Hotel King – Episodes 17 and 18 [Thoughts]

Another intense week from “Hotel King” and we get to know more about our characters.

Although watching those episodes did leave me frustrated mainly because I felt sad for our couple to see them suffering due to their actions towards each other (even though I understand their reasons) but on the other hand I am happy with the development and that they reached this stage, strange isn’t it??!!

But while intensity is always welcomed from me, but as I sort of mentioned before I really miss the mixture this drama did give us before. The romance and fun is no where to be found now and I am sad for that and it feels that they are really wasting Dong-Hae chemistry with the lack of development for MN-JW love line. Again it affects my overall enjoyment of the episodes which is may be why I start to be slow and delayed in writing my posts 😦

OK, I will try to get over this for now and lets see what we had this week.

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • I was so amazed by MN in those two episodes not because her heart of gold and how understanding she is as I always did but because I saw her for the first time as a real Chairwoman in every step she did in those episodes and also felt for the first time she is really sincere about the hotel and to accomplish her father’s dream. Her talk to him (or to herself) in the garden was a scene I actually wanted to see long time ago because it makes you see that she didn’t forget the reasons she is here in the first place but better late than never right? I like that she actually started to show those from last episodes and in those episodes before her heartbreak from knowing about JW being the VP’s father. I liked how she studied and thought a lot about that concert and took responsibility over things. So you see her go to CK herself to ask for a favor to know the where about of that singer then her brilliant suggestion about the gifts for the fans and then going herself to apologize to him after the cancellation of the concert). But what I liked the most is her talk with the Las Vegas trio, where she was firm to make them understand that their loyalty should be to the hotel not the GM but then mentioning that as Chairwoman she needs them in the hotel but they still have the choice. That was so professional 🙂  So yes this change is not only because of what she knew about JW but before that we saw her conversation with him to tell him that she wants to be a different Chairwoman now and she still needs him as general manager even if he still can’t go back being her lover JW.

  • I loved MN response when she knew about WH’s father and how they showed the contrast between him and JW. She got mad at WH when she knew about this fact and that no body told her about it. She confronted him and said she can’t accept lies anymore which some how the same the situation with JW (although that one is more complicated) but the main difference is that WH did go to her and was honest to say why he didn’t want to say about his father because he feels ashamed of him and kept asking for her forgiveness so she did forgive him after feeling his sincerity (she was really cute in showing that ^^) but on the other hand JW didn’t do that but kept quiet when she confronted him and also the hurt coming from the one you love is even more severe. It was really about time she knows about those facts about WH and JW.

  • The most important development and one that I really liked and thought of is MN being fired as the chairwoman. Firing her is necessary if his drama wants to be logical after delaying her character development and actually they even mentioned it when MN said to her father in the garden that she need to work hard now as often as she skipped out and also when she addressed her weaknesses still when she told CSA that she is not her to make 3 consecutive mistakes (she is surely smart ^^) But I specially like that they did this now at the time we see her really able to take the chairwoman part in those two episodes and see how manager Baek was the one behind the concert failure even with all MN hardwork. It makes you really pity MN more and hate what is done to her from manager Baek because you know she worked hard for it and that now she doesn’t deserve it. But I think this is the last lesson for her to really not trust anyone, she didn’t hear what her father told her and did trust manager Baek which is her biggest mistake now and what led to this now but that doesn’t change the fact that manager Baek did play it really good and it is not alone the fault of how naive MN is. So, I like that the drama don’t go easy with her giving her chances while she is still chairwoman but instead through her away in the rough way now she can climb again (she is good at climbing right) to prove again that she deserve being the queen of this hotel.

The Bad

  • A development I don’t like is the possibility of manager Baek involvement in the chairman’s death. While I already predicted that the drama would go there but I am hoping it is not the case.  Till now both JW and MN thought the chairman was indirectly killed by the VP after kind of forcing him to commit suicide by giving him those medications and making him mentally unstable but now after that reporter gave JW the video from the party, he sees a woman with the same necklace as the one he saw in manager Baek office. Actually we don’t know if this reporter is telling the truth because we heard the VP talking to him in the phone prior to that but the reporter then said that the VP is annoying him but is that the truth or is that what the VP told him to do?? but I kind of doubt that the VP know how valuable that video is. It is hard to imagine he did do that analysis JW did and also know about that necklace right? but I may be proven wrong though. But back to why I hate that possibility, I just think if this is the case it will be really hard to redeem manager Baek character and I really need for her to be redeemed for JW’s sake if she is his mother. She surely did lots of bad things for her revenge but she could end up in jail but not dead or be another killer. And again add more complications to his relation with MN 😦 but here I would add that for the VP, I don’t want him redeemed, I want him dead. Again I still think he is the ultimate villain here and both JW and manager Baek are his victims in a way or another (I really hope I would be proven right on this one)
  • There are things not well explained IMO, we may get some more info in future but if this is the case, I am still not liking how they don’t give us the info in those episodes, you don’t need to drag the explanation of everything to create suspense in the story (someone could correct me if I am missed how those were explained ^^)
    • About the hotel shares, the VP did mention he lost his shares in the hotel but how is that? did he give them to manager Baek or RL to get him out of prison? or just because the fact he got into this whole corruption case??
    • JW and MN kept mentioning about JW’s one week period to make the change-over but shouldn’t that include having a name for the new general manager in mind. Why they didn’t suggest another name as the next GM??

General Thoughts

  • While we see MN acting all cold and inconsiderate to JW but I like that we also see lots of evidences that she still loves him dearly. That scene by the lighthouse after she knew about him being the VP’s son is actually a big evident for that when she talked to herself and hit her heart cause she remember how she love being beside him was SO SAD. I think the reason for her changing behavior is not for the plain fact that he is the VP’s son because she actually said to the VP that JW must felt like dying knowing he is his father and she knows exactly how JW suffered from abuse and she assumed that he couldn’t do anything because the VP is his father but I think the main reason is knowing that JW did lie to her when she asked about what he found in the garden and that she is now sure he is not honest with her but instead lied many times so she started doubting his initial intention for loving her specially that JW didn’t confirm her love when she asked and also because she realized that to really be a good daughter to her father, she needs to choose him and the hotel over her love. But still she got the VP out of the prison herself because she knows he is kind of victim in all this and that she can’t see him in prison. So while she still love him, she can’t be with him anymore. You also can feel that in the scene when CK left after telling her that JW is sick, she asked CSA to stay with her to work over the night more because she don’t want to be alone because she may find her self going to him and then went to the alley cat in the house she made which totally remind her of JW T_T

  • It seems that I will never be able to understand what person is that VP!! may be the reason is that what MN told him is true “You are not human“. I totally can’t figure out till now if he really knew about JW being his son or not and how he plotted that whole thing. OK, may be more will be revealed I don’t know but what I can guess for now is that deep inside his heart he knew he was his son but he just didn’t want to admit it because he actually hated his mother after she refused to admit that he is his son and even thought he kept loving her but instead she continued hating him so much and treated him like an insect. But I didn’t feel he regret his actions to JW for one second, he even now using the fact that JW is his son to get himself out of prison and still told manager Baek that he want him again beside him, how uglier he can be??!!!! He knows he can’t succeed without him as he said before he is like his legs which keeps reminding him about the past but he can’t get rid of it. But on another note, every scene with the VP was such amusing again. I kept laughing at him and felt really good seeing his face when he kneeled in front of manager Baek after knowing she is RL’s mother and when MN gave him the birds cage and then when he was letting go of his hate for manager Baek on his photo 😀 but I won’t say he is out of the picture or not dangerous because again he knows a lot about the past and I guess his hate for manager Baek now even if he is following her orders may lead him to still do many things and if our thought is correct that she is JW’s other so, we are surely up to see the real grand confrontation between them.

  • I really wonder what could cure JW’s soul?? he confirmed that he actually don’t hope to go back to MN and all what he thought was just an illusion but in the end he thinks he will need to leave her at some point. So, will he still think that now after all what happened? Is MN’s love isn’t enough for him to over come his past?? his trauma got deeper after him knowing about the VP being his father and that he raped his mother and his feeling that he is trash and never should have been born and even that his mother must have hated to look at him because it reminded her of what the VP’s done to him. We know his mother loved him from the flash backs so while I really hope he start think of himself as a human who deserve to be loved before knowing about all the rest of the facts about that past but I am thinking that his scars could be really healed fully when he got accepted as a son as well. We know that all he always wanted from the chairman before was the recognition of being his son and all he got from him and then from the VP is denial of him as a son and now he even think that his mother didn’t want him as well so, I guess when his mother appear again in his life (despite all her wrong doings) accepting him and showing that she actually did this all revenge because of the fact that she thought he was did, would have also full recognition for him as a human being as he will be both loved by his mother (family member) and also from the love of his life (MN).
  • Again I wonder, how much manager Baek know about JW. From what she said to RL in the car, she knows he suffered a lot to stay a live till now. But it is not clear how much she knows. We know JW mentioned that he is the chairman son in that conversation on the tower and which she gave MN part of but did she hear it all? And did she hear JW mentioning his mother name to the chairman before his death? And we see her showing picture of JW at the VP house in Ep 18 but was she hearing them also because JW said “Father” to the VP?? the fact she keep hearing many things is making me wonder about that but still it is not a proof she know all this but also adding to it that she has the diaries of the late Chairman makes me question even more because he must have wrote lots of things about the past in those and she seems to even hide on part of the 12 parts so, could it have her story with him?. Also what she want to do with MN, the hotel and JW? it is not clear yet. I still see she has that soft spot for MN, I also think she has teary eyes when she talk to her specially in that scene in the garden when she said that her father left manager Baek to help her. And also I saw her looking at the plan for the “Culture Center” not he Casino in her office before MN talk to her about the recording. So what plan she really want to go with??

  • Actually I was surprised that JW did have that DNA test with the VP. We knew before about DNA test with him and Chairman one says that he is his son and another says the opposite and then the one he did against MN which proved the he wasn’t the Chairman’s son and not her brother but When did he that one with the VP?? another unexplained thing !!! but in all cases that means there is no more speculation about him being the VP’s son or not. This case is closed now 🙂
  • Few more facts we know about our characters are:
    • Manager Baek did indeed had car accident and was the result of that burn scar (so it also included fire) and the VP did try to save her but she refused and preferred dying than taking his hand.
    • The VP always had wanted to have all what the chairman had. His love (JW’s mother) and his wealth (the hotel) and that is mainly because that the chairman’s family always looked down on him because he was their servant’s son. But we know also that he was smart and even was helping the chairman in his studies so, he may deserved to be in a high position but I guess he tried to reach there by the wrong way.
    • WH said that his sister didn’t see or hear.
  • I am feeling I keep repeating myself 🙂 but I really wonder how much RL know about Manager Baek plan? does he know what she did and doing and why she is doing all this or he is just following her without asking? I know he is a main key to change the game for JW and MN sake when he know that JW is his friend he thought was dead and who protected him before many times and that actually was one of the main reasons of what led JW to be the person he is now when he “killed” that gangster to protect him. So I guess we may see them in one emotional scene next time not a fight like what we saw today. But a side note, I really like the fighting scenes in this drama. We saw one before with RL and those ones who stalked him and MN before and again this time with that car chasing scene and then fight between RL and JW. While those scenes are not that long actually are not anything to write home about when comparing with other dramas which focus on those but they serve the purpose they are done for and succeeded to give me the feeling of excitement and suspense 🙂

Scenes Highlights

  • My favorite scene in Ep 17 was that last scene on the beach (what a beautiful place BTW 🙂 ). Despite all the heartbreak and frustration in that scene mainly cause you hear JW saying it all to himself instead of saying it to MN but that scene was really GOOD. I specially LOVE how things were reversed, with MN being calm and acting cool in the hotel and on the beach while JW was the one who can’t control to hide his anger. And I so liked the dialogue as well specially the part with MN telling him to be like this in future to express what he really feel when he is angry or hurt. You can see how she was feeling hurt when she was mentioning about pain, cause she knows how much he suffered and still suffering. I think this scene show all MN feelings, because you can see she is still so much in love with JW and even confessing it again indirectly (in her questions why you made me love you) and also shows that she is trying to understand him giving him the excuses for what he has done (although she didn’t quite get it correctly) but you see when she stopped him from saying bad things about VP, she did that saying “Stop, he is still your father” because she knows how much it must hurt him to have this person as a father. Also she still gave him the chance to explain himself. But with no answers from him and her lack of trust that he really loved her or that he can ever be honest with her, she came to say that they shouldn’t meet again and so she fired him. I need to say that I LOVED Wookie and Da-hae acting in it, the way they looked at each other and the chemistry between them is just AMAZING ❤

  • Another great scene in Ep 17 is the scene between JW and Manager Baek in the restaurant after he knew about her putting bugs everywhere in the hotel. I really liked that they choose to make both of them sitting back to back while they both started to talk indirectly about what they both know but when Manager Baek came to directly talk to him, then JW directly told her that he will be after her.

  • In Ep 18, the scene with MN and CK was so emotional specially for CK. For the first time she shared info of her story about her love for JW. It is really hard to be this honest about yourself in front of your opponent in love and even admit that she is better for you lover. I really admire CK, she again didn’t take advantage of the situation but instead tried to make JW and MN come together again because she know how JW is hurting because of it. And you can also see how hard it was for MN to keep her straight face and coldness, you can see her teary eyes and in one moment you see her trembling lips as if she was about to cry listening to CK.  And again a deserved praise for Wang Ji Hye in that scene, it was heart breaking listening to her T_T

  • Would you be surprised if you knew that the first scenes I wanted after got the subs for Ep 18 are the scene of both MN and JW with the alley cat 😀 yes for me that was the most intimate scene both of them had more than even that watch scene. We saw JW waiting for MN and counting till 3 to see her open the light but no, she don’t and at the moment he start moving to check on her he listened to her talking to the cat and saying sorry for being late and that the cat should wait for her till she get home and offer the food and not go get it from the streets as it is not alley cat anymore. She is basically doing to this cat what she wanted to do with JW, offering a home, protection and care and JW totally got the message and went to the cat saying congratulation because it found a place and person to go back to. OH those two killed me in that scene although they even didn’t talk to each other T__T

  • Now, my favorite scene in Ep 18 is the scene between MN and JW in the office after she knew that again he kept her in the dark about the accusation of her late father. What I most liked about that scene is that it was the first “Honest Conversation” between our couple since that scene where JW was trying to share his story with MN and the almost bed scene in Ep 12 . Yes in all their previous scenes, we see either JW lying or hiding and not answering MN questions in part of them or even MN coldly responding as in that watch scene. But here you see both of them were honest about what they wanted to say and in their response. And JW get to share with MN some info for the first time which was about Manager Baek. Also another important thing in that scene which I totally loved is that MN said what exactly I wanted to say to JW since FOREVER “So you think you’re doing this for my sake? No, you only think of me as a doll, just like the other directors and Lee Jung Ku. You should let me deal with it, and you should trust me!” Yes JW, you really need to be the first one to trust her abilities and not always keep her in the dark.

Now as both MN and JW knows their real enemies, they can start fighting together for the hotel and for their love. Yes, this is what I wish to see but thinking about what the drama will give us, I guess they may work together somehow to get the hotel back but I don’t think fighting for their love will be again in the picture unless JW will come to be honest and share everything with MN. (I wouldn’t mind if I was proven wrong here 😀 )

What MN don’t know now is JW “killing” that gangster in the past and that he did all that to her father because he was seeking revenge thinking he is his own father too who abandoned him and that he loved her even while thinking she is his sister. I don’t think that those facts will make more harm to their relation than it already has but on the contrary, actually big part of it will make the excuses for JW for what he did to her father and make MN understand more about he grown up to be like this. But the problem is in JW himself, is he ready to share it all with MN or not??

All I wish for our love line and couple is for them both discovering the rest of the secrets together. No more I want to see one of them discovering something alone and struggle alone while trying to hide it and thinking how to say it to the other one. Yes at least make them suffer together and get hurt together, that will make them suffer less because they have each other at least.

Will our writer give us this anytime soon?? I really hope so *praying*

For now, I will enjoy this moment where MN and JW taking their way to face the hardship ahead of them together ❤

And JW being there to hold MN ^^

Credit: MBC Drama YT Channel, eluvnel and taecpls @ Tumblr



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9 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 17 and 18 [Thoughts]

  1. you said leejoonggoo is the son of a servant working for the chairman in the past? how did you know! haha cos I dont seem to rmb that part… thank u!


  2. Hi again. My comments below should not be take too seriously and sorry if I offended anyone. AMN still trusted everyone so deserve to have chairwomanship taken from her. She display bouts of talent in running the hotel but still is far off from being the Queen of the hotel. JW still can not let go of demons from his past. But again this is Kdrama so nobody tell the whole truth. CK seem to have married the granpa because she was indebted to him. (Also to get rich and wealthy main reason) Lastly WH I wish the writer just get us the complete backstory already.
    Now that the story has progress this far I can only see rainbows from our couple. They will retreat to their honeymoon resort to get back their positions and plan their revenge. Along the way they rekindle their romance and have one or two bed scenes that barely legal in South Korea and made it past MBC censors. Hwaiting DongHae !!!


    • Hi 🙂

      As I mentioned in the post, I actually agree with you. She needed to be fired and that is why I liked they did that. She needed this lesson so badly to know that a person shouldn’t be naive enough to trust people although she was warned multiple time.

      Now, I want to see her struggle to get back the hotel specially that she showed more of her capability to be good in those episodes. No body can work alone and while she still have long way to go, but if you imagine she is in more normal work environment with no power war, revenge or conspiracy I think she will do fine with the existence of general manager like JW.

      About our second leads and many other secondary characters, I think the writer failed to develop them properly. Really feel bad for most of them 😦

      I really hope what you feel about our OTP is true, because I don’t trust the writer to give us what we want soon T_T


      • I agree with you on all points but they have to do something about the ratings. People have always complained that the story is overly complicated and draggy in other blogs. In some episodes practically nothing happens and in some u get two three revelations at once. In other Kdramas CK and WH would always be a thorn to our OTP loveline even till the end. Instead they give their blessings much too early and willingly give up. I know that VP and Manager Baek are the true second lead. Too bad international fans cant increase the ratings.(magic 20%) Please forgive for being of topic but I hope at least the production should give us fans a glorious wedding at the end plus baby pictures of little JW and MN.


    • liza

      That was what i am thinking too AMN,CJW being fired have to leave the company house and they retreat to honeymoon resort to plan their revenge and get back their position. Remember the old housekeeper who work for AMN father for more 30 years he seem to know the secret and who CJW mum he may be able to help them. Pray it will happen


  3. Lynne

    Hi Apqaria!!! So you are the blogger here. I am following you on twitter 🙂 So happy to know that you’re the one making recaps here in wordpress. God bless you more. Thanks for the updates and great recaps. 🙂


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