in that accident and what happened to his leg was because of it too. So he may thought she is dead and took the child??? But how she adopted RL then??? We still don’t know about that.
    • But again does anybody know she is alive?? the VP thinks she is dead may be in that accident and he told JW that the chairman killed his mother because he was the one who got her arrested in the first place.  But why didn’t he recognize her?? Some surgery?? But does the chairman knew about her at some point?? did she has any hand in his death?

So Many questions but from those guesses and what she said to RL in those episodes we can also guess somethings about her revenge plan:

    • After the act the chairman did to get her arrested no wonder she can’t believe in trust and keep saying “don’t trust anyone”.
    • EP 15 was the first episode I really wanted to shout and say MN don’t listen to Manager Baek. When she said all what she feels about JW being hurt is just delusion from her and then she told RL that he need to take over all her shares??? So from that I can guess she is really after the hotel. In the flashback you can see she promised her son to make lots of money so that is one reason and the second is that the greediness of the VP and the reason behind her arrest was the hotel after all.
    • In addition to the hotel, she want to get rid of the VP which is understandable but we also knew she want to get rid of JW. Why?? Is that because she actually knows about him being VP’s son?? or just because she want him away from MN to be able to get the hotel from her because she is an easy target being alone?? Also we still don’t know what she want to do with MN. Is it just the hotel or more than that?? I wonder what is her next step now after she even told JW and MN about RL being her son??

Now my thoughts about this revelation:

I still don’t hate manager Baek (Yes I am weird again) but instead I think she is so pitiful may be as much as JW.

Now we know almost for sure that she is against our couple and even trying to revenge from them. But we can’t forget that she is actually against her own son without knowing that?? Her son she thinks she lost and from the flashback we know for sure that she doesn’t hate him because he is the VP’s son that she was forced to have but instead she really loved him (that necklace she gave him may be some hint later??) so we are up to a fight between two victims for the VP and his wrong doings. I am afraid they both will be fighting the wrong person while both need to focus only on the VP. Which makes me really sad. Also knowing that JW may be will be up against his mother too after his father!! what a pitiful man?? T____T

Also if all the assumptions are true this makes JW and MN relation more complicated, not only JW’s father was a reason behind MN’s father’s death but also MN’s father was guilty for not making enough investigation about that money stealing incident and so was the reason behind JW’s mother suffering and his own suffering because of what happened to him after all thought his mother died.

But I hope she gets to know about JW being her son before make a fatal move she will surely regret specially that we know how dangerous she is. Also hope the fact that RL has history with JW and the possibility of him to appreciate him and MN as person may slow her plan or make him not blindly follow her orders. And also need to say that JW or MN alone won’t be able to beat manager Baek, they need to fight together.

Anyway let’s brace ourselves my friends for the pain we will have to bear watching the suffering of our couple T__T but can they at least give us a break before the bigger storm?? Manager Baek said “I want the kids to be happy even if for a little while“, so does that mean our couple will be allowed to have some lovely moments next??? *I am praying here*

Scenes Highlight

  • My favorite scenes this week were at the opening of Ep15 when MN was shocked and left JW’s house to find the VP in front of the door and in despite of what he said and JW confirmed about him approaching her father on purpose and giving him that medication but she still spit on the VP’s face and come between him and JW when he started beating him and then went after JW when the VP left to say that he must be threatened to do that and even when JW said it was true she said he must have reason to do it but surely ended up not getting any answer from JW and was so angry saying she will report them to police. JW offered his phone to call the police but she just acted if she is calling them, getting out all her anger but she actually didn’t do it T_____T

  • I think that scene when MN throw the broken Bella in front of JW, it was her last try to get any answer or different reaction from him that may make her decide to really follow what she feels and keep trusting him or not. She was basically trying to make everything to get him angry enough to defend himself. From throwing Bella to slapping him on the face multiple times and said if he feel wronged or angry he should also slap her and then ended it with how she can’t report her father’s killer because of him (her love for him) but his response again left her with more frustration and so she thanked him that now he gave her the reason to attack him. I really liked that scene, our couple always put my PC on fire even when fighting or slapping each other 😉

  • Even while fighting and all the problems they are facing, I liked the fact that our couple are both aware of the love they still share for each other and how hurt the other one is T_T

  • Among all the angst we get, it was necessary to have some light moment which I got from our hotel staff specially when they were preparing for the charity event and some are dressed like girls 😀 I really like N and Park Chul Min together, their scenes always cute and hilarious ^^ and of course our front desk couple ❤

  • I was so teary and heart broken just like MN at that scene when she angrily throw Bella (the gundam JW gave to her as a gift) and then remembered his birthday note to her and started crying while she can’t fix it and kept saying sorry and don’t die because of me to Bella as if she actually was talking to JW. That scene was SO SAD T___T

  • I liked MN and RL scenes together, I am not into the idea of RL falling for her on romantic level but I can see he could come to appreciate her as a person and also her ideas and her dreams about the hotel (which is surely a continuation to what her father wanted) which could be a reason for him later not to take her down or take the hotel away from her as Manager Baek may want.  In that scene on the beach, I liked how she talked about the future CIEL but I really hoped RL didn’t have those sun glasses on to see more of his reactions to her touching words. Also the action scene RL had was well done and executed 🙂

  • The saddest scene this week for me is from Ep 16 when JW called the VP “Father”. Listening to him saying this word is enough to make me really sad and angry at the same time but the more heartbreak come when even with such a “father” he gets rejected as the VP don’t acknowledge this, leaving JW feeling like being “Nobody”, can you just come to me my JW?? T____T (Wookie and Lee Duk Hwa were both AMAZING in this scene <3)

  • And after the scene above, JW goes to the only person he can really feel to go back home to which is of course is our heroine MN. He imagined a conversation with her as if he enters home but he ended up saying that he still can’t come near her and left without ringing the bell but this woman who has a heart of gold just knew how bad must been his day and while she wasn’t there but she prepared him a meal and put it in his house with a lovely note. Her touching action and words made our hero so full of emotions and crying while he eat her food T___T I wish there was a video or Gifs for this scene to share but here is what MN said in the note:

It doesn’t look good but it’s warm food and I made it by myself without any help.
This is the first thing I’ve really made, so you should eat it all. You’ve had a hard day today.

  • While the reciting part felt really awkward and cheesy for me but I still really liked that scene and that is not just because JW went rescue MN and at last showed her some care but because of the fact that he made her face and over come her old fear and phobia which made their “reconciliation” really special (although I am not sure of how realistic it is to over come such phobia just like that, but who cares as long as my OTP reconciled and had some hugs 🙂 ).  But I really loved what MN said when she didn’t continue repeating what JW said at the last part so, instead of saying “I feel good when I see birds” she said “I feel good because you came to me” and also added “It is luck that Lee Jung Go caged me instead of you, when he harasses you there’s nothing I can do but when he harasses me you always come to me like this” And also later let some birds out of their cave saying they are so pitiful and need to be free and by this giving JW a message and also said to him “I want you to escape from Lee Jung Go too“. I LOVE THIS WOMAN ❤

  • I also liked that scene with both JW and Da Bae (his sister or at least as we know till now) in the car. Their honest and heart talk was touching and I really hope we get more interactions between them in future because DB is really a good person and to have her close as a family member is something that I think JW needs. And I think JW when told RL about giving him the VP’s assets except his shares in the hotel because those already have owner, he meant DB not himself. So may be she can also play some role to support him??

Credit: taecpls and eluvnel@ Tumblr, MBC Drama YT Channel



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10 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 15 and 16 [Thoughts]

  1. yea, the scene where she overcomes the phobia she’s had for so many years was so unrealistic, but I’ll overlook it. 😛 Great review as always! There are still so many secrets yet to be revealed!


  2. Niloofar

    Hi! I’m back again! 🙂
    I’m agree with most of what you said and so thankful for your post just like always ❤ ❤
    but my dear, can I be a little disagree with you this week?
    about manager Baek, my guess is this: I still have no idea about her scar but I think after the night ASW called the police, she was sent to the prison, and that's why JW was sent for adoption, and after she released, she tried to find her son, but when she finally got to know about where his son was, she heard the lie that LJG spread about JW's death ( as we saw in episode 15, when JW was trying to go and get his friend, and LJG said: You're dead to them, I told him you died too), and when she was trying to know where did her son live all this long time, she got to see his best friend and decided to adopt him instead of her own, and maybe she even gives him all the love she wanted to give JW, and tries to give him whatever she couldn't give JW.

    and about the reason of her getting revenge from MN and JW, I think she blames ASW and LJG for her son's death, and she is trying to do the same to them with destroying their children and her son is the main reason of her revenge and that's why now RL is this much devoted to her plans, without even asking ( to repay the love of this mother and son to him)
    but something that I'm so curious about is that, she is overhearing all the CIEL, so how could it be possible that she didn't hear JW telling ASW that he is BMY's son? is it believable that she didnt set microphones in her real enemies rooms?

    one more thing is about JW and MN, I dont think we get to see romantic scenes like episode 12 anymore now! because JW can not accept his being LJG's son and may be even thinks that it is unfair to MN to be with her father's murderer's son.
    these are what I can remember now, thanks again ❤ 🙂


    • I really like your theory chingu, We are all just guessing here 🙂 and as I said before I am so bad at putting possibilities and theories and that is why I usually leave questions not answered in my posts. I think your scenario is so logical and could be really the case.

      About her revenge from MN and JW, the thing we don’t know is what she actually know about JW. If she knows that he is VP’s son or even Chairman’s son so what you said is totally valid but if not so I am not sure why she wants to get revenge from him too. Is it because he was collaborating with the VP or just because she can’t have the hotel while he is there??

      And regarding our couple, yes I feel that too (specially with the latest sad OST) but I can still wish, right?? anyway if they really don’t give us any sweet moments for our couple in the next couple of weeks I am afraid they will be indeed wasting this amazing couple here. They really need to use their chemistry more than this.

      But really need to thank you again for sharing your thoughts ❤


      • Niloofar

        well, maybe that’s the case too, ( that she thinks with JW there, it’s almost impossible for her to put hand on hotel) but its not and cant be the only reason, No! manager Baek is not such a person to hurt Innocent people for her benefit! I don’t know why, but although I’m not her fan, still I cant imagine her to be such a monster! so she knows some thing about JW’s identity for sure.
        there is something that we are sure about. and that is the fact that she heard JW and VP’s conversation, when they were talking about chairman Ah’s death (because she recorded it and gave it to MN), and if I remember right, then JW said something about killing his own father by his hand, and beside that we saw a scene that manager Back was listening to LJG telling some one that their (JW and MN) sibling love is growing more than what he expected and as we saw, she didnt get surprised by hearing that, so its possible that she thinks he is ASW’s son, but whether she knows its not correct, and he is LJG’s son or not, the only possibility I can come up with now is that she somehow heard what ASW recorded for MN. and it is not so far from logic if we say she found the recording first, but for some reason didn’t take it, because do you remember when she told VP that if you see this painting as a forgery its all upon to your way of looking? and beside that aren’t you agree that she is too smart to miss it?

        still, as you said all we can do now is guessing and guessing again and its so exciting to have some one to discuss about different possibilities and opinions.
        thank you chingu ❤ ❤


        • Yes, she should know about him and Chairman at least if the drama want to be logic here but as you said the question is what else she knows. Did she know it was all fake and he is the VP’s son and if she did, didn’t she ask herself how he came to be his son??

          Manager Baek is one BIG mystery and we are just at the beginning of knowing more about her.


  3. Nini Glez

    I want to believe she exceeded her fear fast thanks to the power of love hahaha. Thanks for your thoughts!!


  4. hotelkingtweets

    Wow admin, its like you read my mind. I love that your writing is very detailed & it never fails to make my interest towards this drama more alive.
    “I really can’t get over the fact that we lost all the amazing cinematography now.” agreed agreed agreeeed. The angle of the scenes & editing are plain looking..i’m just so sad about it. Anyways thank you for spending your time writing this. Its worth-reading (:


    • Thanks a lot ^^
      And about the cinematography, while it is really sad to see this and it surely affected the whole quality of the drama and made it look more like cheap daily dramas or sitcoms but I am trying to overcome this idea and live with it 😦


  5. Thank you for all the articles. Act One is over now the couple face a new challenge Manager Baek his mother. I gave up second guessing the writer long ago too much headache. Probably the main story will drag a bit and the secondary characters backstory will be used as fillers eg Da Bae loveline with Wo Hyun. Another 16 more episode to go. I’m disappointed that the drama has low ratings but to all Donghae shippers its the best drama! Hwaiting!


    • Hi, Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Haha, I also don’t try to figure out much of the answers to my questions, as you said it gives me much headache and my guesses usually comes to be proven wrong in the end but I can’t resist write all the questions in my head here to try to feel a bit relaxed 😀


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