FNC Releases AMAZING Dong-Hae Couple Pictures ❤ ❤

I am not sure how to thank Lee Da-hae‘s agency FNC Entertainment for releasing those amazing pictures of Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook filming a scene for “Hotel King” despite the bad weather conditions.

I have been staring at those pictures since the morning and although I usually don’t like posting spoilery pictures and I did hesitate before putting them here but in the end I just couldn’t resist as I can’t control my excitement ^^

I don’t need any comment to describe the pictures, just enjoy ❤

And here is the message from FNC with the pictures ^^

#LeeDa-hae and #LeeDongWook at Jeongdongjin
The shooting was not easy due to heavy weather conditions. However, sweet guy Lee Dong-Wook literally saves Lee Da-hae !
MBC #Hotelking EP25 will be aired this Saturday on 9:55pm.

Credit: FNC Facebook Account



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13 responses to “FNC Releases AMAZING Dong-Hae Couple Pictures ❤ ❤

  1. Annya

    Couple in Black.I love what DH is wearing .Simple and nice.Is he going to give Mone kiss on the beach 😉


  2. It is speculated that FNC made the photos public in preparation for a big announcement latter on the status of our couple. Either way it is much appreciated by all DongHae shippers.


  3. i hope they real couple :))))


  4. nad

    they are so sweet together =) and this is not even like the scene in the drama! this is donghae for real..


  5. Doll

    Love this couple….they both look great together!


  6. Love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look so perfect couple!!!!!!!! Hope it’s real.


  7. joan fan

    All the best to Donghae..they are GREAT team as a couple. More shows of them will made all their fans glue to the square box.


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