Dong-Hae Couple and “Hotel King” Playful Cast


OH again one happy day kk^^

Hotel King” DC Gallery fans updated us with pictures of our Dong-Hae couple and other cast members after their visit to the filming site yesterday showing their support and providing food and gifts and no need to repeat myself again about how I feel seeing those pictures of our couple 😉

So I will leave you to enjoy them and also more pictures of the cute and beautiful cast hanging together making funny poses which they posted in their SNS accounts ❤


And here is a translation of a fan account from HK DC about how our couple ended up in those poses in the two pictures above ^^

I came early for the event. It was raining and the preparation was a bit late and I was wearing a skirt.

Suddenly a white van stopped and Mr. Cha (LDW) came out in a grey suit. The moment he got out of the car, he rubbed his eyebrows and said “I’m so tired”. Yep, the pose he made when he built that swing. A total gasp moment for me. Apparently in the morning, he had shot the scene in the office where RL revealed his identity to BMN. And in the evening, he would shot the scene where he cried in the mountain with BMN. So all day crying must be exhausting physically and mentally. He’s such a tall, thin, and fair guy. He’s got such a charisma that’s hard to copy. He looked so tired so all I could do was offer him some coffee. And he said yes.

So he was giving his autograph for the Gallery, about 3 minutes later, a gray van arrived. The door opened and it’s Ah Boksoon (LDH)!! I was loss for words! I’m not lying, her face is literally only the size of a big potato. Her body is also flawless, her arms and legs seem to go for miles. I was more amazed than seeing Miss Korea. Even when wearing her maid outfit, she still shined. Plus, her speech and expressions are very warm. She said stuff like “Wow, you guys are working so hard even when it’s raining“, “OMG, thanks so much“, and “This is really delicious“. I almost died being showered with such praises. Booksoon, you’re really such a goddess!

Seeing that Boksoon came, Mr. Cha approached Booksoon with a happy face. I said “Please take a proof shot in front of the banner. Boksoon said “Oppa, put your hand like this” and Mr. Cha followed suit “Like this?“. So that’s how the picture was made, as if they’re the owners of the food carts. (The 2nd picture above)

We all know the Chamo couple’s chemistry. Boksoon fits right into (Mr Cha’s) short but wide shoulder. Perfect height difference. Even while taking the picture, I was admiring them so much. I said “I’ll take one more” and they changed their pose. (The 1st pic above)

Translation from Chinese: ditditdutdut @ Soompi

And here are more pictures of our girl ❤


Seems like our cast had a lot of fun that day even if they are really tired, may be cause of the fans they did have more break time and so they took so many cute pictures together ❤

Gong Hyun Joo Updated her Weibo with lots of them ^^

Here are Gifs for the funny pictures (Credit: krispink08 @ Soompi) 😀

Pics_Gif_1 Pics_Gif_2

And here are some fans taken pictures of the cast while taking those pictures ^^

Da-hae also updated her Twitter about our amazing Cha So Wan (Aka Gong Hyun Joo in Hotel King) who always takes great care of her, ooh how sweet of her ^^

Here is translation of her message: 

(Youdao Translation: Cha So Wan personally made popcorn, sweet potatoes, eggs ~ for a week arranged this for me to eat, she takes care of me very much, really a good friend ~ )

Gong Hyun Joo also updated her Weibo also with pictures with tired Lee Da-hae 😦

I really love how close they are together, I love their on screen womance A LOT and they always looks cute together in pictures ❤

Here is her message:

好朋友Dahae♡ 她太疲劳了 加油加油!

(Google Translation: My friend Dahae ♡ she was too tired refueling refueling! )

I know we are seeing RL and JW bromance on screen but off screen we can also enjoy Wookie and Seulong bromance kk^^


Credit: Seulong InstagramGong Hyun Joo Weibo and HK DC



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8 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple and “Hotel King” Playful Cast

  1. wow….lovely pics…they are having so much fun and it’s great to see their off screen camaraderie 🙂


  2. I hope LDW and LDH work other project after HK.


  3. SeraphineK

    Kang hye jung? She is tablo’ wife. Cha soo wan played by gong hyun joo


  4. Erfripa



  5. nnn

    thks a lot^^


  6. lucymaturan

    I like the friendship that had been developed between the casts. Love Cha Su Wan! Hope they will have a reunion project too. Cheers!


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