Hotel King – Episodes 27 and 28 [Thoughts]

OH MY, I cried so much watching those episodes. And that is not because I am sad but because we got so many touching and heartfelt scenes and of course the highlight is the Son-Mom reunion. Those were indeed the most emotional episodes we got from “Hotel King” till now.

Again I need to praise Lee Dong Wook for his performance, IMO he is doing a really great job overall in the drama but this week’s episodes did show it more and more.

I really couldn’t write this post before I get next episode preview and make sure my worries are gone because they left us with the most painful cliffhanger ever in Ep 28 😀

Now, here are my thoughts for this week ^^

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • I really like that RL did reveal his reasons for hiding the truth to JW and how he told him about his mother’s love for him all this time. And I was happy that he was the one to reveal the truth about JW to Baek after he couldn’t stand the sight of Baek choking her own son specially after JW being all noble idiot once again requesting RL not to reveal his identity to Baek and leave with her to the states. I guess I needed to see RL doing this so I can forget about him hiding this for so long. I do feel for him so much and understand his reasons but I wanted that to also see that he is not afraid anymore of revealing this truth and that he came back to his rightful mind. I also need to say that I was really touched by all his scenes with JW and the scene of him and Baek before he leave and also when he talked to her on the phone when she was going to her old house. Jin Tae Hyun is great as always ❤

  • Seeing CK helping MN (or actually JW) to get Baek out even with realizing MN won’t be able to leave JW and even telling JW what MN requested from her was really good moment to see. That is my CK I loved before.
  • I liked the hint that RL and CK could get along together in the future. Their scene was touching as well and I always believe everybody deserves a happy life and these two I like to see them happy and it would be great if that happy life would be of them together, right? 😉 I liked that scene of them at the restaurant a lot too

The Bad

  • Please tell me this is not the last time I see RL in the drama. I was so sad to see him leave but I still didn’t mind it at this point as he really need to sort out his feelings and also cut all connection with those gangsters in USA but I need to see him again in the finale at least, he is surely one of JW’s family members, His old friend and the son who took care of his mother all this time. So, I need to see them together in the happy ending (yes I can’t accept other than a happy ending here).

General Thoughts

  • We see Baek embracing and welcoming MN as her son’s lover, telling her that she is not the one who killed her father and that she went to his office after she heard a crash and also giving her the diaries of her father. I really don’t know how much useful or important those anymore to the story. We didn’t see any hint about that part JW gave to MN or what it includes so, I am not putting hopes that those will be any difference.

  • Baek with her guilt feeling and revenge scheme, she planned to kill the VP and herself as well as she find this the only good thing to do for her son. Of course I don’t agree with her decision but I can understand her feelings. But unfortunately all her plan failed and the VP did make his counter plan already to make her sign to hand over her hotel shares to him and he even called JW to come to the scene. That scene was really hard to watch (seeing JW getting hit once again was really hard to see, the man really don’t get any break) and although it is not very logical as it is not necessary at all for the VP to do all this as he could do that by force while she is tied!!! So, why did he have to call JW to come? and how he actually know she has her seal at that time??  I decided to take it as him wanting to see both of the son and mother tortured seeing each other get hurt as his own revenge from Baek. The man is totally sick and could do that and it always amazes me each time how low he is!!! and he even say he feels bad seeing JW like this when he is using his injury to make Baek sign and saying that he is not his son?? what a shameless man !!!

  • We knew from CK that they will have a meeting to dismiss Baek as Chairman (that is the morning that Baek was released in and discovered about JW being her son) which already happened, but now when will they discuss who will be the new Chairman?

Scenes Highlight

  • The scene between JW and MN after he was shocked knowing the truth about Baek being his mother was a scene I totally wanted to see and ooh the feeels !! How JW looked so shocked and lost and how MN couldn’t see him like that and started to make him standup but then cried while saying sorry and embraced him and tenderly touched him. I was totally like MN at this point, wanted to hold JW. Oh just me remembering it I cry again. I really LOVED that scene and I loved Wookie and Da-hae in it ❤

  • I really liked the scene between JW and Yoo Joon Sung (Alex’s character) who betrayed him, what he told him was so touching and so true and I would like to write it here

JW: It is useless to fly to the states, I will use my network to keep you from getting a job at any hotel.
YJS: Okay, I kind of expected that.
JW: Then go back to your room and unpack your stuff. The fact that you betrayed your colleagues will stay in the back of your mind and you will regret it for the rest of your life. But you should recover your pride as a hotelier

  • The scene which JW started imagining his mother in her young days when she was taking their pictures and then imagining her as herself now wiping his tears and telling him not to cry is one of my favorite scenes in the drama overall. OH Wookie, watching him crying like this just hurt my heart T__T

  • Son-Mom reunion scenes were just so touching, I cried a lot. The moments I like the most are:
    • When Baek started choking JW, ooh how he just said “Please, Stop” and then tried to leave before RL reveal the truth. Of course Baek couldn’t believe at first but then JW showed her the necklace which was her present to him as a child and then called her mother and said “Mother, I am Hyun Woo” T___T (ooh Wookie was amazing and also Kim Hae Sook but I have to say I am not a fan of that part when Baek started to remember all what she did to her son not sure why but I it was hard for me to watch her)

    • Also when Baek calmed down and had that touching conversation with JW and when she started to wipe his tears like he imagined before and then that motherly hug between them, all was AMAZING

    • Also the scene when both JW and Baek got to go in their first date was so happy moment. Seeing them crying and smiling like this and enjoying being together at last after longing for each other for so long time was a wonderful moment ❤

  • Even though I cried alot but still we got some amazingly cute and lovely scenes ^^
    • OH, can’t describe my feelings watching that fountain and swing scene. How natural it was the moment of JW and MN holding each other inside the fountain and then THAT kiss on the swing!!! with JW stealing the kiss before MN making the move and then laughed while she reacted with that butterfly kiss and he started doing the same, ooh my how sweet ❤ ❤ This is one of the most unique and different kisses in dramaland ~~ (and it was too obvious that the teasing and milk spilling is totally Ad-Lib from Wookie and Da-hae but those always winners, hehe ^^) Also want to mention that I really liked the music played in that fountain scene ❤ (I really love the scene so I can’t resist to post lots of Gifs from it 😀 )

    • MN was so great trying to cheer JW specially with putting that guardian angel image in his room again and how symblic it is to have it now because now he got his mother who he can think of looking at that picture and I liked that hug in the end and again that cute sound MN did ^^ although I felt so sad for her in the rest of that scene when she got drunk and started apologizing to JW because she feels that her father and the hotel is the reason he got to fight his mother all this time but it was great when JW held her hand and left her to sleep in his bed ❤ I would like to write their conversation when MN was drunk here, it was really sad and I was teary watching MN 😦

MN: I was so worried that you wouldn’t want to see me any more. I am so mean and selfish, aren’t I?
I couldn’t imagine how much you must be hurting and suffering but on the other hand I was so scared that you would leave me again.
MN: I can’t live without you any more. I couldn’t sleep because I was worried and scared
JW: I promised you, I won’t leave you and I won’t go anywhere without you. I am the one holding on to you, Mo Ne.
MN: Without me, without my father and without this hotel, you wouldn’t fight with your mother like this. Then Cha Jae Wan could live happy.
MN: I am sorry, I am sorry to you for this. It makes my heart hurt
JW: Why would you say such a thing?
MN: I’m sorry Hyun Woo. I’m sorry Hyun Woo

    • That scene when MN made JW change his cloths and style when he was going to meet his mother was so cute. I approve what she did, no way he could go that meeting in his JM attire 😀

    • Also can’t resist posting that cute confession scene of our front desk couple ^^

In the end, while I know for sure our hero won’t be dead specially with 4 more episode to go in the drama but I still was so worried the writer would bring him back with amnesia or something so, it was a relieve to see the next episode preview and also know that Baek is not dead, seems that she will be in coma which I am OK with because it gives me hope she will be back may be after we get rid of the VP. But I want to see how they were saved though. We saw WH and MN arriving to the place after MN suspected that they will be there when WH told here Baek did buy that abandoned building but then there was explosion so, were they saved before that??

Also seems we will have “Lay Kim” character making a comeback after we saw him in Ep 9 and 10

Here is Ep 29 preview with Eng subs:

Also here is a fan made MV for those episodes ❤

Credit: eluvnel, linheys, ebjkk, p-b-e, kcelebs, elfogadunk and taecpls @ Tumblr , purplebass @ Soompi, MBC Drama, TheMsAyoko12 and HN YT Channels


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