Dong-Hae Couple Treat us with another Gorgeous Selcas + Other Updates


This  is one of the days when I feel like I am in heaven and don’t care about anything in my real life 😀

Lee Da-hae updated her Twitter today with those amazing selcas of her and Lee Dong Wook and I really love how they both look here. We all agree that Wookie looks the best in that hair style in the drama and also I always prefer Da-hae putting her hair down so seeing them both in my favorite style is a big plus and I must say the scenery is amazing and I am so looking forward to watch the scene our Dong-Hae Couple filmed there ❤

Here is the translation of Da-hae message:

Standing on the all glass observatory, our feet are trembling.  Cha Jae Won is even more afraid. HaHa

Now, check below for more lovely SNS updates from Da-hae 🙂

Da-hae updated her Twitter on 21st of June with pictures of her and her personal staff wandering around the streets and having fun eating. She looks effortlessly sexy and fresh here and ooh those perfect long legs of hers ❤

Here is the translation of her message:

(Google Translation: Between the times of shooting made time, very happily together with staff to visit the street.. Chicken string of are delicious ~ ha ha)

Also on 24th of June Da-hae updated her Weibo with pictures during the photo shoot she did for Shunufang last month ^^

这个是拍淑女坊广告时 工作人员 亲自给我照的,呵呵,有很多漂亮的衣服,大家也多来支持淑女坊哦•﹏•

(Google Translation: This is from the shooting of Shunufang Ad, the staff send personally to me, haha, there are a lot of beautiful clothes, you also support Shunufang •﹏•)

Credit: LDH Weibo and LDH Twitter | Translation: nocturne9 @ Soompi



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6 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple Treat us with another Gorgeous Selcas + Other Updates

  1. Perfect as ever our DongHae couple!
    Too bad LDW was shooting roommate so both can spend free time together and bring along your staff/friends for cover(wink wink). Don’t worry it will get cancel soon. Sorry LDW its for your own good and health.
    Shunufang must have promo with both Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook as a celebrity couple please pretty please.


    • Haha, that cracked me up 😀

      I would LOVE to see them do a CF together but for Shunufang, they only sell women clothes so it won’t be possible. But they already publicize HK and posted many pictures of Dong-Hae on their Weibo 🙂


  2. bingsae bigbang

    am also disappointed cuz i want more than that most of us want both spent their free time (sat and sunday) just two of them maybe for dating time but lee dong oppa and dahae eonni always busy with their own schedules..but i’d to confirm it must be something goes with them really impossible if LDW deosnt have feelings to her ryte..owhh u try to said that roommate will be cancel or leedong oppa out from that variety well,glad to hear and oppa i getting old now and please makes eonni as ur real wife


  3. iqah rasul

    oppa just married with the beatiful girls love donghae couple..


  4. Yes, I love to see LDH put her hair down too because she looks more beautiful with the hair down. I love LDW and LDH be a real couple too.


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