Lee Da-hae Attends “Honoring Life Delivering Compassion” Charity Dinner and Fly Back to Korea – [Photos and Videos]


Here we get some pictures and videos of Lee Da-hae attending “Honoring Life Delivering Compassion” Charity Dinner in HongKong. She donated 200,000 HongKong Dollars there.

I am not a fan of the dress AT ALL but I like that it shows her long perfect legs and she looks great in that make-up and hair. And have to say that she rocks with the bag and shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti who organized the event 🙂

Shortly after the dinner she traveled back to South Korea as she had filming schedule for her drama “Hotel King“. Check below for more pictures from the event and from the airport 🙂

You can watch an interview with her at the event here

In the interview Da-hae mentioned that she has visited Hong Kong several times because she has relatives there. So sometimes for work and some times for vacation or to eat and enjoy the delicious food there.

She mentioned again how hard the filming for Hotel King is and that she don’t have enough time to sleep so she want to take a rest for one or two months after she finish filming in which she may go to USA or else where to recharge.

And when asked if she has plan to go to China soon she said that she might go to China after Hotel King not for filming a project but to meet her fans there.

Also here is another video from the event and from the airport as well

At the airport in Hong Kong Fans got to say goodbye to Da-hae and based on fans accounts, they said she was tired and had many bodyguards around her but she kept smiling and when she saw the fans specially one Chinese fan who she saw many times before she told the bodyguards “She is my old friend” so she can come closer to her fans and she started signing autographs, taking many selfies with them and even suggested to take a group picture, isn’t she the sweetest EVER ^^

As always fans say when they meet her, they keep praising how warm she is towards her fans and just feels like a friend or a sister when she talks to them. Very friendly and fans added that they felt that she didn’t want to leave them to get on the plane and and while they watched her passing airport security, she turned around and she jumped while waving at them like a kid and then she gave them a goodbye kiss!!!!  (ooh how I wish I was there, and I am again envy fans for being able to get so close to my girl, kkk 😀 )

Here are some pictures from the fans before Da-hae departure ❤

LDH_Fans_1 LDH_Fans_2

They also presented a handmade doll they made for “Ah Mo Ne” her character in “Hotel King” (You can see her stylist holding it in the second picture)


And indeed she looked really so tired in those pictures posted by Korean media when she arrived to Korea, my poor girl T_T

Credit: As Tagged, LDH Baidu and Boy Bí Ẩn YT Channel


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