Hotel King – Episodes 19 and 20 [Thoughts]

Here comes another week of “Hotel King” but I am happy to say that I did enjoy this week’s episodes much more than the few previous weeks and I am back replaying and re-watching the episodes not because I need to write about them but because I really wanted to 🙂

I guess the reason for this is that we are starting to get more answers than asking questions now and also they returned to making balance between melo and fun and so the episodes were easier to watch even while we still had sad or intense moments. I guess that balance is the thing that makes me able to swallow all the makjang I get from this drama 😀

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • Phew!! I can’t believe it. At last we got to see JW taking some steps to go to MN. He searched for her, he spoke his mind as he told her to leave together to the US and live like normal people at the old Ciel and he also told her that he will get the hotel and the chairman position back for her. What a relief that at last he could show his care and love for MN in more explicit way. He surely need to do this more to get her back by his side 😉 I think this change came because for the first time he experienced how it feels when she is away once she left the hotel and that is proved by his conversation with WH

WH: What have you done so far to keep her?
JW: You are right, that is what I can’t stand the most right now

  • Again I may have mentioned before, but I really like how the drama and almost every character is so hard on MN. I know many got annoyed with her naive and impulsive actions and I wouldn’t lie and say I didn’t feel that also sometimes. But while we all like super smart and kick ass heroes/heroines, let us ask ourselves did this drama promised us with such heroine from the start??? the answer is NO, she is indeed smart and strong in her own way but yes she is lacking and almost like a kid who is so pure and they showed it in that dialogue in Ep 19 when she was talking about the hotel and why there is only monsters in it and when she described how she saw it. I will say, MN you are so pure for this world, you don’t know about the cruel jungle you are living in and if you can’t open your eyes and see it you won’t be able to live and succeed in it. You are your father’s daughter, he trusted the wrong people (JW, VP and manager Baek) and left you with the ultimate lesson he learned “Don’t Trust Anyone” and what was the result? you didn’t listen to it. You need to learn from this and don’t repeat yours and his mistakes again. But with that said, lets see what the drama did to our heroine to give her a lesson, she was fired, she was betrayed by the person she trusted the most and thought was a gift from her father, she is left with no money to support her and she keep getting reminded with her mistakes by every character here (manager Baek, JW and the old man in the old Ciel). I LOVE THAT, of course I can’t deny being disappointed about many things related to MN’s character development but the drama’s self awareness and being true about the fact that MN is not yet capable and even giving her the lesson in a hard way is something I really appreciate. It would have been ridiculous if we got to see her succeeded as a chairwoman while she lacks but instead we may get to see her struggling to get back on top after what she has gone through and that is something I am looking forward to.  Yes the story should show her steps to be mature and to become the hotel queen and I wish the writer will do that in the right way for the remaining episodes. Also let me add that like WH I don’t see anyone else who could be the chairman for Ciel but MN. Yes not even JW, he IS THE HOTEL KING already from the start because yes without him this hotel is a big mess and don’t have a chance to become the hotel that chairman Ah dreamed of but while I don’t know much about hotel business but for a chairman I imagine that the person need to have a vision for the hotel and care for it and that is what MN has. Who care about this hotel more than her or even like her?? all others including JW pursued this hotel for revenge or greed and even now JW only cares about it because it means a lot to MN not for himself. And we knew how beautiful her vision is for the hotel when she talked to RL. But for her success, she needs to have a manager like JW. Chairman Ah knew, he needed the best manager to make the best hotel because the manager is the one who is responsible of the daily work and who would execute this vision the chairman has and make it reality. So, lets see what the final result of our drama in the end.

The Bad

  • I am still really sad that JW is hiding information from MN. He still didn’t tell her about manager Baek involvement in her father’s death. I know he don’t want to hurt her and put her in danger but yes he is still treating her as the dismal in distress which is a pity because I guess as she said, he needs to trust in her and make her deal with such situations for her to really grow up. I am so annoyed with how we see MN always the last one to know anything or explore to know anything. Hope she wouldn’t just make her wonder around as housekeeper while JW and all other characters are busy in their power war and investigation and we see secrets revealed without her involvement. I really hope JW stick to his words he said on the phone in that final scene and tell her what he knows. And I would love to see her getting her father’s diary and know more about the past through it and through that old man at the old Ciel. And as I said before, I really hope our couple will work together rather than working alone as we see now. Is this a hard request drama??? 😦
  • RL is feeling betrayed that his hyung left him behind and even say he don’t think about his past and that tattoo has no meaning and in addition to that I think he is afraid of losing the love of “his mother” because she had him thinking JW is dead so, how she feels when she knows her real son is alive??? is something surely he think about. I think his love for “his mother” is a sickness, she is the only person who show love to him and he can’t give up this love and that is why he always obey her and can’t disagree with her which is something she even told him about that he needs to think of himself too. I can understand he is a tortured soul himself who suffered a lot and he actually don’t know what JW went through but does he really expect JW to reveal all his past to him who is the enemy now?? And even with all this does this all make an excuse for him sending people to beat him even if that is because he want to save “his mother” and for even hiding the fact that the woman JW now fight is actually his mother?? I don’t think so and I am really disappointed about this. I didn’t expect RL to reveal all what he know at this point but I hoped that RL at least while digging more to JW past but start helping him from a far and stop manager Baek from hurting who could be her own son 😦 but OK, lets wait and see what he do next.
  • Why CK, Why?? I don’t blame her at all that she didn’t give MN the money she wanted because yes from business prospective, who is MN that CK can trust her for her money and did she actually prove to be that good to be trusted for such money?? NO, I didn’t expect any other answer but I would have hoped she didn’t bring JW as a reason for this but on the other hand and while I get that she actually love JW a lot and it hurts her to see him in pain because of his love for MN specially that even MN now is acting cold towards him but does she actually think that JW will be happy while he is away from MN?? She didn’t request him to be with her which I respect but she requested for him to be away from MN if he really want her to help him although she knows he is actually doing all this because of his love for MN. It is like she wants him back as the the person he was, the one with straight face who don’t love, don’t worry or don’t show any feelings. The cold man he used to be when he was with her who while don’t love her and still hurt inside but don’t show it. The person who didn’t live like a human being. The problem is that, this man is no longer exists, we have to admit that MN’s love did change him and she made him feel that he is indeed a human being even if he still can’t fully believe it or admit it. So no way he will be back to how he was. As MN told her “He said that he doesn’t see you so, what makes you so desperate still? It’s just something like illusion.” I am hoping that the writer don’t turn her to a standard second lead because she really didn’t write her character as one from the beginning. So, I hope the writer let her realize all this soon and make her pull back at least when she saw MN and JW decide to get back together.

General Thoughts

  • I don’t blame MN for being all angry on both herself and manager Baek and all her actions she did is totally expected specially giving her character. It is not only the hotel and money she lost, it was like losing her father once again and not only that but she even can’t defend his reputation and dream and also the fact that this all happens from the person she trusted the most it is even more painful. Yes she was at fault for trusting the wrong people and didn’t put the effort needed in the hotel until too late (we saw that fully in Ep 17 and 18) and that is what she finally learned (but let me say that manager Baek out smarted all the characters here including JW not only she fooled MN because while JW did suspect her but he didn’t have a chance to do anything either way). So now she is left with regrets as she said and with no weapon to fight with but herself and her determination and she don’t disappoint. So after this breakdown she go to the old Ciel to think more or may be escape but no she can’t forget all about the hotel even with JW proposal to leave together but instead she came up with what she do next after that amazing conversation with that old man and with herself and I would like to quote some of those

MN:I should have studied first, I’m left with regrets like these. After all I couldn’t even begin and that’s what bothers me now.

Old Man:You have no reason to be dissatisfied. You don’t even start anything yet, so you have nothing to get angry about. You can just starting something now. Your grandfather was a plasterer, he started with plastering on the floors of the hotel and went up high to there. That’s why your father was able to spend his life on it. At the moment you are just a kid who knows nothing. Ciel isn’t something you can control but it’s a root, your root. So what, because you were chairman, you get to be arrogant?

MN (to herself):It’s true I escaped dad. Your dream, the garden you left me as a gift and your diary and my employees, my time and my dream. So what, because you were chairman, you get to be arrogant Ah Mo Ne?

So, what did she do? she did the first right step as JW did which is getting back to the hotel. And cause she has no power unlike CK who helped JW to stay as the general manager,  so she entered there as a housekeeper and I LOVED that she really has to climb the whole way to the top again after she got to start from the bottom and I liked that we see her really happy about that not feeling pity about herself and that she became this low now but instead she is happy to be able to make step in the way to get to her goal. And it was smart how she forced manager Baek to accept her there after mentioning that in front of Daeil Bank Vice Chairman and her conversation with JW, manager Baek and then her monolog about that step was really great to hear and I would write it here

MN to Manager Baek: “You don’t need any other help, you are chairman Ah’s only daughter. That is your weapon. If you need anything just use that to get it” that is what you taught me.
MN to Manager Baek: “Bok Soon, you didn’t escape from here, but came back to overcome. I am proud of you” that is what my father would tell me
JW to MN: Why did you choose to be a maid?
MN to JW: I can watch Ciel the closest this way.

MN to Her Father: All I can do now is just try to stay at the hotel, but keep watching me. I’ll get the hotel back for sure

  • Now we are sure that Manager Baek is actually JW’s mom, we get to know more of her story as she indeed had a car accident caused mainly by the VP when he was chasing her and while he tried to get her out but she wanted both of them to die there and then when he saw the fire in the care he ran away leaving her behind and that caused a lot of damage to her face and body and led her to do many surgeries that resulted in a complete change in her appearance which explains why both chairman Ah and the VP didn’t recognize her. CK also knew that manager Baek did marry to a famous Arm dealer from Hong Kong who died and so she got all his money. So, like CK I don’t understand, why manager Baek needed to wait all this time to destroy the hotel while she could have done that years ago after she became rich??

  • We get to know how Manager Baek (or I should say for sure now JW’s mom got to adopt RL). She went searching for her son but as the VP made everybody think he is dead so that message was conveyed to her and when she knew about the relation between RL and JW she adopted him as she thought he is a gift from her late son. But I think RL don’t know the full plan for her, he knows that she did all this because hates and wants to revenge chairman Ah and the VP but for example he didn’t know that her real plan is to destroy the hotel as she told him “I will make it disappear from this world without a trace” and now they need to start to plan for the hotel disposal. And he also didn’t know about her possible involvement in chairman Ah death as he was surprised when the VP told him. Now manager Baek can go on with her plan as she own the VP shares after he gave up on it to RL, the 20% that RL already own and MN shares 32% which she says the late chairman took a loan over them before a day of his death. Is that actually true or that contract is fabricated?? and if true what happened to the money the chairman took? another thing I noticed is that she told JW that the VP trained him well although he is just orphan from streets, so does that mean she don’t know anything more about JW being the VP’s son?? I actually would find this weird given how much she knew about the hotel but may be she just don’t reveal what she knows. Also does her reaction to seeing that picture of her with the reporter and that she started fast in her plan to dispose the hotel after that means she indeed killed chairman Ah?
  • RL saw the wing tattoo on JW back which triggered all his memories with his hyung back although he thinks he is already dead. Bug that made him investigate again about JW which led him to know that the real Cha Ja Won is actually a person who is already dead 20 years ago and that somehow confirmed his suspension about JW being his hyung. There is no concrete evidence on that but it is already a fact now for RL as he said to himself when he visited JW that “How I didn’t recognize you before although you didn’t change that much”. I guess if they want manager Baek to know about JW being her son, they will need more evidence which is easy actually because the VP know everything but those people just need to talk and tell the truth. And now I am afraid that everyone is keeping secrets for his own.

  • The VP now knows about manager Baek possible involvement in chairman Ah’s death after that reporter went to him when JW turned his back to him and didn’t help him when he mentioned that the police is going to arrest him. So, he has a weapon now against Baek and he knows that RL is investigating JW’s history and that he is keeping all what he knows from his mother. So, the main is kind of regaining his powers to be part of the game again. While I am actually happy seeing that because the real battle here is between the VP and manager Baek and I am looking forward to see them face each other and confront each other about the past but still I feel angry whenever I see him involved specially that he is actually was the one told RL about JW and the video of manager Baek. I really can’t help but hate this man more and more. He is really sick, he keep saying that JW need to come back to him. Now that his daughter and wife are trying to stay away from him he has no one left but his old pet JW who he also know he can’t succeed without him. I truly wanted to say the same words MN told him “Don’t mess with anyone and don’t do anything. Just live your life quietly because there’s someone who feels like he’s dead even though he’s alive.

Scenes Highlight

  • OOH at last some skin-ship between our couple, I really have to say that JW really did hug MN SO TIGHTLY in that scene and may be that is the reason I felt I was watching a kiss scene ?? or is it because I craved for such skin-ship for quite sometime 😉 I really love that scene more because JW showed how he felt and also said it loudly to MN that he will get the hotel and her position back but I also liked that MN pushed him and that is because

  • That scene between JW and MN in the old Ciel when he went searching for her was just AMAZING. Again JW did say what he really wants to do to leave together to US and live normally but of course who would blame MN for not being able to accept it and ooh how she replied at him, it was so sad but so true at the same time.And that scene was completed with JW following MN on the beach and then sadly thinking on the rocks. The cinematography was really great and also the OST song “Because it is you” playing in the back ground was perfect ❤ I would like to mention what MN replied to JW

It’s good just to think about it, living normally. I’d be better off if I hurt my brain rather than my heart then I’d be probably able to hold your hand and go with you.
Unfortunately, my brain is just fine. So I can’t forget Ciel and the people in there and I can’t live normally with you. You know that we suffered more with quarrels and farewells than stayed happy together. Let’s not say goodbye to each other again

  • As we got some of the cute back in Ep 20, I really need to post about those scenes here ^^
    • The scene between JW and MN when she was checking on the kitty and then JW told her it is a male not female was such cute scene which we didn’t get for our couple for quite sometime now.

    • MN basket ball scene with WH was really lovely, their laughs and how MN kept saying how good she is while she is sure she is not good at all and WH playing along with her pretending and even held her up for her to score a point. It was really a great way to forget what she suffered from and escape from reality for sometime. And I have to say that seeing JW witnessing all this is something I totally appreciated 😀

  • It was really heartbreaking to watch that scene when MN went back to her house and saw the workers getting all her things out and when she fights them the picture of her and her father broke and she started crying, beating herself and apologizing to her father more because it is her fault that this all happened and she lost the hotel. And while I can’t deny that I really wished JW to go and embrace her but I am glad that the writer didn’t make that happen because yes she needs to rise up on her own and the least thing she needs now is to have JW holding her. And JW monologue did mean a lot when he said “Sure, you should cry for now to survive Mo Ne. Don’t take the pain into you just cry it out.

  • That scene when RL knew about JW being his hyung and then run to his house crying and then there conversation together and how RL was looking at JW. OOH, bromance overload ^^ I really loved that scene and how they showed RL as a child crying in front of JW house and then cut to RL as the man he is now also crying T_T

In the end, what a cliffhanger they left us with. Really how they cut it there???

But for the first time I am happy seeing our hero getting hurt, yes cause that may mean we get to see our couple having some moments together and show their mutual feelings. But I still don’t trust that the writer would give us much at this point so lets wait and see 😉

Credit: MBC Drama YT Channel, a-diadem and taecpls @ Tumblr



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12 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 19 and 20 [Thoughts]

  1. Niloofar

    Hi! Im back after 2 weeks, right?
    I like to comment on some parts of your post.
    1) I think the condition that CK had for helping JW was not really a selfish one, because as she always said before, JW got hurt alot because of MN, So she somehow want to save him. The same thing that most of us would do, when we see our beloved ones in wrong and sad relationship hoping they will forget and get well soon.
    Although he loves MN alot, but as MN said too, seeing eachother’s face now will just suffer them, and more than being happy together, they had fights and farewells. They cant be happy together now, with MN always remembering the way her father died (not knowing the truth about JW) and JW always feeling guilty toward her.
    2) about director or better to say for now, chairman Baek’s aim of working for a long time in Ciel to get it, instead of bying it easily, I wanna say, if she baught the hotel before, then it was her and destroying it wouldnt bother anyone. And chairman Ah could build another one with the money that he would get from selling this hotel. So it was not a revenge at all. But now! He made chaimain Ah to pay so badly for his trusting in wrong people ( the same mistake that he made many years ago, trusting Lee Jung Goo instead of Mi Yeon, and not believing her, when she said she didnt embezzle hotel’s money.), also made Lee Jung Goo see how is it to be dishonored, (as she was years ago because of him.) and even stole his lifetime dream of having the hotel. So both of chairman Ah and LJG would suffer from seeing the distruction of their dream, but buying the hotel was really not a good Idea for a revenge.
    3) about the scene between MN and the kitty, when she asked him if he has been lying to her and then giving him a beautiful smile was so good, especially to be seen by JW! I think It gives him some hope, that may be if she one day finds out the truth, would forgive his lies too.

    Its 2:14 am here, and thats all I can think of, for now! :-p
    Thanks alot for your beautiful post. ❤
    And so sorry for my bad english. I hope that I succeeded representing my thoughts. 🙂


    • Hi again, missed your comments in my previous post 🙂

      About CK, I don’t see how her trial to push JW away from MN will make him suffer less actually and the fact that he actually wants to stay because of MN. As you said, MN and JW already away from each other now so why she actually need to make that condition unless she wants to cut their way to get back together.

      About chairman Baek revenge 😀 Ciel is not any hotel that chairman Ah can get over losing it and go build another hotel. No, it is his family legacy and was built by his grand father and he himself spent his whole life working to make it the best hotel so it is his life dream so even if all her revenge is to take it away from him would have been a big torture for him already. Also What I had in mind that she would reveal her true identity to them and enjoy seeing them suffer while chairman Ah is alive not revenge on his daughter after his death. But I can guess that she wanted his daughter to suffer because she thinks she lost her child because of both of them. Anyhow, I guess there is more to know about her last meeting with chairman Ah whether she really killed him or not.


      • Niloofar

        May be I’m wrong, but you know, we saw CK for 20 episodes and she was not a selfish girl at all. she even begged MN on the night that JW was sick because of breaking up with her, but saw MN so coldhearted. ( we saw MN’s teary eyes and her real reaction after she left!) and let me remind you the scene that JW told her, he never really thought he can go back to her and one day he has to leave and many other things that would make her think of MN as a selfish child that cant be a help for JW, ( as she always told her that he is not a man she can handle.)
        so I don’t wanna think bad about her yet.

        About BMN I think letting them struggle as much as they want and then get the hotel from them in this way was more torture for them. because they themselves trusted her and let it happen. and yes! I dont rememner if I mentioned it here before, but I’m so agree with you that her real targets are their children, not themselves. because as we all know now the main reason of this revenge is just her son!
        so what can be better than hotel, and diaries, which are chaimain Ah’s mementos and the most important things for MN. and I think the way she chose was the best to ruin and hurt MN. and hurting MN is hurting JW too.
        although I’m not sure if she has no plan about hurting DB instead of JW. (because LJG loves her the most.)


        • That is exactly why I don’t like the writer making CK putting this condition to help JW. As I mentioned in the post, she didn’t write her as the standard second lead who keep hindering the relation between the OTP.


  2. sweet pinky

    for the next episode, i cannot wait to watch it. i really hope that MN will realize JW got hurt, then, she will show more her feelings towards JW because i’m scared that MN maybe totally dont know about that but only CK know how much JW is getting hurt. i really want MN and JW are fighthing together to get back the hotel.


  3. Thank u for another great review. I should have followed my own advice in not thinking too much about the story. Personally I hate the writer for making our OTP suffer so much. This is due to my mistaken expectation that the drama is My Girl 2.0. DongHae shippers will probably get lovey dovey scenes at the very end episodes and definitely no tragic ending(if we lucky). But I will still buy the drama DVD to add to my collection later.


    Episode 21 preview shows AM holding JW hand at the hospital. I just hope that scene is not a dream sequence instead of AM but CK. Like u I don’t trust her (writer).


    • I don’t think it is a dream but the question would be if the writer will give us more than just this.

      I stopped expecting anything on the romance side for weeks now mainly because I don’t get disappointed when it doesn’t happen 😀


  4. leishue

    hi…thanks for the views about the episodes but I just have to say that I think RL doesn’t know about Jae Wan being Baek’s real son.. When he mentioned “hyung” asking that to his mother, he was actually referring to the real son, but not Jae Wan. That wouldn’t be possible for RL to know. Rl only referred Hyung to Baek’s son because of course the real son is older than him. There, that’s what I have in mind. You can correct me in case I’m really out of my mind. 🙂


    • haha 🙂 actually I think he surely meant JW and that is why he asked Baek that he wouldn’t be her son if she found him at this moment after he started suspecting JW’s identity and also that is why Baek said that she thinks RL is a gift from her son because he was his close friend who loved him a lot. And make her do that now is useless.


      • Leishue

        I really don’t think so watching episode22 earlier today. If RL knows that JW is the real son of Baek, then why pursue destroying Ciel? What’s the point for? One reason why Baek had her revenge was also because she lost her son. Why would Roman want the mother and son fight each other?


  5. Yati

    Hope the next episodes will make da hae more matured then ever.. But I still cannot accept that cjw friends are such a crap.. They are around him but betray him so hopelessly


  6. Yati

    I hate all cha jae wan friends except cha su wan.. They are all a betrayal


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