Hotel King – Episodes 21 and 22 [Thoughts]

[I am so sorry chinggus for being late in posting this week. I am suffering from a very slow and annoying internet connection which made me spend the whole week just to download the episodes but after I finally was able to watch the episodes here I post again and I am happy that I am able to do that just before the new episodes come out. But unfortunately I can’t upload all the pictures and Gifs I wanted to post but I will try add later. I am not sure when this issue will be fixed so, hope you forgive me and bear with me this week and if this happens again in the upcoming weeks T_T]

I think this was a slow paced week for the main story development in our drama but I am still a happy viewer here cause we got to see a big progress on the romance side. Because let me be honest, always more OTP moments makes me happy regardless, kkk ^^ But in addition to that we also had a chance to get more into the minds of our characters and their relations which is something I always enjoy as well.

So, here is my thoughts for this week 🙂

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • What I like about the romance development between our OTP in these episodes is that it didn’t feel for one second that it is forced but on the other hand it maintained their characters consistency. They are slowly and naturally coming back together as at last I got to see our them working together as I always wished and I totally liked how it was smoothly done without much arguments or explanations about the past or even before full reconciliation for their romance because yes they know their priorities now. And those words they said when they decided to work together were again amazing both perfect for the situation and shows how both of them truely feels

MN: I’ll deal with it so I don’t want you to involve in this. I’d like to say this to you but..I can’t do this alone right?
JW: Give me a chance. I am not asking you to trust me. i am not doing this to have you back. I just want to do this for deceased chairman Ah’s sake.

And also I like how now JW shares his feelings and thoughts now with MN. Again my wish is granted when he kept his word and told her about Baek being possibly involved in her father’s death and about her plan for the hotel and also when he his shared with her what he feels and that he discovered his real name.

  • I am so revealed that I was really wrong about my impression last week about RL that he was the one who ordered his men to beat JW as we got to discover that it was actually the VP, oooh that man really no words can describe him. And in addition to that RL indeed did start helping his hyung (JW) first by not telling about seeing him in the closet hiding with MN and also when he burned the evidences the VP had about what he did in the hotel before. I must admit that he is indeed in a very difficult situation in which he needs to choose between his hyung or the woman he sees as his mother or tell both about the real situation they are in and their relation?? while of course the last choice is the right one to do but he seems not being able to do so and that is because he knows how much JW despise Baek knowing her wrong doings all this time so it will be a shock and that is proven by his monolog when he talked with JW in front of their house “That is why I can’t tell you the truth” and also seems he will go with his mother plan and he wish JW and MN to leave all this proven by what he said to JW when he burned those evidences “I clear your debts with this. As you heard I will destroy Ciel. I will do anything my mother wants” (I think he was actually referring to what JW did for him in the past in that first statement) So based on that, I think he will remain silent and the truth about his identity won’t come straight from his mouth to JW. But something I need to say that I was extremely happy to see him buried the VP 😀

  • I truly loved that we got to see more glimpse of RL and Baek mother son relationship. While she is actually involves him in the money and business part of his whole plan but her getting angry slapping him when she knew that he could be the one who sent the men to hit JW and what she said “I’m the only one who gets their hand dirty. I can’t let you live inhumanely like a gangster.” proves again much difference in her relation with RL than the VP relation with JW. Both JW and RL felt indebted to both the VP and Baek and try to follow their plans but we see Baek treating RL as her real son even though he is not and the VP treating JW as his pet and even wanted to sacrifice him, hitting him and trying to put him in jail to gain RL and Baek trust. And here we see while the VP always told JW not to be human, Baek is saying the opposite and when the VP tried to put all the blame on JW and make him always his escape goat, again Baek is doing the opposite.

The Bad

  • Some times I really get annoyed by the cuts in here. The cut from scene to another is rather rough. Like when they cut from both MN and JW sleeping to the next morning when CK came to JW. So, what happened when they get up?? did they sleep all night like this?? This not the first time I say this (I guess) and many more important scenes suffered from that before actually.

General Thoughts

  • CK told JW about RL not being Baek’s real son and that RL can’t be her late husband’s son either as he didn’t inherit any money from him. Also we know that Baek actually can’t have her own child anymore. It seems that old accident is the reason and it is becoming more clear how painful it was for her and more reason for revenge because not only she almost lose her life which she kind of lost after she lost her old face and lost her child but she also can’t give birth to another child or go on with her life normally.
  • One more name for JW who knew that the name his mother gave is “Hyun Woo” and we also see that he was always keeping that necklace we saw young Baek give to her son in the flashbacks.
  • Baek keeps getting on the VP’s nerve and still keep giving him hints about her true identity but I wonder if she really intend to tell him her true identity directly herself or she wants him to discover it on his own??
  • Although I have been one of who suspected something wrong about Yoo Joon Sung (Alex’s Character) back in the episodes of the party hug scene which started the rumor about MN and JW in the newspapers but I dropped that after that and never thought of it again as the drama didn’t give any more hints about it. But in Ep 22, they revealed that is indeed working with Baek and was the one behind the poisoning of the food and now JW knows there must be someone behind that but he still didn’t discover who. I guess JW is stapped from behind from someone he trusts, same like what happened to our heroine so it seems all our characters need to make use of chairman Ah and JW’s own advice “Don’t trust anyone
  • I am so confused about the shares RL/Baek has now??  MN said it is slightly over 40% that the VP’s shares are not yet transferred to them and only part of MN’s shares are the transferred to RL but I really didn’t get that part, if someone understood it please enlighten me ^^

Scenes Highlights

  • Although this was just an imaginary scene for JW who thought it was MN who is taking care of his wounds in the hospital while it was actually CK but it was really beautiful specially that it shows how much he think about her and can’t help but think about her specially when he is hurting which actually comforted him and did put smile on his face in that scene. And ooh his eyes looking to her, MY FEELS!!!! I actually couldn’t believe they would do that to us (when I saw it in the preview) but as we get more intimate scenes for our couple, it didn’t feel bad 🙂 and on another thought I am actually glad it was just JW’s imagination because again that preserve MN’s character consistency and show her determination to put her love aside for her father and her family’s legacy even if that means she is hurt. But I have to say the words JW’s imagined MN said is SO MN, so cute and lovely and I will post here ^^

Cha Jae Wan, you look pretty ugly now.
How could you get beaten up like this?
You’re too big and tall for this.
Why do you get beaten up so often?
You should be grateful that you’re older than me. If you were younger than me I’d beat you for this.
I’ll find out who did this to you. I am worried this will leave scars on your face.

  • That back hug scene in Ep 21 was AMAZING. The preparing for it was SO RIGHT when both MN and JW standing of each other place wanting to see each other and make sure he/she is fine. And the FEELS when JW held MN was SO REAL and they both needed it. You see JW can’t resist his care about his love MN who is hurting in front of him and wanted to comfort her and also MN needed that comfort and didn’t try to push him specially that she even knows he got hurt again because of her and that is what hurt her the most not only the info about Baek and I totally liked the dialogue and how MN was not able to look at JW in the eyes or look at him at all the whole time as it proves she still feels that she is not able to be with him

  • I liked that scene between MN and Baek in Ep 21 after JW told MN about Baek and she went to clean the chairman office in the morning. How MN was calm and again used Baek’s own words she told MN before to make her attack was wonderful.
  • A sweet and subtle moment between our hard working couple in Ep 22 when they slept beside each other from tiredness, kkk ^^ and look who covered them both?? it is not other than our beloved CSA 🙂 but I have to say I was annoyed that they didn’t show what led them to this position specially that JW wasn’t in that position at first.

  • That scene between JW and the VP was great. While I whole heatedly want this man to DIE but as in the first time, I am happy that JW saved him. He can’t live with the guilt that he partially was responsible for his father death. We saw how he is still feeling ashamed when he killed that gangster man and how he felt when he knew that he was the one who fed chairman Ah the medications he wasn’t supposed to take and thought was responsible for his death. So, no way he would accept leaving that man who is unfortunately his biological father there to die even after all he did to him and knowing how bad person he is and even after knowing he was the one behind him getting hit again. And the most important part of the scene is that he did finally ask the questions he always wondered about, the dialogue again was perfect for their characters but I got scared when JW said “You and of us has to die..I think“. Please this man needs happy ending writer nim, if you want one of them dead so it HAS to be the VP. I would like to share the rest of dialogue but I have to say first that I really felt like crying hearing those last words from JW T___T

JW: Mr. Lee Jung Ku, who am I to you? Am I your dog? or a robot you can control?
LJK: My Past, you are the whole past of mine. My gross times in poverty.. the times I had to beg to the arrogant riches… the times my leg made in a metal. My wounded leg!! I wanted to get rid of these completely..but then I wouldn’t be existed either.
JW: You and of us has to die..I think.
JW: Please abandon me. Please
LJK: Why you never ask me ,, what your name is. What your real name is?
JW: If I know my name, I have to live as your son. So I don’t need it.
LJK: Hyun Woo. This name isn’t related to me at all. Your mother named you.

  • Had to keep the best for the last “THE SOFA KISS SCENE”. Now that is a lovely sweet passionate kiss scene from both MN and JW ❤ Yes JW, that is what you get when you open your heart for the woman you love. She can comfort you which was painful for her not being able to do back in Ep 12 in the old Ciel. What would be more comfort for him than the fact that the woman he love is the first one who call him with his real name, how beautiful The dialogue was just perfect for the moment. And those words from MN shows how much she wants for JW and herself to be happy at last and go on with their lives without more pain while she indirectly confesses how she was in pain too . And JW reply speaking his mind and heart showing his gratitude to have this wonderful woman beside him at those painful moments of his life. My heart melted ^^ but again I am greedy, I really wanted to see more of the kiss. For it to be longer and to show it from the front angle which they already filmed as we saw in the shots at the end of the episode 😦

Credit: taecpls and linheys @ Tumblr, MBC Drama YT Channel and human1981 @ Soompi



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5 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 21 and 22 [Thoughts]

  1. Niloofar

    another week!
    I am totally agree with you this time, and as you said I didnt understand about the shares,too. as I remember when RL asked for shares in last episodes, JW told him that they already have an owner, and I thought that owner is JW himself, but how did the shares happened to be Baek’s?
    and the last word I wanna say for these episodes is that I’m so scared!!
    why? because the first kiss scene was on episode 12, the second one on 22, the next one cant be on 32, right??? they wont be parted again (as the preview says), will they??? :-((
    I really think the writer don’t know how to use this wonderful couple! 😦
    she makes me feel scared and sad after every each good scene that I’m supposed to enjoy.
    I think the pictures and BTS we see from our couple are much more romantic, and it was better if they left them together without any script. haha. maybe in that way we got to see a perfect Comedy-Romantic drama instead of this. 😀 ( it doesn’t mean that I don’t like this drama, NO! I love it, but I just prefer to have more love scenes after 9 years waiting!)

    thanks again for your beautiful post.<3 ❤ I wish your problems be solved very soon and see you again this week. :-* ❤


    • Yes dear, you are not alone. Always get scared when they give us happy moments because it may mean more hurt is coming next for our couple. But I will be less sad if they can suffer when they are together facing it because that would mean that we can see more lovey dovey, romantic, kisses and bed scene(s) in the next 10 episodes. PLEASE !!

      Of course when it comes to Dong-Hae we are always greedy and want to see more romance because of there off chart chemistry and the fact that we have been waiting for SO LONG for this reunion. So, I totally understand your feelings 😉


  2. No need to apologize apqaria because of your review I can talk about what’s really important the lovey dovey scenes.
    The famous back hug smell your girl’s hair scene. LDW must love the fragrance of LDH. I’m so jealous. In the BTS he was trying to Heimlich maneuver LDH but of course only LDW and LDH knows for sure. LDH is a proper lady and of course she was wearing a bra. Trust me I have analysed it many times haha Beside the position of the ‘thing’ is all wrong. Plus insert a secret LDW/LDH sleep together scene in my imagination.
    The famous accidentally fall asleep on the couch scene. But before that why is LDW wearing his sweater inside out? The scene just scream full of honey sweetness. In the BTS LDH tried to wake up LDW by slapping gently his face. I don’t know about u all but it seem not first time she did it (again my personal opinion). Plus insert a secret LDW staring at LDH face until she woke up scene in my imagination.
    The much talk about Gundam necklace kissing scene. Maybe that why JW loves his Gundam models so much. I think the angle of the kissing shot was not that great (always shoot profile for maxium effect). In the BTS LDW and LDH was quite in rapture over the necklace. They probably thinking of giving something similar to their babies (again my personal belief sorry). It was reported they took several takes so MBC please release all the footage so that can analyse if any tongue was involved. Plus insert another secret LDW/LDH love making scene in my imagination. Well the last part we will know in next episode courtesy of our resident peeping tom CK shown in the preview.


  3. sweet pinky

    i already watched bts kiss scene for episode 22. i just cannot believe that mbc will release that video…,OMG. i’m sooooo happy watching that video but i don’t understand what they are talking about. so, i hope you can give the sub for the video of bts soon for dong-hae couple fans.

    thank you soooo much


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