Lee Da-hae Enjoys Break Time in Seoul and Fights Winter in Pyeongchang

As we know, Lee Da-hae is busy filming “Hotel King” and shootings take place at Alpensia resort in Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province so she spend most of the time there and seems that she rarely go to Seoul.

But on 6th of June, FNC Entertainment updated us with pictures of our girl in Seoul while she is having some break time.

I really like that youthful look of her and that lovely dress. Actually we saw her wearing that in Episode 18 in “Hotel King” so, seems she was just back from filming when they took those pictures 🙂

Here is the message FNC wrote in their Facebook Account with the pictures

Lee Da-hae‘s Seoul street pics! On her way to the restaurant near Yeouido.

Check below for the rest of the pictures and other updates and pictures from our girl 🙂

Also I am so happy these days with our girl updating us multiple times despite the fact that she is extremely busy with filming 🙂

First she posted on 5th of June some stills from “Hotel King” apologizing for not updating Weibo very often (actually we have seen similar stills before)

Here is her message:


(Youdao Translation: I’m too busy recently, so can’t update Weibo often, are you sad?? Every day filming, extremely busy. So, in order to atone everyone I prepared the latest stills! !)

Also again on 6 of June she updated Weibo again with a picture before going to the filming location, although she did post it wrongly for friends only but her official fan club Weibo posted it and also her stylist posted it on twitter 🙂

BpgLob7CEAAzpTr.jpg large

And again she updated us on 10th of June after she took a picture with the life-size pictures of the cast from “Hotel King” poster which they put in the hotel in which they are filming the drama for tourists to check 🙂

Here is her message:

我也是观光客 可可 [嘻嘻][嘻嘻][嘻嘻]

(Google Translation: I am also a tourist)

Lastly she updated her Twitter on 11th of June with pictures with Seulong while they are filming ^^

Here is the translation for her message:

Still winter in Pyeongchang..We need hand warmers and winter jackets Come here if you’re hot^^

Credit: LDH Webio, LDH Twitter, @lhy8918 and FNC Facebook | Translation: @fyjypnation



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6 responses to “Lee Da-hae Enjoys Break Time in Seoul and Fights Winter in Pyeongchang

  1. “Come here if you’re hot.”
    I’d like to come.The summer is here.Sending you lots of 🌞


  2. VickieC

    She is my fav actress. They have bts from episode 12, I am curious :0


  3. Thushini

    She’s so beautiful. She’s my favourite actress too.


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