Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 2


Those wonderful fan arts and fan made movies from “Hotel King” and for our Dong-Hae couple always makes my day and even makes the whole journey of watching this drama is more enjoyable. Thanks to all the talented fans.

And as I really can’t miss posting any of them here, I decided to make quarterly post with a compilation of the MVs and art work we get from fans. So as our drama did hit its halfway mark, here I am doing the second part of this series of posts and hope fans continue giving us such treats so I can post the rest of the parts ^^

You can check the first part here. Enjoy ^^

OH that artist just keep blowing my mind away, those art works are just STUNNING!!! ❤

MN_JW_Ep9_3MN_JW_Ep9_1 MN_JW_Ep9_2MN_JW_Ep10_4MN_JW_Ep10_1MN_JW_Ep10_2MN_JW_Ep10_3MN_JW_Ep111_MN_JW_Ep12_1MN_JW_Ep12_4MN_JW_Ep12_3MN_JW_Ep12_2MN_JW_Ep12_5MN_JW_Ep13_1MN_JW_Ep14_1MN_JW_Ep14_2MN_JW_Ep14_3JW_MN_ep15_1JW_Ep15_1MN_JW_ep16_1MN_JW_ep16_2

Also those ones are really cute ^^


Now first of our fan made movies is this one which is dedicated to our Dong-Hae couple and their interactions now and 9 years ago during “My Girl” days. How much I LOVE this AMAZING movie ❤

It is really becoming more and more hard to control my feelings not to ship those two 😀

Another one is for my favorite OST song till now from the drama which is “It Hurts” by “Kim Jin Ho” along with English subs

And here is a playlist for more amazingly done movies from our drama ❤

Credit: As Tagged, All YT Uploaders, and HK DC



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2 responses to “Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 2

  1. Jole

    Love all the fan art. The fans are so amazingly talented. Thanks for posting them.


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