More Stills and BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

It has been sometime but here is another post full of lovely stills and BTS pictures and videos from “Hotel King“. I have to say that I really LOVE seeing Lee Da-hae bright smile in some of the pictures here, so precious ❤

Every picture or video I get leaves me wanting more specially from our Dong-Hae Couple specially because lately I am not getting enough romance in the drama 😀

but what to do, MBC don’t usually give us what we want!! so lets enjoy what we have now till we get more 😉

First need to post this amazing and cute BTS video for our lovely Dong-Hae Couple ^^

And here is translation for some parts 😀

*LDW trying to look cool with his sitting composure*
LDH: Aren’t your feet/legs should be like this?
*Looks at him*
LDH: Just do it! stand it for a while~~

*LDH got startled after playing with the birds*
LDH: I haven’t done anything but they are like that (the birds)
LDH: I just put my hand in the cage…
LDW: They’ll peck your hand
LDH: Is that so?
*LDW nods then reenacts it to her head*

Aren’t those two just the CUTEST EVER, kk ^^ I have to say the BTS for the scene ended up much more interesting than the drama scene itself 😀 so, I can’t resist posting some Gifs from the BTS video ❤

Also we got BTS video for that farm scene with Da-hae and Seulong ^^

And here is the translation 🙂

LDH: Come here…yeah…oh you’re kind…come here…you’re cute  don’t escape
*The sheeps follows her*
LDH: sangchu itta nyam nyam nyam nyam XD
PD: These sheeps, they seem to know you’re a female actress
*MN feeds the sheep all over its face*
Seulong: You’re washing its face with dirty grass (LOL)

Lastly MBC released BTS video of Da-hae, Wookie, Kim Hae Sook and Jin Tae Hyun in that meeting where manager Baek introduced RL as her son

Also MBC released video of Da-hae, Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Hae Sook. Great to see our cast smiling like this although the scenes are quite serious 🙂

And here is the translation of some parts 🙂

*MN walks away*
Duk Hwa: Aren’t you cold?
Da-hae: Chuwoyoonggg “I am” (she said it in a very cute way ^^)

*After filming is finished*
Duk Hwa: Kaseo jara palli (Hurry, go and sleep)
Da-hae: Ne abuji….

And although we have been waiting for so long for BTS video of those scenes in the old Ciel of MN and JW in their short vacation like honeymoon, but I guess MBC won’t release those 😉

Anyway, we got a short NG video from MBC “Happy Time” program ^^

Also we got a small quite unclear video, I guess shot by one of the staff, from that climbing scene of MN and RL 🙂

And lastly have more stills and BTS pictures ❤

This one is really cute, how caring Seulong is ^^ ❤

Look who was taking some pictures there too 😀

And also some amazing BTS from fans ^^

Credit: As Tagged, HK Official Website, Naver, HK DC,  elfogadunk @ Tumblr MBC Drama, iamonlyhuman1981 and Shin Min YT Channels | Translation: p1n6an2012 @ Soompi



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12 responses to “More Stills and BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

  1. Greetings all. Please MBC can we have even more BTS clips. Why have they been slow in releasing them? I smell a conspiracy (the dating kind hehe). Looking forward to your episode review apqaria.


    • If that is the reason really, then I won’t mind but they should give us a hint thought LOL ^^ but I guess MBC is always lazy anyway 😦

      And thanks, hopefully I get some time to write this week’s episodes post soon 🙂


  2. sweet pinky

    thanks for all the videos and photos. enjoyed wacthing them
    but i just curios one thing. in the bts at bird house scene, why dong wook hold lee dae hee’s hand??


  3. sweet pinky

    btw, they are very close off the screen but i think dong wook looks like cautious with the cameras around them. hopefully we will get hear a good news after the drama ended like dae hee and dong wook are dating??..kekkeke


  4. bingsae bigbang

    am think donghae couples is dating now but hiding it from us am noticed throught all the hk’s bts and some vid sinced my girl bts till now vid..they wont reveal it for some reasons really confirm that dongwook has feelings to her kekeke am thought their become real couple now but nobody know..oredy seen all tge pics and vid and thanks to u frens becuz we’ve the same fav oppa and eonnie keep it up friend am like ur effort


  5. Ylla

    Lee Da Hae is so beautiful! *o* Dneifhfusk! :))
    MBC has been really stingy in releasing lovey-dovey BTS lately. Perhaps, because things are becoming more *ahem* telling in the BTS. Oh what I wouldn’t give to see the BTS of the scenes in ep 12, but I guess they wouldn’t. Sigh. We can hope for the BTS in ep 20, right? Still, I have been waiting since this morning and nothing came out as of yet. MBC, give us the BTS of that tight hug! *_*
    – bluegurl_nineteen


  6. Lily

    Thanks so much for these great pictures…. Just hope romance keeps blossoming for our couple right through this drama and beyond… Love them together.


  7. Hello again. I know they wont say anything about dating because they are both Top Hallyu stars. So probably they will just announce their wedding plans one month before. Believe it all DongHae shippers.


    • Lily

      Yes please … Make all your DongHae fans happy … But then again both of them are displaying their professionalism in their craft and will not mix work with their personal life….. Maybe after the drama is wrapped up. BTW LDH looks amazing in ALL the shots


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