Hotel King – Episodes 29 and 30 [Thoughts]

Another week from “Hotel King” and it is just the one before the Finale and I really feel sad that I wasn’t able to bring my self to write here 😦 but here I am, trying to make myself busy while waiting to watch the end and trying not to think of how I will survive without Dong-Hae on my screen weekly and how I will fill my weekends after this T_T

But OK, back to the drama. Seriously, I think my ultimate question since the beginning of this drama is “Couldn’t JW have a break?”. Really, can’t he just enjoy some happy moments as the one above without getting thrown with even more sad moments?

Now, here are more of thoughts about the episodes.

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • After I thought that the writer won’t really make MN realize about the truth behind JW’s bad doings to her father, we get to see it happening. This was the last secret JW had that totally relate to MN and she deserved to know. It is something he wanted to take it to his grave as he said because how it would be easy to reveal that you fall for your own sister? but this may have really been one of the most dramatic moments and as WH said to MN, JW was really baring his self for her in front of everyone and if you think about it, he could have told MN alone about it. But he needed to reveal this secret in this way for 2 reasons:
    • The hotel staff already wanted explanation for the video they saw from the audit in which JW admitting how he pursued chairman Ah and they can’t trust JW again without that.
    • And the most important reason, he wanted to make sure his relation with MN and now this truth about him will affect their efforts to make her chairwoman again.
  • While this is really late and I have mentioned before how I am disappointed that we didn’t get to know much of a background about MN and her life before her father’s death but I guess it is good point that at least we get to know some hints now. MN talked about her life before with JW saying that her mother died when she was in 2nd grade, and all she remember about her is her being sick. Also how she lived alone in America only seeing her dad when he was on business trips one or two times a year. It is amazing how such hints can make you feel for MN and relate to her even more as you can imagine more how she was lonely not only after her father’s death but almost all her life and now as JW she just wish to have a normal family to live with. How I wish this was revealed earlier !!

The Bad

  • This got to be the worst to handle a cliffhanger ever in drama land. Really, how they just skip to show us how JW and Baek got out of that place? How MN and WH reacted after they saw the explosion? And how they knew later about them being in hospital?? Really after that painful cliffhanger you we just get to know from a phone call that the VP ordered his men to get both of JW and Baek out?? I must say it is not the first time they handle cliffhangers badly in the next episodes but this was the biggest disappoint of all for me.
  • OH Please, don’t tell me that RL will be sacrificed here?? While as I expressed many times, I really want to see the VP dead in the most painful way but still I surely don’t approve that RL stab him specially that now JW and MN has the evidence to put the man in Jail. I knew he won’t be dead from this stomach injury (and that is confirmed from Ep31 preview) but still, I won’t accept RL or any other character here to spend jail time because of this 😦 but if I need to add something, I think that stabbing scene felt awkward. Although I get what they were targeting by the scene and I don’t mind not seeing RL stabbing the VP because it added some suspense and actually looked cool and did go well with RL past with gangsters and all but I needed to feel the strength of the stabbing and some movement and also not seeing any weapon or even how RL did hide was weird. I could guess that they didn’t want to show weapon in RL hand and only show his blood on his hand because knifes usually get censored and it would have taken away a lot from the moment but at least they could show him hide it in his jacket or something after he left the VP.

General Thoughts

  • When I thought from the preview of Ep 29 that we escaped having amnesia plot added to the long list of makjang elements in this drama, I get to be proved wrong 😀 yes it didn’t hit our hero which would have been a total failure but it was Baek instead. I got to say that it is not a traditional amnesia but instead she is diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder duo to psychological trauma and now she is essentially five years old again which is at least a different way to have this. Although it felt so weird in the beginning but I came to really love the 5 years old Baek. She is just SO CUTE ^^ and while I felt so sad for JW seeing his mother not recognizing him and not wanting to touch him or talk to him in the beginning but I think it was a good way to show JW, his mother and MN have some bonding without the feel of guilt that Baek had and those moments between them was just amazing. LOVED IT ❤
  • I am not getting what is exactly that evidence JW received that now proves LJG as Chairman Ah. So are we getting back to the theory that the chairman really just jumped without anyone pushing him because of that medication he was giving?
  • Our second leads are making some progress too. WH is warming more and more for JW and officially accepting his MN’s friend title and even hinting on bromance with JW and competing for his love against MN, haha that was cute ^^ also I liked that we again seeing what CK has been before for our couple and specially JW, the voice of the mind. I like that about her and I liked that scene in the hospital. And CK got to tell JW that the board of director is already making their mind to chose director Huh as the new chairman (he is the one of those who keep taking sides and cooperated with the VP and Baek before)
  • That audit thing is just SO FAKE, ooh I can’t even describe it. First what exactly the evidences they had?? And then receiving picture of Baek with the VP and ?? And they request the VP to testify although he was gone to jail because of his corruption before and again the audit get recorded and the video sent to the hotel staff?? Are you kidding me??

Scenes Highlight

  •  I got to begin with that incredibly romantic proposal scene. It was rather simple but still can’t get over how sweet and sincere it was. It give so much feels specially when you listen to MN opening her heart talking how she wants a normal family and then JW talking about his vision of their future life together and how MN was happy, touched and yet surprised that he thought about all that. And of course like MN I was teary from happiness when JW did kneel down and put that ring on MN finger proving that he already was going to propose even if she didn’t try to propose personally again ^^ and of course that small kiss and hug was a lovely and sweet ending. Really LOVED that scene t so much, the feels were so real ❤ I can’t resist posting the dialogue in that scene ^^

JW: Have you ever seen a son whose mother proposed to him?
MN: Don’t pretend that you don’t know what’s going on. I didn’t know it when you were Cha Jae Wan…  but Baek Hyun Woo is a real mama’s boy.
JW: You used my innocent mother, huh?
MN: No, that’s what I was up to.
MN: I’ve spread a rumor about our relationship all over the place… so you can’t marry any other woman anyway. Why don’t you just say yes now?
JW: You’re doing this suddenly , because of mother, right?
MN: No you’re wrong. It’s because of me. When I was in the second grade…my mother died of heart disease
JW: Yes, I’ve heard
MN: I only saw her sick even when I was young… so I didn’t cry much when she died. After that, I went to a boarding school in the States. Father was so busy, so I only got to see him once or twice a year. Even then, it was only in business trips…so I only saw him working…. Be my family. With you and mother…I want to live like…an ordinary family. Am I too greedy?
JW: No, you aren’t. Let’s do it
MN: Really?
JW: I can’t marry anyone else anyway. Where would you like to go for our honeymoon. We’ve  been overseers so many times… so would you like to go to Jeju Island? We can go there and enjoy watching the sea and eating good food.
MN: I don’t mind anywhere
JW: Company housing isn’t a good place for newlyweds…so let’s build a pretty house near the hotel. We can raise more cats to be Kitty’s friends in the yard…and tend a vegetable garden together. When we have a baby later, we can let the baby play there too.
MN: I agree with you unconditionally. All that sounds good. You mean it, right? You can’t change your mind later.
JW: Of course not. But you should still let the man propose to you.
MN: Tsk, tsk, tsk, you’re so old fashion. It doesn’t matter these days. Regardless of who proposes… we’ll get married anyway.
*JW kneels and get the ring out of his pocket*
JW: I didn’t know I’d be giving this to you so soon… When I was away from you… I thought that I might be able to get back to you soon…so I bought the ring and imagined us…alone
JW:  Will you marry me?
MN: Mmm (Yes)
JW: Exactly.. one year from today, let get married. Let’s get your place back first. Then we’ll make Ciel the best again… and on this day next year, let’s get married. I should have something to show my father-in-law.
MN: My father is very picky. You should be very nice to me so he’ll approve you

  • MN failed proposal scene was just SO ADORABLE. I can’t stop repeating it really ^^ She was trying to use his own mother to influence him but Baek ended proposing to her own son, hahaha 😀 (actually I think that whole part after Baek got to hold on JW was ad-lib, I guess it should have ended there with some disappointment look on MN’s face but then Da-hae got up to separate them and then started to also hold into JW, hehe ^^ and that part when Da-hae hit his head to Wookie’s face and her reaction to that was NG but as it is all part of ad-lib so I guess the PD did keep it all and I am happy he did ❤ it is just my guess but this is how it looked to me 😀 )

  • Those E.T touches and the whole almost kiss scene were so sweet ^^ I so love this scene. I guess it is one of the best almost kisses scenes I did see because you see how both MN and JW so wanted that kiss but still our 5 years Baek needed to interrupt them, LOL 😀 I so loved how JW touched MN’s cheeks and she also did and how she was smiling the whole time then said in so cute and natural voice “OK, Mom. Sleep deeper” (she didn’t want her to interrupt them in future again kk^^) and laughed after Baek’s interruption, so much cuteness 😀

  • The dramatic confession scene. I really felt so sad for JW in that scene. But I guess now not only he is out of burden from his secrets for MN but also the hotel staff know everything as well.

  • Now this may be my favorite scene in those episodes. MN’s love is just incomparable and she doesn’t fail to make me love her more each time. She is the best thing happened to JW ever and at least he is lucky this one time to have her in his life and you can see his relief when he hugged her and closed his eyes that he didn’t lose her because of that secret ❤ I really loved Da-hae there (sorry biased and proud fan here ^^) but I liked how she was able to constrain her tears and succeeded to deliver so many feels in that scene ❤

  • And lastly some comfort scenes from MN to JW, she is just the person who knows what is the right thing to do and say at the right time ❤

At the hospital when JW knew about his mother’s condition


At JW’s house in the first day he spend with his mother and being hurt that she don’t know him and don’t want to touch him anymore (I liked that this scene was kind of erasing a sad scene we had before when JW did the same pose when MN fell asleep after being drunk when he was cold to her)


And now have a couple of awesome videos to enjoy for those episodes ^^

Credit: p-b-e, eluvnel @ Tumblr and MBC Drama, TheMsAyoko12 and kpopliciousable04 YT Channels



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7 responses to “Hotel King – Episodes 29 and 30 [Thoughts]

  1. Joann

    Alway enjoy reading your thoughts on this drama. Like you, I will be so sad when this drama ends.


  2. Love all your thoughts!


  3. hey thanks for these thoughts, very justified, all of them. I have been stalking your blog for a few weeks now and truly feels bad for not leaving a word or two here. Yes proud fan of Dahae since 2005!, My Girl is the one that did it for me, I can’t count how many times I have rewatched the drama.
    The Hotel King has been a good ride for me as im not usually interested in anything that is not romcom (too much fairytales when i was younger i guess)
    Although I do have one complaint about the drama, which is wuri Dahae seems always to be the one comforting and supporting JaeWan, I really do not want to see her as the one waiting for JW to win the chairwoman position back for her. I think she has got the brain and the look to be a mature chairwoman, so I don’t know why the story line has dragged so long to tell us all the little secrets of JW, but not focused enough on the progress of MN as a person, as I also do think she needs to grow up quite a bit to be able to lead the only seven star hotel in Korea. We have seen that JW trying to train MN half way through the drama, but that story has really dropped, since all the Lee JungKu and Baek MiNyeon story dragged.
    To sum up everything, I know it is too late with the two finale episodes to go, but if MN was to get her position back, I need her to be the one fighting for it. I don’t want to see a housewife MN either, such a waste hahaha

    Am I too soaked into the story? 😉

    Keep the good work up, and let us


    • First welcome here and thanks a lot for commenting. I feel so happy when I get to know fans of Dahae ^^

      I totally agree with you actually, as much as I love MN but I am really disappointed in her character’s development and have been mentioning it in many posts before but then I started to repeat myself over and over again each week and so decided to leave my rant about this to my final thoughts post.

      As you said it is too late for the drama to do that already and I don’t think we will see that at all which is such a pity for a character that had lots of potential played by talented actress like Da-hae and it is a character we actually signed up to see her development when we started watched the drama but ended up getting so little of it 😦


      • yes yes, SO little. u know how Dong Wook is the one who called on Da Hae to get this role? I feel like this is how the conversation went:
        Dahae, remember how 9 years back we did My Girl and you totally stole the screen with your rich acting skills and I proved to be the best platter to serve your talent? well now is the time you pay me back with this lovely MN who has zero character development.

        im not complaining(maybe I am, whatever lol), DW is amazing here, (compared to his My Girl days,it is about time an actor breaks some barrier) but ,ugh I can’t get over the fact that our Dahae is wasted…


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