Lee Da-hae Fly To Hong Kong to attend a Charity Event – [Photos and Videos]


Lee Da-hae traveled today to Hong Kong to attend a charity dinner called “Honoring Life Delivering Compassion” organized by “Giuseppe Zanotti” I don’t know much info about the event itself but she will be only spending 12 hours there and then will travel back to Korea as the shooting schedule is tight for “Hotel King“.

The Korean media did make an interview with our girl and reported many pictures of her from Incheon airport and she looked amazingly gorgeous. I love her outfit today, casual yet sexy. And that blue ripped sweater (I am not sure how to call it) is rather unique but I really like it with that  with white tank top underneath it. And her hair and make up is perfect as well, so no complains at all here ❤

Also media and fans was waiting for her at the airport in Hong Kong and reported pictures of her from which that picture above and more you can also check below ^^

Here are pictures from Korean media ❤

Here is the video and interview with Da-hae in Incheon Airport subbed in English 🙂

Also fans spotted her shopping at the airport before the trip 😀

Here are some pictures from Hong Kong Media ❤

I am so happy to see so many fans welcome our girl in the airport in Hong Kong and she must have been happy too. And as always fans who saw her has praised her beauty and how friendly and approachable she was, shaking hand with fans and giving them time to take pictures of her ❤

You can see a video from the airport here (which I can’t embed here:( ) but here are more videos ^^

below more pictures taken by fans ^^


Also here is a short fan taken video from the airport as well 🙂

Credit: As Tagged, iamonlyhuman1981 and Hana Nguyen YT Channels



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae Fly To Hong Kong to attend a Charity Event – [Photos and Videos]

  1. ctaz

    Leaving her beloved Wookie behind…….


  2. I really like LDH. She’s so beautiful!


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