Lee Da-hae Interview in “People’s News” Chinese Program – [Video + Translation]

LDH Interview

Hunan TV Chinese program “People’s News“/”新闻当事人” which airs on made an interview with Lee Da-hae back in May and they aired it on14th of June. She talked mainly about her drama “Hotel King” which actually quite popular now in China.

Unfortunately, the interview is not that long as they did cut quite a lot from it but I guess they did the interview it while Da-hae was filming the photo-shoot for Shunufang new collection 🙂

Here is the video for our girl’s cut and interview from the program ^^

In the interview Da-hae mentioned that she is very tired filming the drama and both her and Lee Dong Wook only sleep 5-6 hours a week because they need to film scenes for two episodes every week.

She mentioned that it is totally different from how it was when she was filming in China (she did drama “Love Actually” for Hunan TV in 2012) as the drama aired after the filming was completely over which she thinks is much better.

And they asked her about the PD changing issue that the drama suffered from and she replied that such things can happen and she felt really sorry but as an actress she can’t do nothing about it.

This is a picture Da-hae take with the MC of the program 🙂

Credit: As Tagged and Hunan TV | Translation: muchcloudier @ soompi



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7 responses to “Lee Da-hae Interview in “People’s News” Chinese Program – [Video + Translation]

  1. Hello everyone. So is there a possibility of HK promotions in other countries? Pray that it happens folks. Too bad I’m in Singapore nobody comes here.


    • I really hope they will do some promotion for HK after the drama finish airing. Our best shot would be in China as the drama is popular there right now but lets wait and see what happens.


  2. They do not have time to sleep.He participated in a separate reality.When they will pay attention to one another?Them so tired that they have no strength for pleasure.I’m not happy.


    • This is the sad and ugly reality which all Korean actors/actresses live in because of the live shooting for the dramas T_T

      I feel so bad for them too, they will surely deserve a rest after the drama finish airing.


  3. Yea, thats the saddest and hardest part of being an actor. I am just hoping this will not be the end of their tandem. Donghae forever!


  4. wow her Chinese is really good… no wonder Wookie is proud…


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