Lee Da-hae: “Can you guess what will be Hotel King ending?”

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo on July 20th asking fans if they can guess the end of “Hotel King” along with the selca above.

The picture is obviously taken in hotel room while she as visiting Hong Kong last month. She looks really beautiful here ❤

Here is her message

酒店之王 还有三集就要播完了,你们有没有好好儿看呢? 你们猜是什么样的结局?

(Hotel King, Only 3 episodes left.  Have you watched it? Can you guess what will be the ending?)

I still can’t believe how time flew and we are going to have “Hotel King” ending next weekend!! (OK, I will stop here before I become emotional 😦 )

So, what do you think the ending will be?

Credit: LDH Weibo | Translation: nocturne9 @ Soompi



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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae: “Can you guess what will be Hotel King ending?”

  1. samzzy

    AQ, what a journey we have/had with CHAMO, my wish is the REAL WEDDING.
    Dahaeshhi if you read this amazing blog, (which I think you did), we just want the best for you, and through the white screen, and our limited knowledge of your private life, please get married, why waiting, the man is waiting for you there.


  2. i wish hotel king ends with a wedding, its too sad that my favorite kdrama is near its end with only two episodes left…i hope to see more shows of lee da hae and lee dong wook together though. i also wish lee da hae would guest on the show roommate.


  3. Merita

    Get married either on the scenes or in the real life. Please. You two are so sweet. You live once. Get the best out of it. By having a beautiful life with LDW. *winking*


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