Drooling over Dong-Hae Couple BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

Sorry Chinggus I know I am late posting these, but better late than never right? and there was no way I would miss posting those here 🙂

I still can’t get over those BTS videos and pictures of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook from “Hotel King“. Those could be actually my favorite of Dong-Hae couple off screen moments till now from both “My Girl” and “Hotel King” ❤

I am not sure what is happening to me but I am totally an addict to them and I can’t stop replaying all their moments from both their dramas and BTS, I need to find some solution before they ruin my life completely. Or may be they already did?? kk^^

Brace yourselves and be prepared for some mind blowing and swoon worthy moments 😉

First BTS video is from the kiss scene at the end of EP 22, enjoy the video with Eng Subs ❤

How they can be this CUTE and SO CLOSE to each other. They are taking my breath away while laughing like this ^^ I can’t get over that moment when Wookie pulled Da-hae near him ❤

In that specific moment here is additional translation of what Wookie said *squeeee*

DW: That’s too close.
*But while DH started to move away he then start moved closer to her*
DW: Ya, where are you going? Sit in this way/like this.

After they both became really close Da-hae started to say her line which supposed to be “Yeppoda/Beautiful” but she just said “Yeppo” and couldn’t stop laughing and Wookie then said “Da” completing the word and they both burst in laughter. Then Da-hae finally said “Yeppoda” while holding the necklace and looking at Wookie who looked lovingly to her, ooh MY HEART THAT look ❤

And here is additional Gif for Wookie’s kissing rehearsal, LOL 😀

And I need to add this one, they were filming but we didn’t see this ending for the scene in the drama but it was SO SEXY how wookie was touching Da-hae face there after this kissed ❤

Now enjoy the amazing stills and BTS pictures from that kiss scene ❤

Another BTS video we got is from the back hug and sleeping on couch scene in Ep 21 ^^ Gong Hyun Joo was there too 🙂

It amazing to know that Wookie did change the lines at that back hug scene from just “Cry” to “If you want to cry, Cry” it felt so much better this way indeed *Applaud for Wookie*

In that sleeping on couch scene, apparently both were very tired and Wookie did take the chance and really slept at the end, how cute it was when Da-hae was waking him up after the director said “CUT” 😀

And here are more lovely Gifs ❤

Here are some stills and BTS pictures from the scenes ^^

Also to enjoy the BTS videos in HD check here and here and now more BTS pictures from other scenes ^^

Haha, Da-hae enjoying playing games in breaks. CUTE ^^

Credit: HK Official Website, MBC Cupitter,   and iamonlyhuman1981 YT Channel | Translation: Hana Nguyen YT Channel and elisessi @ Soompi



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4 responses to “Drooling over Dong-Hae Couple BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

  1. sweet pinky

    thank u soooo much for all the photos and video. i think there is something between them, isn’t??


  2. Sandy

    We’re in the same boat; I don’t know what’s happening to me either! They look ridiculously good together maybe that’s why! 🙂 insane amount of shipping. Haha


  3. love all pictures! thank you.


  4. Annya

    Wookie loves to tease our girl for sure LOL in that sofa scene abt her dress 😉 Wookie i feel i am watching couple playing and arguing when watching them.


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