Lee Da-Hae Interview in Hong Kong with Apple Daily

LDH Interview 1

During her visit to Hong Kong on 29th of June, Lee Da-hae had an interview with Apple Daily (HongKong) although not much surprising or new there but I am happy she got to do a full interview there and also I really like those pictures they posted along with the interview ❤

When interviewed, Da-hae mentioned that while filming her current drama Hotel King was tiring, she was very happy when she saw her passionate fans at the airport.

She also pointed out that her ideal type for a boyfriend has changed.  She would like to have some one whom she can share anything with and look forward to.  He doesn’t have to be tall or handsome.

Check below for the full interview and also more pictures from the Charity Dinner which Da-hae attended there.

LDH Interview 2

Since you are still filming Hotel King, aren’t you tired to attend the event?

Yes, it’s tiring but I feel happy to be able to come to HongKong.  Although it’s only a couple of hours, I almost teared up when I saw my fans greeting me passionately at the airport and that I was provided with this beautiful room and good food by the event sponsor.

Any specific thing you like to do here in Honk Kong?

There are so many places that I want to visit.  But I can’t do that since I still have to shoot for the drama.  Luckily, I had really good food here at the hotel and a room with a full view of Hong Kong, even though I couldn’t go out, I am still happy.

Have you attended any charity events before?

I always wanted to but have not done so due to work.  Maybe it sounded like an excuse (I should have been more proactive) but I will go without condition to these type of events if I am invited.

LDH Interview 3

Do you know Hotel King is very popular in China and HongKong?

I have heard about it but yes, I was surprised.  Although I was very tired and had thought about giving up but seeing my Hong Kong fans today, I really wanted to work harder and show a better side of me for my oversea fans.

Ever thought about working with Hong Kong actors or directors?

Of course if I get invited.  I watched some HongKong movies when I was little, and the big 4s were very popular back then like Andy Lau, Arron Kwok (Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung).  I would love to take part in a HongKong movie if I get the script because HongKong movies are beautifully filmed. (there is no surprise about Da-hae mentioning Andy Lau, it has been her dream to work with him since FOREVER and she always mention his name whenever she is asked such question, I really hope her dream come true one day)

Any roles that you want to challenge?

A lot.  Historical drama, a sincere melo, or a very sad melo etc.  I am interested in everything.  If it’s a HongKong film, I want to try action.

Do you want to be in a relationship since you’ve been working all the time?  What is your ideal type?

Not currently.  Back then I had some expectations on height and appearance but now I only wanted someone whom I match with and look forward to and that’s enough.

Any plans after Hotel King?

I will rest for about 1 to 2 months and work hard again after recharge.

Credit: As Tagged | Translation: Noc9 @ Soompi



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6 responses to “Lee Da-Hae Interview in Hong Kong with Apple Daily

  1. Annya

    Wow our girls idol type keeps on changing LOL.Now she wants somone who matches her not some tall and handsome.But wookie is tall and handsome isn’t it?So Dahae are u saying wookie is ur ideal or not?
    TQ dear i haven’t seen those pic earlier and loved the question.


  2. sassygirl94

    I really she really mean 1 or 2 months!!! Do not too much time Da Hae, we will miss you!!!


    • Yes I really hope so, I always miss her too but from HK latest press conference she repeated that again and said she is reviewing a movie project for her next work after that vacation.

      Really wish that is true, I am dying to see her making her big screen debut for long time now *Praying*


  3. I understand her why her ideal type changed because handsome and tall man is something not really graceful or he acts like ruler.
    when I was young, I had that expectation too; but changing expectation when I am over 27.


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