Dong-Hae Couple Bid their Farewell to “Hotel King” with The most Gorgeous Selcas and Heartfelt Messages

I am speechless my friends, how can I find the right words to give justice to how gorgeous those Selcas and pictures which Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook posted on their SNS accounts??

I admit I wanted to post those here once I saw them but I couldn’t, first because I really was emotional seeing “Hotel King” coming to an end and I just couldn’t write that “farewell” word up there in the title and secondly because I really can’t describe what I felt when I saw those Selcas of our Dong-Hae couple specially the one above!!

So much feels for words to describe but one thing that I can say right now is that I really can’t wait to see my girl’s real wedding pictures *praying* although I can’t imagine how I will feel then if I am that overwhelmed with emotions and became teary just because of those Selcas!!!

I will stop here without commenting further and just post the rest of the pictures along with the sincere and heartfelt messages from both Da-hae and Wookie saying their goodbyes to the drama ❤

On 24th of July which was the last filming day for “Hotel King”, Da-hae released a statement through her agency FNC Entertainment saying

Though it included a lot of tears, anger and emotional changes, I really enjoyed being Ah Mo Ne in the drama. I will remember Ah Mo Ne for a long time as it gives me tremendous memories. Thanks to all the staffs and actors who worked for ‘Hotel king’ as well as all of our amazing audiences.

On 25th of July Wookie wrote a long letter which was posted on his Weibo and Facebook page including a special message for Da-hae as he said

Lastly My Mo Ne! kk Da-hae yah, thank you. For making the difficult decision to join me when I first gave you the offer and also for helping me on with your smile during filming. Every time when I am tired, you always give me encouragement and brought me good food to eat hehehe. It was an honor to work with you again after eight years. Thank you for making me feel more fluttery when we met as Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne than Seol Gong Chan and Joo Yoo Rin. If there is another opportunity after some time, we should be able to work together again right? Please stay healthy and I’ll always support you no matter what!

On 27th of July after the last episode of “Hotel King” aired, Da-hae updated her Twitter which the three Selcas posted above along with the following message

This is the last Selca of Hotel King’s ChaMo couple. We’re sad yet happy. I’m thankful for the love everyone has shown us until now! Thank you so much to Dong Wook oppa, you were the greatest actor and I was happy to be with you oppa. Let’s meet again in 10 years and love each other again!

And finally on 28th of July, Wookie updates his Weibo and Facebook again with the last two Selcas above as Da-hae and more Selca and pictures below ❤

The Text says “Hyun Woo ♥ Mo Ne July 24, 2014”

The Text says “It was a happy filming~ Thank you so much ♥”

Credit: LDH Twitter and LDW Facebook | Translation: FNC Entertainment FB, fanyqt Twitter, p1n6an2012 and mystery123 @ Soompi



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11 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple Bid their Farewell to “Hotel King” with The most Gorgeous Selcas and Heartfelt Messages

  1. Amanda

    Aaawwww… You can just tell how much he loves her from that first selca!


  2. LDWLDHForver

    Thank you for this post. I haven’t logged on our Donghae thread in a week until today and I was amazed to find that I had missed 2000 comments. I knew I didn’t have time to read all of them. I just know that you are as happy as I am at the turn of events and interviews and “proofs” that we are NOT crazy! It’s only a matter of time…I just know this in my heart! 🙂

    Are you gonna post about the interviews and last hugs??? I cannot wait.

    I love love love your blog! 🙂


  3. Calling all true DongHae shippers to unite and pray that all our beloved couple be married very soon. We must believe 100% in our OTP. Do not believe in malicious rumours about our pairing but trust our overwhelming evidence that they truly belong with each other.


  4. Besotted

    Hi Apqaria! It’s me Besotted (LDWLDHForver) For some reason, I guess it’s coz I am using a different laptop…I forgot my old log on…I can’t believe I spelled Forever wrong hahaha! I am so happy about these selcas that I changed my home and lock screen savers to the pic where Wookie is kissing her temple with his eyes closed…it’s just looks like he adores her!!! My husband thinks I am insane. Indeed, I am INSANE but HAPPY.

    Awaiting your next post…

    Thank you again Chingu! 🙂


  5. Brian Castrence

    Well I would like to commend the script writer-you really did a wide imagination that comes from a great mind, skills and experience “congratulations” for the actors and actresses you really did a GREAT JOB. It was a great feeling and brings a lot of joy and fulfillment watching the entire episode/s of “HOTEL KING” and for that my “thousand of salute”


  6. rea ruiz

    please please please,, don’t make us wait for too long, another project again for donghae couple, i really love them both…


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