Hotel King – Episodes 23 and 24 [Thoughts]

WOW, this was one amazing week for our drama. It has been sometime since I was this satisfied with our drama episodes and this may be one of the best weeks for our drama overall.

We got lots of developments on our main story with more revelations and twists and also our couple took a BIG step in their relationship and their fight to get back the hotel.

I really hope this pace will remain till the drama ends after four more weeks.

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • It is such an amazing feeling seeing our couple standing up defending their love and refuse to let go of each other whatever the pressures they face from people around them specially MN. Yes I think no noble idiocy anymore which I was actually afraid that it will be MN turn to have it this time but she really made me so proud not only in this but in the whole her actions in those two episodes ❤
  • Baek did talk to RL about her being in Chairman Ah before his death and said she was indeed there but she didn’t kill him and that makes me happy as it seems the drama won’t indeed go there. As I said before, I need to see Baek’s redemption and that would be really hard if she was the killer.
  • At last we see a start of the punishment for the VP as his wife and daughter left him after they hear the recording of him talking about giving the medication to chairman Ah. I guess Baek is the one sent that to him. So, at least now he lost his family he always cherished and his daughter he loved dearly don’t want to see him again. YAY for that, really this man is pure evil.
  • It is about time to see MN realizing WH feeling for her and I am happy she did open up with him saying what she feels and he did the same although I was really sad for him because he is really a good and kind person. That made WH and JW makes more honest talk about their love for MN which I also liked and liked how MN reacted as she don’t want to hurt any of them. Also at last we get to see some bonding between WH and his father and through that we know the reason that may made WH attracted to MN that much because she looks like his late sister when she smiles, and his father told him that his sister didn’t want him to meet for a girl similar to her T_T

  • After ignoring them for too long which made me sad, we saw some development in our front desk cute couple relationship. I really like their dynamics together and hoped they would be given more screen time for their love line. So, seeing them on a date really made me happy ❤

The Bad

  • I think I keep repeating myself but again I am not happy with the fact that MN don’t know about JW’s whole past yet and that we see JW is making most of the steps in their fight to get the hotel back. Yes we know they are working together and he shares most of the information with her and vice versa but I really want to see her making some movement there. It is her fight and her hotel, she did do some things like before, helping in that poisoning incident and in these episodes I think she was the one posted the info about Baek’s plan of the hotel disposal on the employees board and also she want to get close to the hotel staff to win them and use their small shares afterwords but no this is all not enough for me. Yes I am not a fan of the statement that JW said “I will get back everything you have lost from now on“, I know he is doing this out of his love for her and also because he find it his duty to do this good thing to also forgive himself about the wrong doings he did to chairman Ah, but isn’t this the journey of the heiress to fight for her hotel and love?? so I can’t accept not seeing MN having more effect in this power war. Of course she needs JW and she can’t fight alone as she already said but I want see her more from her side 😦
  • I am not sure why that dating scene between our couple with that short?? I think they really wasted that amazing view (the one in the top picture) and not spending enough time there. Is it too much to ask to see our couple smiling and have some playful time together with some happy background music or song?? yes I was disappointed.
  • CK is really pathetic now. I am just sad she is now turning to be the traditional Kdrama second female lead while I really think it is just useless at this point. I would have gone along with that if it was from the start but now, I think it is out of her character which the writer built through the drama. As we discover she witnessed the kiss between MN and JW from Ep 22, she felt betrayed and used by JW because he couldn’t keep his promise not going to MN which was CK’s condition to help him. So, first she staged some party just to make her friends humiliate MN which was pretty low move from her side. Then after she discovers that the VP is JW’s father and he offered her a deal to help him buy the part of the hotel Baek going to sell she accepts and she tried to convince MN to make JW leave and she will help her instead to get the hotel. Although it seems she is doing this out of care for JW and her worries about him being near VP but is escaping the solution? and couldn’t she actually help him by not making the VP powerful any more??
  • RL, I am toggling in my feelings towards him from week to week. This week his actions is just a disappointment for me. I really understand his struggle specially knowing he is still in connection to gangsters till now and of course his insecurities about losing the woman he consider his mother and not wanting to lose her love (yes I don’t think he is after the money as the VP said) but I think he went too far by deceiving his “mother” and showed her a picture of a woman to be JW’s mother (with the help from the VP) when Baek started to think that JW is her real son after knowing that he is the VP’s son which is leading now for Baek to fight and hurt her own son. WHY RL, WHY? but as JW finally got to discover about RL being his old friend from childhood, I really hope he got to understand what JW went through and at least stop Baek from hurting her son without knowing.
  • Again some editing and cut problem that annoys me. I really think they edited out part of that message MN wrote and distributed on the hotel staff but they didn’t air all her voice over I guess. I don’t think she just wrote “I want to thank each one of you in Ciel, I love you all“, I guess it meant to have more impact than just saying that and also the writing is pretty long to be just this.

General Thoughts

  • The VP discovers that Baek is his old lover and JW’s mother which didn’t die as he thought. And we knew more info about that accident as he indeed lost his leg because of it. He did confront Baek that he already knows now about her true identity and even revealed in front of her and everyone in the hotel that JW is his son. I am not sure though why he did that, but I guess he wants to use JW again as a card in his war against Baek now and to make RL on his side. But JW is the one who felt like hell but at least he had MN beside him and comforting him after that and even stop the VP to come near him

  • Although JW followed Baek to that old house of hers as we saw in the end of Ep 22 and continued in Ep 23 but he didn’t discover about her and that house because that traitor in his team (Alex Character) did follow Baek’s character and told him wrong information. So, he also still didn’t discover about that poisoning incident and who behind it.
  • I have forgot to mention that last week (sorry T_T) but actually we got introduced to a new character named “John Hward” played by Yoo Gun who Baek and RL is trying to make a deal with to dispose the hotel and sell it in pieces. She started making problems in the hotel like room rate increase and the poisoning incident so the share price will go down and she has more reasons to sell each part and she is starting with the water park. But now JH is actually working with the VP and CK as well.

  • Chairman Ah was really a smart person although he did trust the wrong people but he did hide that last diary he wrote cleverly in the library and also when knew about RL being after the hotel, he did create a paper company and made RL invest in it and it was all fake. JW discovered about the diary and handed it to MN but we still didn’t know what he wrote there. And also he was able to buy some 20% of Ciel shares from minor shareholders and stopped the sell of the water park which he also tried to stop it by aligning with WH’s dad to be a buyer. So it seems he had Plan A and B, smart move 🙂

Scenes Highlight

  • Oh that scene between MN and JW in Garden Scene was just heartbreaking, warm and sweet at the same time. I really loved how considerate MN is for WH feelings and still show her care about JW. Also loved how JW got the perfect answer for her message and now declares he is the one who will be waiting for her. Again the dialogue was AMAZING although it was direct ❤

MN: Cha Jae Wan, if I hold onto your hand someone will get hurt… And you may get hurt because of me, again. Help me so I can stand alone.
JW: I lied to you again. The promise that I wouldn’t get greedy, I can’t keep it. I don’t think I’ve let go of you even for a moment. It may sound selfish but I live because of you. Coming up to the point where I can at least see you was enough. Just stay like that, please. Until I have the right. Now, I will wait for you.

  • That scene in which MN was serving CK and her friends in that staged party and got repeatedly humiliated by them was really great. I was actually teary and felt so sad for MN in that scene but I was so proud of her for not even feeling that for herself for one second and did endure all their actions with pride. And of course it ended perfectly when JW came to stop this whole act but again I was proud of her for telling him to leave and then also telling him to go after CK because she is hurt because of them. MN is just an amazing human being ❤
  • Again MN keeps me happy when she declared before everyone that she and JW are in love and defended both of them against the scandal Baek started about them and not only that but she went to CK and refused her proposal to help her to get her hotel back if she let JW leave and her words to CK was just AMAZING again and I really loved how Da-hae acted in that scene ^^

MN: I can’t let JW go to the states or to you. Not anywhere
CK: What can you do for him then? whine more? misunderstand him?
MN: Song Chae Kyung, I am sorry but I don’t buy that anymore. Not everyone in love is capable of doing anything for their lovers like you. They rely on each other and might even hurt each other. Sometimes they fight and break up or even get back together again. I can’t do anything for him like you can but I still have to protect Cha Jae Wan
CK: Yes, you can say that because he still only loves you. But then, what about Lee Jung Ku?
MN: You just said that there’s only me to Cha Jae Wan. He just has to look at me and he can hide behind my back. It isn’t his fault So I can’t make him give up his love just because of his father.
CK: I have a card that can save or destroy this hotel. Are you still going to refuse my offer?
MN: Yes, without him neither Ciel nor I will make it. I will hold Cha Jae Wan and I will do whatever I can for him.
CK: OK, leave now.
MN: If you hadn’t given me this flight ticket, I wouldn’t have realized how I felt or how he really feels about me. You made me realize all that.

And here are video and Gifs from that scene in which MN confessed her love 🙂

  • Although those were quite short as I mentioned above but our couple were really cute in that care scene after their date and when they exchanged messages after they got home showing how much they know each other ^^. And of course that Forehead, Eye and lips Kiss in the capsule garden in which they shared their first kiss before and also in which MN confessed her love to JW before was just so beautiful and romantic. After JW said before he don’t make promises now he expressed he wants to make promise he can keep and confessed his love for MN there. Both of them looked SO PRETTY in that scene and my heart melted watching how MN and JW touched each other hands and JW looking at MN while kissing her and ooh the hug *faint* ❤ and again I would share their lovely dialogue 🙂

JW: For the first time since I was born I want to make a promise that I have to keep.
MN: Cha Jae Wan, you told me that you’d wait for me. It’s time for you to come to me now.
JW: Won’t you regret what you said?
MN: If I let you keep hesitating you won’t ever be able to date nor get married your whole life. I am here to save you.
MN: I hated you a lot, every moment of every day I blamed you and did everything to get you out of my heart. Now I am taking your back into my heart again.
JW: You must be hurt
MN: It must’ve been like hell for you.
JW: Mo Ne, As I love you more and more my sins will grow bigger. Do I still can hold you?
MN: We should do lots of good things from now on.

  • Just WOW, the Bromance scenes in this drama is just amazing as well. Really Jin Tae Hyun is doing AMAZING job in those scenes, I really can feel his inner feelings and comflicts. Also he is cute and lovely and with that weird dialogue it gives so much feels and I can’t blame JW for taking the wrong idea about RL because I keep feel the same too watching those scenes, LOL 😉

And that last scene when JW discovered that RL is his old friend and went to see him was SOO GOOD. So much FEEELS specially with RL eyes and his hands letting JW’s jacket, that moment was my favorite, I really can’t wait to see the rest of the scene in the next episode ❤

Now here is a fan video from those episodes ❤

Credit: taecpls chakyeongongju and linheys @ Tumblr, MBC Drama and kpopliciousable04 YT Channels


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