Hotel King – Episodes 25 and 26 [Thoughts]

I am overwhelmed with emotions after watching this week’s episodes and I even can’t stop replaying them specially Ep 26. And I think I will never get over that episode EVER. I was both heartbroken and SO happy watching it (If that is even possible)

I must say that I am out of words to describe how AMAZING our OTP scenes were in that episodes. Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook really took the romance to another level. Pouring us with so much emotions in those scenes that felt so raw, real and just left me speechless ❤

And I should also praise them because they really did a very good job in their dramatic/melo scenes as well.

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • I have been waiting to see that happening and at last MN got to know about JW’s past when JW told her all about it and his relation with RL.
  • I doubted before if the gangster JW’s thought he killed him might not really be dead, and we found out this week that he indeed was alive only got injured in his leg from JW’s shot when RL told him about his life after he disappeared. So, the VP did lie to JW once again and tried to control him with that. I am happy that JW don’t have that burden for being Jayden the killer anymore. That was the thing that made always believe he don’t deserve to be human and always felt guilty about it. So, discovering this now (although it is surely late) makes him totally FREE from that guilt forever.
  • Again, although I felt it should have been mentioned earlier (as many other similar situations before) but we got our answer about CSA and her past with JW after we questions about it when Lay Kim appeared in Ep 9. So, we know now that she was the victim of sexual harassment incident before (I guess that is why she stood up for MN when she face similar situation) and because JW did announce it publicly she got hurt a lot from people misunderstanding the situation and also her Fiancee left her because of it but also JW saved her when she tried to commit suicide and helped her family which is the reason she is so loyal to him now and why she mentioned before about taking breath.
  • I was so happy that MN was the first to discover about Baek being JW’s mother before he did. Because that means he won’t take the shock by himself but MN will be there knowing about it already. First she discovered that the woman in the old picture her father hide was JW’s mother then she found a picture of that woman with a child putting that necklace JW told her about in Baek’s office and when she knew from the little Ciel owner about that woman and how her father and the VP did bad things to her, she concluded that she is indeed his mother and that is the whole reason behind her actions in Ciel. But I love how MN handled the situation after she knew about that. While she didn’t tell JW directly after, but I totally understand her reasons and what she wanted to do. As she told RL when questioned if she will tell JW and she said “I am not sure, I can only think about how to save him right now“. So, lets see why she couldn’t tell JW right away although I think she was indeed going to tell him when she called and said she wants to meet him at little Ciel as she mentioned.
    • JW told her that how happy he was that he got to visit his mother’s grave and that the VP at least took care of it. So, at this very moment and while seeing him that happy to meet his own mother even after death, it was impossible for her to break his heart.
    • Baek tried to kill him just in the morning of that day she discovered all that. So, how she would tell him that his own mother is the one tried to kill him?
    • JW suspects that Baek is involved in Chairman Ah death, so can he endure the fact that his mother is a killer?

So, she tried to find some answers before she decide to tell him and she really tried to find ways to try to make the shocking truth has less impact on JW. Here what she did:

    • She showed her love to JW and indirectly assuring him that she will never leave her side for any reason and also make him promise not to let her go as well.
    • She went to Baek questioning her about her father’s death to try to find the truth fast and wishing that Baek wasn’t the killer.
    • She put some sense into RL head (who really needed it) Trying to make him understand the situation JW was in when he left him behind and also asking for his help to stop JW and Baek from fighting each other because he can’t fight his mother as he won’t take it if he was the one behind putting her in jail after he did something similar to his father before. And also asked him to leave with Baek to USA to put an end to all this.

While RL did indeed listen to her and got along with JW again as his hyung and their plan seemed to work as JW decided to let Baek go and only dismiss her as the Chairwoman without putting her in Jail but in the end, but JW discovered how Baek was planning with John Hward to announce Ciel bankruptcy and he called the police to arrest her without telling MN or RL. (I am not sure why he needed to do that thought although her dismiss would have still been enough but may be he didn’t want to risk not succeeding in her dismiss plan and that would led to losing Ciel) After that he then discovered the old picture of him and his mother in her office which led him to doubt about her identity but at least MN did tell him at that point that she indeed is his mother. So, now Baek is the only one who don’t know this truth.

The Bad

  • Every time I see WH, I really feel sad for him. I was still hopeful for him to has his own love line which was supposed to be with Da Bae (the VP’s daughter) as per the relationship chart we saw before the beginning of the drama but I guess the writer did drop that line already a while ago with no progress in it at all and also now we even don’t see Da Bae anymore.
  • I didn’t know when MN knew about the name of JW’s mother which made her know right away that the woman in the old picture is his mother??? did I miss something or I guess this is another hole in the script??

General Thoughts

  • PLEASE,  I really can’t endure that VP anymore. I did mention that before but really I WANT HIM DEAD. Please drama at least give me that, could you?? I don’t remember I had this feeling for any character ever before but really I can’t stand seeing his face on my screen. Not only he did all that to his own son from lying to torturing him his whole life, rejecting to admit he is really his son but he is enjoying planning to make the son and mother fighting each other and showed JW a fake grave for his mother. OH MY, I think EVIL is not enough word to describe him anymore.
  • OOH I am so worried about Baek’s plan now, did she set up some evidences to put JW in jail ??? how she was so confident when she was going to jail and how she told JW that he will lose everything makes me really worried.
  • After being caught by CSA and Baek breaking her promise with him to be general manager for NY hotel, Yoo Joon Sung (Alex’s Character) confessed that he indeed worked with Baek to JW. He was the one putting camera in MN house, the one who helped in her in that perfume incident and also the poisoning incident.

Scenes Highlight

We have so many great scenes this week that I need to mention, so this will be a long list 🙂

  • I can’t get over that scene between RL and JW, I know I have mentioned last week as well but as we get its continuation this week I wanted to post it fully. Again I repeat myself saying I really LOVE the bromance here, usually I like bromance much much more when it involves more grown ups and adult men rather than flower boys. And that is the case here, oh my heart aches watching them crying like this T_T

  • Also I want to highlight some of the cute scenes between our OTP this week, I guess the common between the ones here is that MN was always there to comfort JW whenever he felt sad or needed encouragement.
    • So, we see her doing that after JW find out about Yoo Joon Sung (Alex’s Character) betrayal

    • And also after knowing about RL being his old friend (ooh how cute she touched his face kk^^)

    • Also when she told him about his mother and taught him how to say hello to her then kissed him on the cheek ❤ but I also want to say that I was so touched when JW started touching his mother’s face in the picture and saying “I am Hyu Won, Hello”

  • I think you would know why I loved that scene with JW and the VP, although I was scared that JW really would kill him but it was a relief he didn’t. I already mentioned how much I want the man dead but no way I would have accepted that JW be the one to kill him. But I loved seeing the VP so scared and asking for forgiveness from JW and the most important that JW did at last leave him behind without any regret or feeling to turn around anymore like he did before. He finally got rid of all the connections between him and that man and his statement “From now on there is no more Lee Jung Ku. I just killed him.” was just PERFECT

  • Another bromance scene that amazed me, is the one in which JW and RL started playing ball together. While they didn’t say a word to each other during that but ooh their eyes and how JW was happy to again be able to play with his old friend ❤

  • I was really teary seeing JW at his mother’s grave or so he thought. The way he was even dressing before going and how he cried there saying “I’m sorry… That I couldn’t come here any earlier. I thought…  You wouldn’t want to see me. I heard that you named me. Thank you… Motherooh, and it did hurt me more and made me so heart broken for him because we know he was actually deceived T_T

  • Again I was teary watching MN crying in front of JW when they met in little Ciel after she knew about Baek being his mother and couldn’t tell him as she saw him happy telling her he visited his mother’s grave and saying “Cha Ja Won, let’s escape from here together“. She is ready to give up the hotel just to protect him from getting hurt again T_T (Really loved Da-hae’s in it)

  • Then we got another sad beach scene when JW told MN the reason he is not willing to escape anymore saying “I told you that the environment I grew up in was a very horrible place. You can’t imagine how bad it was. I was beaten all day without knowing the reason and I couldn’t fight against them because I was too young. Ju Han and I lived through it with the hope that we’d be able to escape one day. The situation is different now, since I have strength and a reason to stand and fight against my enemies. That’s you, Mo Ne.” but at least they end it with a cute piggyback, ooh I always love piggybacks and this one was really SO CUTE, with first MN saying she is jealous because JW keeps talking about his mom and he run after her with the umbrella then offering her a piggyback, LOVED IT. And MN really looked like a child when she was playing jealous and then when she got on JW’s back and started to move her legs playfully, CUTE^^

  • The balcony scene in little Ciel is my favorite scene in those 2 episodes. It started with back Hug and ended with passionate kiss and was the best intro to the love making scene after that and that is because of how touching it was to watch MN crying like this and saying one of the most amazing lines which left me teary again T_T and I would like to quote that here ❤

MN: The amount of love you get in life is the same for everyone. If you aren’t loved by many people, then you’ll be loved a lot by one person. And if you weren’t loved as a child, you’ll be loved more as an adult. It’s fair, isn’t it?
MN: Hyun Woo, From now on I’m your mother, sister and lover. I’ll be with you forever. You weren’t loved when you were young, so I’ll love you even more now to make up for it. I’ll love you and protect you forever. you only need to think of me.
JW: I won’t let go of you until I die.
MN: No, don’t let go of me even after you die.

  • OOH everything in that Love Making scene was just PERFECT. Yes, who wouldn’t want more close up or clear light to take much clear look on their wall kiss but I really think it was THE BEST as it was although it wouldn’t have hurt if it was longer kk ^^ That blue light and how slow the camera moved closer and then away from them without interrupting the flow of the scene with much cuts and edits made me think I was really sneaking on real lovers in their most intimate moments ❤ not only the scene was really hot and the kisses were very passionate but the amount of emotions I got from every movement and word between our couple was indescribable!!!! Their heavy breathing, eyes kissing, then slowly JW unbuttoning his shirt with the help from MN, then MN touching his scars with him trembling and having goosebumps, then how JW said the magical words “I LOVE YOU” and then they start hugging and kissing so passionately with a posture in which they make a big heart shape. OOOH I really won’t give this scene justice and I will just leave you to watch it with also a sweet bed hug in the end ❤ ❤

  • OOH that ambush/surprise kiss, JW is basically eating MN’s mouth LOL 😀 that was after he knew he was never been a killer and did confront and finally got rid of every connection or feeling for the VP so JW called MN to come to his house which made her worry actually. But he then surprised her with that kiss, as he was so happy and with no burdens anymore specially that actually was the only thing MN didn’t know about him anymore and now he even don’t need to worry if he need to tell her and so he said “It is done now. It is all over. Nothing is left with me” But what I really like about this scene is that rather than seeing the heroine in such cases being stiff and with her eyes open in such surprise kiss scenes, this scene was different because we know how much those two love each other already. So, it was really cute and sweet that sound from MN and also how she gave up in the end for the kiss ❤ but the couch scene after that was SO REAL I must say, the genuine smiles from both MN and JW, the sparkle in their eyes and how playful they were. You feel like watching real lovers already ❤

  • Another amazingly cute scene for our OTP is the Balcony hug Scene, again the raw emotions you see there are incredible. From their smiles to how tight JW pulled MN and hugged her and even while hugging in that far away shot kk^^

  •  Of course we were left with a major cliffhanger after MN told JW about Baek being his mother and him running after the car taking her to the prison, JW how you can be this pitiful? how can you endure all this with MN and  us as viewers to see you suffering like this?? T_T

Now, I will leave you with a couple of amazing movies for those amazing episodes we got ❤

Credit: purplebass@soompi, eluvnel, linheys @ Tumblr and MBC Drama, TheMsAyoko12 and kpopliciousable04 YT Channels



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6 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 25 and 26 [Thoughts]

  1. itamasita

    real couple… they so naturaly and more adlib scenes… hope they announcement their dating soon…


  2. andie

    omo!i really love Dong-Hae! their sweetness onscreen and off screen is too much to handle.. i really hope they become a real couple.. ❤


  3. donnabelle

    the best episodes so far,,,,bringing the love to the next level….. so touching and so real… it is incredible… you can just watch and re-watch ep 26 over and over again and cry and laugh with this beautiful couple… it is perfect can it get?


  4. MsiaFan

    we know both are well matched as a couple, but they did not win th edrama couple award for 2014. How is it so?


    • Don’t worry much about awards, there lots of factors that effect those and some are not that fair.
      But I have to admit the competition was so strong that year for this award did go to another lovely couple that I did love too.


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